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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** The Shining Path By John Bentley  18/05/2016
The Shining Path   
Martin Jackson on pitch 4 of “The Shining Path”, Grey and Green Walls, Mt Stapleton Amphitheatre, Grampians, Vic.

Just so I don't create 'a storm in a tea cup', I believe the actual photographer was Mei Liew. We were both taking photos on the route, but I reckon I was belaying Martin at the time this photo was taken. I took the liberty to submit the photo on her(our) behalf. No sneaky business intended. - jdb

>"Sorry, your comments were a little on the short side. Please provide at least a couple of sentences. Did you like it, hate it? Why?" 5 stars. - martym

Sweet, looks like heaps of fun. Another crag to add to the list. Something missing though to get five stars, maybe a smily face on the back of the helmet :) - bagotup

I like the fact that you don't see the face - it would make it more of a "selfie" or "posed photo". In this case the logical place for the climber to be looking is out yonder. What I love about the photo is the details. It's so sharp - even on a small screen - you can see all the little pockets, the overhanging rock above his head, the nooks and crannies - you feel like the belayer, wondering where is he going to go next. I immediately jumped on thecrag and checked out the route, and then the multitude of other routes around it - definitely something to check out next time I'm south. - martym

Strangely, despite the number of U-bolts the name is still Stapylton, not Stapleton. - kieranl

Good mystery an boldness. Yup, this is what a good climbing pic is all about. 5 minus half a star for stuffing up the location spelling. - Gnaguts

This pic brings to my mind the old quote of; "Oils ain't oils Sol"; which translates for this photo to 'Bum shots ain't bum shots viewers'(!); as it is way better than your average shot of the genre 'looking at someones rear end style of photo' in my opinion. It simply makes me want to climb the route it depicts. I would've given the last half star rating for it if it had been taken selfy-style with part of belayer in foreground for added perspective. Thanks for submitting it. Post edit. Because the detail of the climb has also been omitted from the heading-caption, here is an extract from about it; Mixed trad/sport. 110 m Gd 19 This long sustained adventure is a classic at the grade. Starts as for the 'The Great Foaming Expresso Machine', which is in the middle of the Petite Fleur Face, L of its central green moss streak. Take a full trad rack (double cams and lots of wires) and a bunch of slings. Every belay is U-bolted. You can climb to the top of the third pitch using a single 60m+ rope (two raps will get you to the ground from here) but you will need double ropes to complete the rest of the route. You'll also need double ropes for the rap descent. The rap descent chains are situated just 15m R of the finish of the climb. This route utilises 'The Great Foaming Expresso Machine' and parts of 'Sluice' and Gigi's Climb. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Makes me want to go back to the Grey & Green walls. Great pic of a great climb... - Miguel75

Forgot to mention, it makes Taipan Wall (in the background) look like a pile of choss - jdb

@makes Taipan Wall (in the background) look like a pile of choss So is there any place better than Grey and Green Walls? C'mon jdb, give us the good tip on the best climbing location U'v eva been. - Gnaguts

Half a star for a poor troll. Can't see any shining path or green anywhere, and looking at some blokes backside doesn't do it for me. - Duang Daunk

>and looking at some blokes backside doesn't do it for me. well there goes my short list as to people that I thought you were. - stugang

>people that I thought you were I am Spartacus. Ed’s name means horse. He attracts flies for you And says it’s not his fault of course Where was stugang, davidn, and bomb And ODH might leave you too But I shan’t be gone I am Spartacus, so have no fear We all made posts for you So you enjoy your time here - Duang Daunk

**** Little Red Riding Hood By John Drake  3/05/2016
Little Red Riding Hood   
Carrie near the top of Little Red Riding Hood, Point Perpendicular, NSW.

Nice. Looks like she's having fun. - JamesMc

Great to see another photo of a second following a climb and also a female at that, as they are too often under-represented in climbing photos in my opinion. Definitely a good photo to inspire many people to savoir the delights of Point Perp... I like the angle, colours, composition, and light-exposure, which would have been hard to achieve given the shadow foreground in late light conditions. Would have given another half star rating for it if the light refraction (finger-blur?), was absent from top right hand corner... - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Yeah that's just an all out awesome photo. M9 you didn't comment on the nice colours of the rope, helmet & rich waves below. I must go back down to the sea one day. - Martym

@ Martym Re "M9 you didn't comment on the nice colours of the rope, helmet & rich waves below." But you did, ... so my strategy of leaving those for others worked! ;-) ... And yes, I agree that those aspects add to the photo. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Interesting features in the rock also, Thanks for posting, good shot. - bagotup

Da Point is a great location for great photos like this one. - Duang Daunk

Good 1. I like how Carrie's arms continue the lines of the rock on the other side of her, but doubt that was her intention at the time. - Gnaguts

As a misanthrope who tries very very hard to dislike everything, I find very little to dislike about this pic. Five minus half a star cos I can't find anything to dislike about this pic. - Stugang

Thanks all, for finding mostly good things to say about my little cell phone snap. I wish I saw and cropped my finger from the upper right-hand corner (nice spot M9!). Oh well. - Drake

**** Eau Rouge By Jimmy Stephens  20/04/2016
Eau Rouge   
James Wynne floats over the red stone of Eau Rouge (23) at the Lost World, Victoria Range, Grampians.

Very nice pic for lots of reasons. - simey

That is rad!!! - Miguel75

I love it. What a rad line. It does exactly what a great photo should do... makes me wanna go climb it (as if I could). - ambyeok

You sure that's not Wendy's new route in the northern group? - Jayford4321

I can't believe people are stealing shots of my new routes to promote old crags ... I am going to be the odd voice out and say I don't really like the photo. Assuming the climber is less than 2m tall, it shows about 6m of the climb. The climbing position isn't very nice (I imagine the previous or next moves would look more interesting, here's something about hands together just just doesn't do it for me) and there's no background or over view of the wall, and maybe it's because I know what the wall looks like that I don't think this shot does it a lot of favours. The main thing selling the photo is it's a nice bit of orange rock. - Wendy

@ Wendy Position, position, position. None of us can help it if U are too short to match hands for a rest on that route. I can believe people are stealing shots of your new routes to promote old crags, but it still makes me wunda how u negotiated that section ... I am going to be the odd voice of reason and say I like the photo, even with the orange rock and all. @>the climber is less than 2m tall, it shows about 6m of the climb. We know U know about such things, but why does approx 6m look more like 10m, even if the route is anotha mega short one? I love the fact that there's no background or over view of the wall, because it lets me concentrate on the magic match-hands climbing move. This shot does me a lot of favours for the resting beta it gives on this route. - Gnaguts

Good composition, colour, and interesting climbing position. I like it. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

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