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Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Bad Luck Streak By Alex Ling  24/11/2015
Bad Luck Streak   
Chris Ling on Bad Luck Streak (20), Lighthouse Area, Point Perpendicular, NSW.

Weird perspective and not a bad photo but he's using tooooooo many holds and not enough jams. - Olbert

Good photo, I want to get on that. (doesn't look like the crux at grade 20 though), nice one :) - bagotup

*** Little Big Roof By Mike Law  19/10/2015
Little Big Roof   
Eugene on Little Big Roof (24), Koorabar, Sydney, NSW. See Also: Pics 2, 3.

Looks good. Where the hell is Koorabar? - maxdacat

Top shot 'cept for all the rings. @ Where the hell is Koorabar? Eugene on Little Big Roof was an important mini ascent back then, but even more importantly, since I know stuey, simey, an edwirdo now have little big horns after viewing this excellent pic; is where is he climbing now? I'd have given it 5 stars simply for the fact that mikl is behind the camera for a change instead of in front of it; but I dint want that amount of praise to go to his head, so one and a half it is. - gnaguts

It's a reasonable photo and seems to have good elements...why it only get's three I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's just I'm not inspired... - Olbert Might need to convince the good Dr to take an arvo off work and take advantage of daylight saving sometime soon. - Dr Nick

How to make short routes look big, lesson 101: Leave out the belayer; otherwise viewers will see that the ground isn't far away... ;-) Good pic, but like Olbert's above comment, I don't find it inspiring, and this probably due the eye-catching proliferation of bolts in it when it looks like it would go on trad gear in placements such as where the climbers hands are. Then again, maybe I am just reminiscing my youthful sandstone experience through mists of time - rose coloured glasses? Heh, heh, heh. I rate pic 2 a better pic (3 stars), due the lengthwise format adds a sense of height and Eugene has a bit more slack rope in the system, which although necessary for the next move, adds a little adventure to my viewer perspective of the climb... Pic 3 isn't as good as pic 2 for me due looking a little posed (though I doubt it was), and it kind of negates the sense of anticipation I felt evoked in pic 2 for the upcoming move... Thanks for submitting the photos mikl, as it is great to see the gallery photo changing regularly. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Went for a walk at this crag yesterday - good looking routes - good angle of the route. - bouldo

Lookout Simon Carter as you now have competition! ... mikl just needs to go Grose with a ginormous tripod holder outerer for himself to get better birds eye views in his camera. - Duang Daunk

**** Montezuma By Alex Ling  5/10/2015
Simon on Montezuma (18), Point Perpendicular, NSW.

I'm an emotional person and so give this 4.5 stars because it makes me excited. I like the look of the crack, the belayer doing some kind of hulk impersonation and everything else. Looks groovy! - Miguel75

love this photo, it reminds me of the time I almost died on it leading without the right gear and through spider webs infested with 1000 scary looking (but apparently harmless) spiders - bones

I really like this great photo, and Chockstone needs more of them! It would have received the last half star from me if the belayer's clothing made them stand out from the background a bit better; and the climber was looking in the direction they are heading, as this would provide greater 'viewer-engagement' (read the human/expression element), and continuity (for me), re the line that the route's perspective naturally draws my eye to. (Yeah, nit-picky I know, as it really is a great photo, so I hope my comment is taken as constructive rather than negative criticism). Love the use of vertical format for this photo enhancing the full exposure perspective created by the distance to belayer, and then the sea much further below. ~> and am looking forward to WW&S's reply for this photo... Hehx3 - IdratherbeclimbingM9

My problem with the photo is he is not doing the climb correctly. He is supposed to be buried in that crack! Mike, sadly you are looking at the best bit of the route and the foreshortening makes it look longer than it is. It was probably my least favourite of all the routes I have done at Pt Perp. The initial corner is long, grotty, the bushes look almost bigger in this shot than I remember them, and I certainly remember the spiders. There were gazillions of them spooking me too. The climbing is great fun from the time you reach the roof, but all that crap at the bottom out-weighed it for me. - Wendy

I would have liked to have seen a photo of your ascent at the same spot Wendy, as it would certainly make an interesting comparison photo. Cheers, Idra~>M9 - IdratherbeclimbingM9

>My problem with the photo is he is not doing the climb correctly. He is supposed to be buried in that crack! In the climber's defence, he's not actually climbing the crack here, but rather taking a quick rest to settle his nerves because he's just realised he's run out of big gear... On the side of the prosecution, let it be noted that he then proceeded to layback his way to the top ;-) - Lingy

> and the climber was >looking in the direction they are heading, maybe the climber was looking where he was heading... :) - james

I want to love this photo, but I just can't help but look at his helmet and think "It's like he's hiding from the camera"? "Don't look at me! Don't look at me!!!" Also having his head down draws attention to his foot precariously placed in a lasoo between his rope & extendy... On the plus - his arms look awesome - you can see the ligaments clucthing for dear life, his posie is far more impressive than being buried in the crack, and the rock, ocean and sprawling choss at the base makes it look epic. >let it be noted that he then proceeded to layback his way to the top ;-) All the more awesome. Run out laybacking is about the scariest climbing I can think of. ps. can someone fix the typo in the heading? [Moderator edit: Done.] - martym

The advantage of being buried in the crack was I got some gear in the smaller cracks you can just see at the back. And some jams. Slightly more serious fussy photo wise, I like climbers looking where they are going, especially if in a bit of a stance like this. Or in a actiony shot where you can imagine the move they are doing. But I suppose we should be proud of him looking at his feet, suggesting he is actually thinking about using them. :) - Wendy

Thanks for the info Wendy. Runout lay backing certainly has it's own category of awesomeness... With solid jams, who needs gear anyway:) I try not to look at the camera when climbing as I usually have a tear slowly running down my face in situations like the above:) - Miguel75

When has doing it right ever been a condition of a good foto. In any case he looks too skinny to jam that momma. Five stars - Jayford4321

Brand new shoes (and harness?) - five stars straight up. - dmcg

@ taking a quick rest to settle his nerves because he's just realised he's run out of big gear... U needed a better zoom lenz to see the pee running down the rope which is why belayer is holding arms like that? No wonder he wouldn't look at the camera. - gnaguts

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