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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Lift Girls Lament By Mark Wood  10/02/2015
Lift Girls Lament   
Matt Johnston off Lift Girls Lament (22) Mt Buffalo.

Ha ha. Good to see an off pic. It's harder than it looks ay. Good footwork will get you up it for any pretenders out there. About time the front page pic was updated, but given the recent chocky hacks, that delay is understandable. - gnaguts

A good photo that clearly tells it's story(!) All the relevant aspects for that are there, as well as being a balanced shot photographically. I would have given it another star if the angle didn't seem a little tilted to me. Was it originally shot as vertical format? ... or maybe rotate left about 45 for a truer perspective that still doesn't diminish the steepness nor exposed location of it. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

i like it a lot. did he get up it? if so, how many shots to do it? - White Trash

Good photo bro. The climb is a bit short, but it's an awsome location. - Duang Daunk

A really nice photo of a hard looking climb. Lower down looks like an ankle breaker if not a cheese grater. Is it safe to fall on? - simone

Good to see a trad route photo up front, and such a clean line at that. It makes me want to go and do it. - Chloe

**** Impulse By Cameron Semple  7/11/2014
Tom Semple during his onsight attempt of Impulse (24) at Frog Buttress.

Nice shot... did he get up it? Why isn't he jambing? - shiltz

Missed the onsight. Moving off a RH flared jamb somewhere near where the left hand is now spat him out. Got to the top after this though. I won't comment on technique as this is well above my pay grade currently. - Cams

Great photo - Kp

top effort for a one-legged climber - Superstu

You think the other shoe might just be clipped to his harness Stu? - shiltz

Another good photograph. Given the angle, I would have liked to have seen a bit more facial expression to match the climbing involved. It wouldn't have taken much for the climber to look a little further upwards, but that is the luck of the photographers draw I guess. ☺ The angle of the photo when presented as is, in vertical format, seems a little odd to me, but when I tilt my computer screen so that the photo presents in landscape format I find it a lot better. In fact I'd give it another star as a more pleasing composition when oriented that way. Was it originally photographed as landscape? - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Thanks for the comments. @M9: The composition on this one is one thing that I wish was slightly different. I wanted a bit more space on the right and maybe have the crack slightly more vertical in the shot (also could have been achieved in post rotation with more space on the right). But as you say. Photographers luck of the draw a bit and definitely something that I'm looking to improve as it is the sort of thing you just need to get right by instinct at the time. @martynm: ta. Yes, the downside of using belay glasses is no face seen. ;) - Cams

@ martym Excellent pic! Where can I get one of those newfangled modern desktop 'puters from? Heh, heh, heh. Post edit. Hmm. My above comment was posted this morning in response to a martym comment featuring a computer picture that is now no longer there. It seems to have been deleted, perhaps by martym maybe about (Last logged in 10/11/2014 at), 10:09 PM tonight? What's the go? - IdratherbeclimbingM9

I did nothin of the sort! I am equally surprised to see my post was deleted... I an't see any record of it..? I only just read Mikl's blog about rope wear, then clicksd on the photo now (23:45) to see if you liked my computer pic- lo and behold it's gone... Gremlins? Gnaguts? Basically I love the photo Think the angle is great. Think M9 has an odd opinion about the angle... Took half a point off because the climber's face is mostly obscured.. And said I'd love to see M9 tilting his computer to see a landscape view: - martym

On 10/11/2014 martym wrote: >Think M9 has an odd opinion about the angle... You are bent in a different direction to me! Heh, heh, heh. ☺ >And said I'd love to see M9 tilting his computer to see a landscape view: ... ~> as a self-confessed aid-climber, all things are valid, ~> including tilting the view, even if a car jack is needed. Hehx3 - IdratherbeclimbingM9

It is alright, but here are two things wrong with it. 1. it is Qld. 2. The Tom climbing it isn't jamBing. - gnaguts

Nice shot but the keyboard should be set to align with the screen - as there are a number of workplace related injuries that can be associated with such a setup. I would have given it another star if I could see the typist and to see if the LGBTI or straight person had their chair suitably adjusted to the correct height. Minus another star as the screen is blank, but plus another one cos the blue sheer rock looks totally nails and plus another one to be doing it backwards. - Stugang

route looks great, good job on getting a touch higher before being spat off! grass trees, small but they give a unique continent Oz feel. this shot has inspired me to go out and give it a lash this arvo. - rod

Good climbing photo. (comment not refering the puter photo) I think it looks better rotate right in landscape view to. - White Trash

Semi-choice bro. Come to NZ an do the Impulse thing right I say, ay. - Duang Daunk

A great shot at an awesome crag - Howsie

Sorry kiddies but....Iiiimmmm baaaack What I wanna know is what is the difference between trying a climb for the first time and an "ONSIGHT ATTEMPT"? My theory is it is a climb that you try so hard that you visualise you are being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex. Whereas a non ONSIGHT ATTEMPT is one where you are chased by a white bunny rabbit. aside from that the photo is OK (the climbing one that is) - stugang

@ stupoo >Sorry kiddies but....Iiiimmmm baaaack >What I wanna know is what is the difference between trying a climb for the first time and an "ONSIGHT ATTEMPT"? >My theory is it is a climb that you try so hard that you visualise you are being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex. >Whereas a non ONSIGHT ATTEMPT is one where you are chased by a white bunny rabbit. >aside from that the photo is OK (the climbing one that is) Ya might be bak but ya wrogn dude. Anotha 4 stars to twist the stats in tha right direction an counteract ya silly post. He tried it at first layin eyes on it, but failed on that try = onsite attempt. Tryin a climb first time with the right mindset is an adrenalin pumpin advencha jus like rabbit feels when monstered by TRex, and any attempt afta that including onvisual (these days includes Utube), is a grandniece attempt. Ed tells me he rates the pikcha highly, an so do I, so that leaves you the odd one out by only rating it as OK. - gnaguts

*** Agamemnon By Elenora Bulteau  3/10/2014
Bianca and Nacho climbing Agamemnon, classic 11 in Arapiles.

Good. ... No controversy from me this time. Heh, heh, heh. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Gotta get around to climbing this thing one day... - shortman

Well I was glad that the last picture was changed - ropedonkey

Chocky I like your old stuff better than your new stuffChocky I like your old stuff :) - maxdacat

Hum no... She's at the top, and the guy is seconding. He wears a beanie and slack hippie pants. - Elenora

Now, it's a nice photo with some good colours.. but since it's probably the most photographed route after Kachoong, probably more photographed as it's an easier climb - this doesn't really bring much to the table... For example: - martym

^ That's a bum crack shot if ever I have seen one, but I'm really looking forward to the next picture of conka Kerchoo instead, as that'd be much better than a brown eye from martym. Two stars for EB's nice pic. - gnaguts

Thanks elanora for the clarification...but now I am thinking that the dude has serious man boobs and a face mask that looks very IS like. I'm petrified that they've come this far. - stugang

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