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A place for Victorian climbers to hang out and chat about climbing. Anyone can register and post messages.

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Duang Daunk
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Location: Victoria, Australia 
I Climb:
Gym Boulder Top Rope
Sport Trad Single Pitch Trad Multi Pitch
Aid/Big Wall Ice Real Mountains
Comments: I am Spartacus.
Edís name means horse.
He attracts flies for you
And says itís not his fault of course
Where was stugang, davidn, and bomb
And ODH might leave you too
But I shanít be gone

I am Spartacus, so have no fear
We all made posts for you
So you enjoy your time here
Where did Chuck, nee Slabofbeer now gone
And they didnít want to grieve you
At least not for very long

You keep flying when you lead on easy ground
Oh I donít need a belay
Whenever youíre around
Itís already way too late
To know who I thought I am

I am Spartacus
I carry a pointy spear
Oh I donít need the things
Like martini c--ktails queer
Itís now way too late
If you ever wanted fans

I am Spartacus, Edís name means horse
And I couldíve climbed with you
But Ive changed my course
So why donít simey, shorty, or others anon
Ever want to do a route with you
While I move on

I am Spartacus and Edís legless again of course
He might puke on you
Unless you change your course
He was others, sometimes off and on
And we donít have to climb with you
No, no-no-no-no, no-no
Itís time now for me to be gone

Drain Drunk - Reflections Of Still Life With Martini In Hand.

I was bouldering at shortyís favourite spot the other day. You know, that one at Koonung Drain Archway under Surrey Rd at Blackburn, fantastic urban bouldering actually, with an ambience that gets you hyped, anyway I am drifting.

While slapping for a fat sloper on a cruxy move I thought I saw a water current below me. I was wrong it was just an eddy, a transient circular ripple if you will, all washed up, itís now a has been, as it is no longer there.

Who knows if it would have ever amounted to anything? The bugs it was carrying were oblivious to their plight.

Oh my fame most times is Stugangous
Iím hard an I whack on Edtwat as rough practice
Edís really fat and so is easy to splat
An likes it so much he comes when I pig-whistle him.

Yar, yar, I had the strangest dream.

It really dos make sens.

I am good at climbing social to, but my mate Estuardo is soft an he cant climb without martini drip!

I hav conka kerchoo, now I look for boulda to hiball.

Bomber Pro is useful for real climbing but not for bouldering.

The Chocky dream team went to Straddie for a gay time tyro, and I bought new trakky daks for the occasion!

Women cant boulder as hard as men.

Yousuff Phil is the Wurzel Gummage of my life.

Should a comic book character be called Superman?

simey. wrote the book 
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Last posted on 28/01/2015 at 2:00:13 PM
Last logged in 28/01/2015 at 2:01:08 PM
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