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Taipan/Spurt Wall Track - Work Day
Access T CliffCare
4:20:34 PM
On the 22nd September, there will be a working bee for the walk in track to Taipan/Spurt Wall. Dependant on numbers we will also attempt to do some stabilising work on the floor of Spurt Wall. Track will be priority though because of the traffic it receives. So.....I'm after some volunteers. Regular users of the area would be exceptionally welcome to lend a hand. Contact me at
Will have information available on the work we will be doing on the VCC website within the next week.


Tracey Skinner
VCC Access & Environment Officer

5:59:00 PM
Damn, i'm OS that weekend.

6:16:02 PM
Neil !!!! Wheres dalai ????? I hope he's told his nearest &dearest the exact location of his secret crag @ Bacchus Marsh , in case he's laying there , hurt , NOW ??? !!!! :(
9:51:15 PM
--- NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID BACCHUS MARSH 'JOKE' M10. It was not funny the first time and it is not funny now. Please stop the bullshit. ---

9:52:33 PM
just vote home 'em off Devious. These jokers are rackin' up the neg votes at a record great rate again...
Will P
9:54:16 PM
How many votes need to be cast against before someone's blocked? And how far away is M10?
10:24:28 PM
s i l e n c e i s g o l d e n
10:50:22 PM
On 22/08/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>Damn, i'm OS that weekend.
Funnily enough, so am I. Yellowstone, no climbing.
(Reaction from our travel agent when we said we wanted to go to Yellowstone: "No one ever wants to go there!". Well, we did actually. Turns out the travel agent thought we wanted to go to Yosemite, which she'd heard of, rather than Yellowstone, which she hadn't.)

10:54:52 PM
Yellowstone is only an hour from the Tetons - which is a climbing mecca. We meant to drive to
Yellowstone, but when we saw the 'big tit' we chucked a left turn and spent one of the best weeks of my
climbing career. Amazing climbing, bouldering mountaineering and hiking. A superb area, beautiful
scenery - go visit!
9:12:53 PM
Yeah we'd love to spend some time in the Tetons but not this trip. After Yellowstone we're going to New England and will follow the fall (autumn) south from Maine.
Access T CliffCare
12:56:53 PM
Hi All,

For further information on the Work day you can check out a few pics on the new photosite http:// There is also information on the VCC website

Thanks to all the climbers who have supplied feedback and suggestions on the problems and possible solutions. All taken on board. As there will be work going on in the area, spread the word around so that people are aware there will be activity and the floor of Spurt might be difficult to access while work is going on.
It looks like overseas travel will be taking some of our possible volunteers but for those of you who aren't so lucky, isn't the next best thing a weekend at Taipan?

Tracey Skinner
Access T CliffCare
11:57:58 AM
* shamelessly bumping this

Saturday,22nd September
If you can only spare a morning or afternoon, that's fine as well. I need some more volunteer bodies please!
Access T CliffCare
4:08:56 PM
Hi All,

Massive thanks to all the volunteers who turned up on Saturday for the working bee. About 15 in all. Great to see some regulars of the area as well. Before any work could be started they had to haul the timber up Flat Rock and then to Spurt. Climbing builds strong shoulders! We managed to get the track work done as well as some stabilising of the floor of Spurt Wall. You can see some pics of the work


7:25:35 PM
Great work guys! Looks like much of the erosion problems have been recitified. Out of interest, did the Parks
Vic rangers have anything to say about the actual climbing crags themselves? (Spurt Wall is one of the most
chalked and grid-bolted crags in Victoria).
Access T CliffCare
12:13:45 PM
On 26/09/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>Great work guys! Looks like much of the erosion problems have been recitified.
>Out of interest, did the Parks
>Vic rangers have anything to say about the actual climbing crags themselves?
>(Spurt Wall is one of the most
>chalked and grid-bolted crags in Victoria).

Yep. They were a great team! Hopefully it will keep some of the problems under control. Neil, with regards to the crag/rock itself, there wasn't anything specifically said to me. However, there were comments made in reference to the general condition of the surrounding area. To be honest, it was looking a little trashed - multiple campfires, bits of loose rubbish, broken vegetation etc. It's very obvious that the area is showing signs of the impact and not just from the erosion point of view. It is such an awesome wall that I think sometimes the desire to get on it overides a little extra care we need to be taking. Because the impact is a gradual thing it tends not to be noticed until you turn your back on the wall, (very hard, I know!) and look out. Work like the volunteers did on the weekend definately goes a long way towards taking responsibility for our impact and trying to slow it down but it will be that continued extra care that really contributes to a healthier climbing future.

The area constantly has new climbers coming into it so possibly a visit to parks vic website and the VCC website for the clean climbing code and guidelines for climbing in GNP might help to inform people or even refresh regulars of the area. Although it isn't specifically mentioned in these pages Camping in caves is not allowed and fires are not allowed unless in an authorised fireplace.

I will also have a little more information shortly about the Aboriginal Heritage Act which came into place May this year that is important to know


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