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Uncommon Ground
(Doco) Trad, sport and bouldering in the northeastern United States.

Format Video Category Non-Fiction
Title Uncommon Ground  Mins 45 
Starring Henry Barber, David Graham, Brittany Griffith, Tim Kemple, Joe Kinder, Kevin Mahoney, Mark Synnott  RRP  
Director   Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating *** (2.50 of 5)


User Comments
This film is quite a disappointment.

To me it tries to cover too many bases at once, and ends up coming over a bit stale. Sport, bouldering, trad, ice and history. It's all there... but none of it truly inspires.

My biggest criticism is the lack of fully shot routes. It seems that the producer likes to shoot just the crux sequences of the route. To me, this is pretty boring, as you get no real sense of the route. By the time you get intrigued by the line ( it fades into another shot). It almost feels like your flicking through a magazine... all up an unsatisfying experience.

Joe Kinder on China Beach, Rumney.
Dave Graham on a couple of excellent boulder problems.


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