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FYI Chockstoners - this weeks deletions, etc.
Chockstone Moderator
9:04:38 PM
User ID inuboliss disabled, and fake papers spam deleted 24/03/17.

On 24/03/2017 rightarmbad wrote:
>Can the join up process not be made more difficult?

It likely can, however the spam merchants that we get are by and large real people who are quite capable of passing a more difficult process.
Chockstone Moderator
2:05:49 PM
On 21/03/17 Chockstone Moderator wrote:
>User ID Zdorovayweisa disabled (Russian drug addict rehab centre spam) 21/03/17.

On 22/03/2017 dalai wrote:
>Piptidisairm disabled 22/03 looked like it was going to post SPAM based on the user details similar to Zdorovayweisa
Today 27/03/17 I disabled new User ID KristenGog, that has similar user details.

There is a common theme here...

The Zdorospammer had a seemingly innocuous link within their signing up profile that I checked at the time as being Russian drug addict rehab centre spam, since it pointed to a site saying (google-translated)
>National system of complex rehabilitation and resocialization of persons who use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for non-medical purposes.
Incidentally more than one portion of the pointed-to page when translated also indicated druggie rehab stuff.

However I have since google-translated the associated Russian text that accompanied their profile (not the linked page) and it says;
>The "Culture of the Year" curriculum will be closed in 2008. It's a choicelist for the invasive practitioners. On the basis of the state of the economy, the institutions have a decent access to the necessary public services and to continue to do so in the near future.

(So? One might think, but stick with me, as I'm fleshing out the theme!)

The Piptidisairm 'canada peptides' link didn't go anyplace valid but instead gave a 'Runtime Error' message.
It further gave instructions on how to modify your computer hard-drive to 'see' their website; which effectively involves allowing remote access to a default custom page!

The associated User profile text translates as;
>The previous one, in the same way, removes the direction of the particle - the process, the time shifting of the time and the frequency. They are not just in the right places, but also in the water. This is the first time you replace it, you have a main body. Next, if you want to restore the value of the value of the change of currency and the value of the value of the data to the raw material. Applying for the use of an unprotected disk. Just the wrong things and when you need to use the computer. In addition to the disinfection of both food and drink. (peptides link) The prophet - this is a tribute, the exclusion of the ambiguity, which is connected with the destiny of the ambience. For example - this is "lower" wicker, rubbing the yam in the right corner in the bow.

So; here we are today with KristenGog user profile, and when translated from Russian says;
>You have the Loveawake.Ru attribute. This is the way to send the messages and the password to the right person. Regulate and proceed with the care and care of the intruder! Disposal of the electronic equipment: speed datas of the adjustment due to the inaccuracy.

Sorry Russian people, but in the unlikely event that if any of you want to join Chockstone, and if it smells remotely like a hack attempt then it will be disallowed.

8:03:35 PM
Well that might explain why my spam folder is suddenly full of rehab centre ads.
9:11:02 AM
kesieglb disabled 30/03/2017 Profile details full of pharmaceutical SPAM links.

Starting to proactively trawl the new users list and culling suspicious looking ones before they post.
Chockstone Moderator
8:07:39 PM
On 30/03/2017 dalai wrote:
>Starting to proactively trawl the new users list and culling suspicious looking ones before they post.

In keeping with your theme (though have been checking the new member details for a while now), User ID VickieThona disabled 30/03/17, due their (russian) profile rubbish translated as;
>Proof of the firewall user! Assignment of the budget to the disinfection of the benefits of the Russian Federation is possible only on the basis of
Chockstone Moderator
2:50:14 AM
User ID stevenjobs disabled and 3 x counterfeit money posts deleted 01/04/17.
4:26:25 PM
In various sites I manage, I've found a ban on registration for addresses goes a long way.

[Moderator edit: Thanks for the information johnpitcairn. If we keep getting .ru spammed I shall raise this possibility with Site Author.]
Chockstone Moderator
8:30:49 PM
User ID melvinvillare disabled 05/04/17. Italian online sales of hair styling equipment!
11:00:03 PM
User ID KendiRay disabled 05/04/17. ATM card scam
Chockstone Moderator
3:04:00 PM
We're onto it... (Writing it up for another Moderator!)
User ID ielts2017 disabled 10/04/17; overseas eligibility spam.
Chockstone Moderator
2:18:36 AM
User ID willshere disabled and Nottingham kitchen spam deleted 11/04/17.
5:20:09 PM
User ID sunilmedapati3 disabled and SPAM link to Indian Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction page deleted 13/04/2017.
8:33:06 PM
User ID albertalley disabled - potentially Explainer Video SPAM 14/04/2017.
Chockstone Moderator
8:45:52 AM
User ID manny46 disabled, and four fake documents spam posts deleted 22/04/17.
9:47:02 AM
User ID jocuccitini disabled, email address linked to fake documents posts on other forums 24/04/17.

6:08:43 PM
[Moderator edit (catching up for another Mod); User ID 4Rsercom disabled 27/04/17, due spamming us.]

User ID james380 disabled, and fake document spam post deleted 27/04/17.

Please don't post replies to these posts. As it is then just one more post we have to delete before we can delete the SPAM post.
Chockstone Moderator
9:51:06 PM
User ID prenasharma disabled and packing/removalists spam deleted 29/04/17.
Chockstone Moderator
9:35:26 PM
User ID pujasharma (28 year old clone of our recent spammer) disabled and removalist spam deleted 01/05/17.
Chockstone Moderator
5:39:38 PM
We are onto it again; (posting for another Moderator).
User ID DikshaMA disabled, re removalists SPAM.
Chockstone Moderator
6:37:35 PM
Spammer ID trade140 disabled, and their four posts about cheap South African dried nuts and fruit deleted 09/05/17.

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