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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Eau Rouge By Jimmy Stephens  20/04/2016
Eau Rouge   
James Wynne floats over the red stone of Eau Rouge (23) at the Lost World, Victoria Range, Grampians.

Very nice pic for lots of reasons. - simey

That is rad!!! - Miguel75

I love it. What a rad line. It does exactly what a great photo should do... makes me wanna go climb it (as if I could). - ambyeok

You sure that's not Wendy's new route in the northern group? - Jayford4321

I can't believe people are stealing shots of my new routes to promote old crags ... I am going to be the odd voice out and say I don't really like the photo. Assuming the climber is less than 2m tall, it shows about 6m of the climb. The climbing position isn't very nice (I imagine the previous or next moves would look more interesting, here's something about hands together just just doesn't do it for me) and there's no background or over view of the wall, and maybe it's because I know what the wall looks like that I don't think this shot does it a lot of favours. The main thing selling the photo is it's a nice bit of orange rock. - Wendy

@ Wendy Position, position, position. None of us can help it if U are too short to match hands for a rest on that route. I can believe people are stealing shots of your new routes to promote old crags, but it still makes me wunda how u negotiated that section ... I am going to be the odd voice of reason and say I like the photo, even with the orange rock and all. @>the climber is less than 2m tall, it shows about 6m of the climb. We know U know about such things, but why does approx 6m look more like 10m, even if the route is anotha mega short one? I love the fact that there's no background or over view of the wall, because it lets me concentrate on the magic match-hands climbing move. This shot does me a lot of favours for the resting beta it gives on this route. - gnaguts

**** Sport Crack By Alex Trnovsky  13/04/2016
Sport Crack   
Graeme Dick in unfamiliar territory struggling on Sport Crack (26), Pangea, Grampians.

Good photo with good composition but it really needs some depth of field! I'd also like to see brighter colours on the climber. Also the climber could have done a bit more posing and turned just a little bit more towards the camera and showed some some gritty facial expression. - olbert

The photo's perfectly ok, but I am much more interested in the route! What condition are the bolts in? Are they necessary? How much actual crack climbing is on it? - Wendy

I'm with Wendy....a bit above my climbing grades....but she does look a ripper! - shortman

The photo is interesting from a climbing perspective. Shame about a bolted traverse that follows a natural crack feature... Grey trousers on climber blend well with the grey rock, so might've been better photographically (to see the climber) if the climber was wearing fluro-lycra? ;-) I tend to agree with the depth of field comment by olbert, though to pick an aperture that focuses-out the distracting near-cliff foliage would have also lost the distant view, ... which I think adds to the scenic ambiance; so a hard call on that one methinks. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Talk of apertures and depth of field has me lost, I certainly don't submit photos to show off any photographic prowess (obviously)!, but rather to show some unheralded parts of the Gramps, I'm sure there's hundreds of better shots taken every weekend, but where are they? Regarding the route in question, despite the modest (for some) grade, poor Grahimi thought that after ticking Bossanova the day before this would be the perfect 'day after' route, but to his chagrin the 'crack stayed firmly dogged. The bolts looked fine, no doubt from lack of use, and whilst there's cam slots everywhere you look, to quote the G-spot himself "there'd be nowhere to jam your hands if you placed cams" or something to that effect. But don't let that stop you trying. I'm sure it's soft for the grade and G-banger was just trying to disguise a hangover... - f_abe

I think this is a seriously cool photo - though I agree with the above criticisms about the lack of posing & lycra. I first saw it on my phone and assumed those were runners dangling out of the crack; then I looked at it on a larger screen.. I don't usually go in for the old bolt/no bolt debate but that does seem a waste of steel next to such an obvoius natural line! And what a handsome traverse it looks (also above my paygrade). Judging by the lack of chalk on the rock above, and lack of any obvious holds, it does seem to spend a lot of time in that crack.. Something to aspire to. I also like it as a contrast between the up front climbing activity and the sprawling natural landscape. Nice work. - Martym

I can't believe some of the drivel that appears on chocky. For all the uninformed ethical namby pamby do-gooders "Sports Crack" has some history. It's an Andy Pollitt route dating from 1991. Andy already some grief about it from Noddy who wrote a letter to some Pommie magazine/organisation complaining about Wales' finest sinking a few bolts into a bit of local rock. We're all flawed characters and if our crime is to place a few bolts in comparison to other stuff happening on the planet it's hardly a hanging offence. So given the route's history and the fact that it didn't spawn 100's of copy cat routes you would have to conclude its a non issue. There is probably more to complain about on the topic of badly bolted Grampians routes than Sports Crack. And finally, I reckon it's a pretty good photo of people out climbing. - Ball_Bagg

**** Fairy Footsteps By Alex Trnovsky  17/03/2016
Fairy Footsteps   
I had to use my phone as my camera exploded into many pieces on the rock bottom left after it somehow fell out of it's case as I was scrambling up! I can see the critics lining up but who cares, it's a pic of fun times in a great spot.
Nick Fraser, Fairy Footsteps 23, Weirs Creek, Grampians.

Looks like a fun climb. I like the colors, the background and the juxtaposition of the rock with the ground:) - miguel75

It's quite an impressive landscape photo - no issue with it being on a phone (I'm looking at it on a phone). Perhaps a bit more sky would balance the colours more. As a climbing photo it's weak - however, if you were to crop it as portrait, cutting out the big shadowy overhang that dominates the right hand side of the pic, I think it would do the climber more justice. - martym

5 stars Bcos I love the big shadowy overhang aposing juxta with the blue hazy background. Shame about the dark smudge at top of left hand side of the orange rock (dead centre of frame), otherwise would have been a better landscape pic. - gnaguts

It's a climbing shot so whats with your gnagy comment? I like it but I've seen better climbing photos. Glad those concerned had a fun day apart from destroying a camera. - White Trash

Bugga to hear about the camera demise. +1 to White Trash's comments re the photo. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

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