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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

*** Flake Crack By Andrew Crow  8/02/2016
Flake Crack   
Hugh Walker reaching for the jug at the end of the crux on flake crack (18) a BGR at Mount Piddington, Blue Mountains.

Gained a grade ? - climberman

I like the soft (natural) lighting, and the exposure allowing for it, in this photo. Climber has not much trad gear left on rack... Either has the climb dialed, or may have been in for an interesting top-out higher up? - IdratherbeclimbingM9

How do you make Flake Crack look like you're climbing a juggy arete? In all Fairness M9 - you can't see the right hand side of his harness, which is where a climber who has it dialed may store their medium sized cams... and realistically - once you start lay-backin' on Flake - the easiest thing is to just keep on lay-backin to the top... None of which is evident in this photo. I like the grimace on his face though. And yeah - when did FC become an 18? - Martym

FC ain't no 18, and that ain't the crux of the route either. Perhaps the climber has little gear because they finished at Faith's chains, rather than continuing up through the rooflet to actually finish FC. - Drake

a BGR? whats that? bolted gearless route? beginner grade route? bloody great route? - White Trash

@ flake crack (18) ... Should read, Flake Crack (17) It is sad to see incremental creep happening to The historic bench-mark/s home of the Ewbank Grading System... - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Echoing the comments above, what is a decent photo is effectively ruined by the completely inaccurate caption and considering they've copied BGR straight outta the guide, surely they would've noticed the big, bold 17 there too? M9, is incremental creep a nice euphemism for what I know as 'wank factor'? - Sonic

Nice shot though. - climberman

**** Ozy Direct By Alex Shaw  12/10/2015
Ozy Direct   
Tim Shaw and Kriss Ellis on Ozy Direct at Mt Buffalo, Victoria.

Great photo because it shows it like it is (from an aid climbing perspective), and after taking many (ordinary) photos myself of Ozymandias Direct from the south side of the gorge, I know how hard it is to capture the action this particular shot encompasses so well. It also appears taken from an angle slightly left of the usual square-on easy access vantage point angle/s that many utilise, as well as being taken with a good magnification zoom lense... It shows well, just how big the main roof is... The 'Magnificent Corner' that those wombats are being hauled up, lives up to it's name. Indeed a magic location for man/woman/wombat to sojourn in! It is a balanced picture that tells a story. Well done, and thanks for sharing it. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Nice, yep agree it helps put in a bit of perspective, though a bit more and you can get Big Grassy in the shot as well . . +1 for hauling shot - Brings back memories of hauling two wombats all the way from BG, at night by myself, counterweight body style inverted on that upper wall walking from the belay down to the lip of the roof . . . Nice shot all round - a sense of action and air on a big wall , tick tick tick . . - Macciza

Great perspective of an inspiring route - my only gripe is with the grainy quality of the image itself. - Lingy

Ģreat cliff photo. - widewetandslippery

wws @ great cliff photo an only 2.5 stars. lose Ur glasses packrafting ay? i give it 4.5 stars to make up for slipperys poor eyesight to cover the action of a swingn haul if Ur in2 that sort of stuff, an a chik about to do the scary seconding a roof thing. and lingys only gripe of grainy image, wtf? Itz the rock! my browser aint showing pic grain. whats it take to get a full set of stars from U if thats Ur only gripe? nix my 4.5 stars, gunna go 5 now to ratify the clear image view I hav of it here. - gnaguts

I like it as a photo even though aid climbing is not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd preference. - Duang Daunk

Great photo an the rock architecture looks amazing. - White Trash

I love it. - Simone

I like it (too), because it inspires me to get on it. - Chloe

*** Bad Luck Streak By Alex Ling  24/11/2015
Bad Luck Streak   
Chris Ling on Bad Luck Streak (20), Lighthouse Area, Point Perpendicular, NSW.

Weird perspective and not a bad photo but he's using tooooooo many holds and not enough jams. - Olbert

Good photo, I want to get on that. (doesn't look like the crux at grade 20 though), nice one :) - bagotup

2 ana half stars for the brite shirt, minus 1 for the bad tilt of pic. C ling making like a barnacle clingN on like that don't inspire me to get on it, but mebe he's doing that because his ropes are twisted? - gnaguts

@ gnaguts "tilt of pic" It could be due a wide angle lense, but I suspect that you are right as I notice that when the dark crack in the background is made vertical that the gear on Chris's harness also hangs vertical... Apart from that all the elements are there for a good photo, but knowing Pt Perp and its fantastic seascape ambiance, I also marked the pic down for not including at least some of the ocean below, as with natural assets like that it is an injustice not to use them to separate a climbing photo out of the general pack of same, into the unique/excellent category!! ☺ - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Slightly straighter version: pic - ajfclark

@ ajfc ~> Better, but not enough imo*... ☺ * Which begs the question of 'Why the original tilt bias?' - IdratherbeclimbingM9

The angle's just a result of the fact that I took the shot on my phone while I was rapping down northern exposure to the left - I expect I kicked my feet out from the wall or something. I kinda liked the perspective as itís a bit different to standard shots of Point (of which I have thousands...), but I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea :-) Same reasons as to why it doesn't include the sea. More standard pic of the route (inc. rap line) looks something like this: - lingy

Thanks for the feedback lingy. I rate your second shot as four stars! ☺ - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Yeh, i can go with that due much betta rope management. - gnaguts

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