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Camp 4: Recollections Of A Yosemite Rockclimber
Yosemite's Camp 4 in the 1960s, back in the day of Harding, Powell, Robbins, Pratt, Chouinard

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Camp 4: Recollections Of A Yosemite Rockclimber  Pages 250 
Author Steve Roper  RRP  
Publisher Mountaineers Books  Reviews
Edition 1998  Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments
This book would have been 5 stars but since I am a photo fanatic I docked it a half star for lack of numerous photos. However, I think it is one of the best 'historical' texts on the history of climbing. Very funny and informative. You learn a lot about some incredible climbers in yosemite valley that maybe didn't get recognition on a worldwide level. Definitely a recommended read! 

For historical buffs this hard to obtain* book (*Got mine in Australia from a mate who mail ordered it), is an absolute classic.
It is virtually a 1st hand account/s of the Golden Age of Yosemite climbing and since its written in retrospect as well as being based on copious contemporary notes, it achieves admirably both putting the events into context as well as making the (real) characters ''come to life''.
It is also a goldmine of anecdotal snippets which add dimension to the climbs and how they were viewed at the time by those who did them as well as those who aspired to them.
Its raw ''warts and all'' approach could well prove to be an eye-opener for today’s sanitised climbing historians, but that''s what makes it so good in my opinion. Steve Roper is not afraid of calling a spade a spade ...
If you ever wanted to know the events which led to the development of certain gear, techniques or trends (e.g. today’s speed climbing); then this is the book for you.
It concludes with a ''where are they now'' section which I also found very interesting.
Although small, its the kind of book that you can pick up and start reading on any page and enjoy immensely simply by browsing.
(I have done this a number of times now, after reading it cover to cover in ''can''t put it down mode'')!

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