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A short story

6:53:36 PM
Ok. So 6 months ago Rod my M9 buddy specially asked me to write him a short story. This is it. Rod,
I'm only posting it here because you told me to!


Hell Hath No Fury

It was a beautiful day in February, about a week after Valentines’ Day. My partner, Lee, and I woke
early in the Pines looking forward to a wonderful day of climbing in the sun. Strangely there weren’t
many people around so we only had to share the rock with a handful of other climbers.

I headed off towards the Organ Pipes with Lee following close behind. I could almost feel his gaze on
my backside, so a let my hips swing a little more than usual. I took his silence as a fairly good sign,
and as his breathing became a bit heavier than it should given the gradient of the hill, a sly smile
began to shade my face. The silence continued and I used the time to plan.

We made it to the base of the climb Lee was going to attempt and I looked around to make sure the
coast was clear. A lizard looked at me suspiciously but otherwise we were alone. How strange that a
pea-brained reptile would see through my plan but it would go over the head of my darling idiot. Taking
the rope in my hand I walked slowly over to Lee hoping my face looked like it was ‘smouldering with
desire’. It felt extremely uncomfortable, but it seemed to be having the desired effect. He put up no
struggle when I applied pressure to his shoulders and forced him to the ground and he only raised an
eyebrow when I tied him down. This was almost too easy.

I spent the next few minutes teasing the poor guy, substituting hexes for riding crops and climbing
shoes for high heels until I had him sweating and panting more than he ever would on that piddly thing
he called a climb. His groans were becoming a bit too loud so I decided to take immediate action. I
took off my bra without showing any skin other than my navel and shoved it in his mouth. It didn’t
muffle him quite as much as I’d hoped so I shoved my undies in there as well. What the hey.

I took a moment to savour his excpectant face, leant over him and whispered softly “this’ll teach you
to forget Valentines’ Day”.

As I walked off I could hear his muffled cries of panic. I looked back to view my handiwork and was
quite content to see that the only thing he’d be able to look at was that beloved rock face. Ah, the pure
hell. It was a busy wall, someone would find him in the next hour or so.

Arriving back at camp I fished his keys out of his pile of junk and drove in to Horsham. He could use
the walk into town to work out where he was going to take me out to dinner when we got back to
Melbourne, the B*stard.

12:31:58 PM
An interesting (departure from your earlier style), & a good read Tav; ... ~> that deserves a wider audience than one!
Damo would be proud.
Hmm, I noticed a couple of minor changes but think I prefer the original, due elegance in simplicity, which you are better at than I !

>Ok. So 6 months ago Rod my M9 buddy specially asked me to write him a short story. >This is it. >Rod, I'm only posting it here because you told me to!

... My memory must be fading again(?), as the way I remember it you offered and I accepted. The posting of same to here was hopefully a suggestion rather than an instruction. ☺
No matter. It is good, and your creation now has a longer cyber-life. ☺☺
Thanks for writing and posting it.

9:24:18 AM
On 11/06/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>The posting of same to here was hopefully a suggestion
>rather than an instruction. ☺

Never you worry, writing for me is never an obligation. Merely a privilege. Probably means I did offer...My memory is notoriously bad, just ask Steph. It's taken me 6 years to remember when her birthday is, and she's my best friend. I only remember my birthday because it's on Remembrance Day and I'd never hear the end of it if I forgot that.

You liked the previous one? I will reconsider it then and if it's ever going to get published I'll keep the simplicity in mind. ;-)

9:26:41 AM
On 12/06/2009 Tav wrote:
>You liked the previous one?

Yeah, it's one of the raciest things I've seen on Chocky. apart from some old Lycra photos. I'm surprised it made it through the work filter.

12:26:41 PM
Another short one, this time from simey (... added while I remember it.)

12:34:33 PM

Got it!

Deep breaths of relief wash over me, as I reflect on progress to date.

It was tough right from the start, and the learning curve is steep. Some of my partners in this adventure have found this too, so I am not alone.

I can hear a soft whirring in the background ... beggar me, what is that? No matter, I am committed, so I press on. At least the light is good, so there should be enough time to finish.

My progress had many traps that I did not recognise, but I have since become somewhat familiar with them. It doesn’t necessarily get any easier though, and still takes time to get things right. A random thought comes to mind, I wonder if Ed Hillary or other climbing luminaries reflected on this? Many have gone before me, and although the way is known, it is new for all of us who follow.

Time for a break. I’d give quids for a hot coffee right now. Even better would be to hold the hot cup for a short while and savour the warmth, as my hands are getting cold with fingers losing feeling while resting too long.

Toughen up princess! ... one comrade says. Beggar me, they are an unmerciful lot. How did I ever manage to fall in with this mob? It will be good to finish, so I can free myself from some of them and contemplate for a short while.

Hmm. More appear from nowhere. It is hard to read this route as it seems to evolve as one goes on, and not all that I see is reliable. Need to test some of the holds before relying on them.
Zing! Didjaseethatmate? That one simply disappeared! ~> Definitely can’t rely on some of them!

‘Time out’ someone says to another. Mental note to self; must get to know more of this crew, as I have no idea who said that, but I understand the reasons for it when fatigue sets in.

Traps. Yes, there are many, but progress continues and momentum is building as more tricks are added to the experience bag.

We chase individual summits and sometimes camaraderie wins through, so it is good to aspire. Scary though, is the thought that some are quick to offer a Yates-belay and will cut you free when hardship sets in; but it is encouraging that others are willing to modify their contribution in order to collectively achieve.

I am getting there, and I kind of like the unknown element ahead, as there is nothing like the elation of going for it, while feeling run out.

In fact I think it will likely be a sad moment when the final moves are made in this Chockstone-cyber-ascent.

12:36:25 PM
Acid flashback from the 70's?

11:13:58 AM
X-link to a good short story by oyccos.

9:19:11 PM
Excellent linking skills M9. Some awesome tales contained within these coded walls...

10:19:09 PM
For those following the climbing fiction/piss-take about Prince Rockhard - the third chapter is up:

Sorry I can't post direct, but the link should work. If not then go here:

10:10:51 PM
Link to 'Daydream', a good futuristic story by superstu.

1:40:12 PM
Unedited version of Damo's (One Day Hero) Stradbroke Island TR; 'Making Dreams Come True'.

... and another ...
(Damietta Exposed).

8:50:59 PM
Bootiful Booty, I love you... (a link to a short 'story' elsewhere on Chockstone by Miguel75).

9:53:10 PM
Hi all,

For those interested in the full topout story (it's awesome by the way), it can be now found in e-book form (including pdf etc) at:

Prince Rockhard - Tales from Topout adventures

The full story is way too big for a direct post on the forum unfortunately.

Written by a climber for climbers. There's never been a story like it (as far as I'm aware).

PS - all free and no signup for anything. It's just a simple download in whatever format you want. Please give feedback!

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