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4:36:07 PM
I just noticed that we now seem to have more official advertising on this site! (bottom left).

4:48:35 PM
The google-bots referred to in a Forum thread today have not been as slow as I thought.
Clever buggers managing to infiltrate it like that.
I'm pretty sure it was there much earlier today (last night?), but I didn't pay it any attention at the time due to surfing the Forum.
Hopefully the site owning guru can excise it onsight cleanly.

4:55:22 PM
doesn't bother me

but so much for no spam then eh!

5:08:22 PM
I've signed up for the Google Ads. Figure I'll run it as a trial and if it doesn't generate any money or it pisses too many people off, I'll remove it again. I did try to match the colours, but yeah, it looks ugly.

Figured I might as well try and recoup some costs for all those years of building this thing up and maintaining it. (RH only pays the hosting, not me). However, might run a poll in a month, see if it's anoying too many people. If so, it's gone!

5:21:58 PM
Wrong attitude for making a $ for the promoters I know, but I have managed to ignore it so far and don't find it intrusive. This equates to your successfully blending it in unobtrusively I guess.
If you ran a poll I would probably be indifferent, as I figure it's your site, so your call.
5:46:03 PM
it seems to sit below the end of each page of forum, and as i dont look any further down after the last post on each page i dont think i'll be seeing it, therefore it doesnt bother me. the adds that flash and promise you free ring tonnes, etc are what get to me.

5:49:14 PM
it didnt used to bother me but im looking at it on one of neilos 6 monitors, which is huge, making the
google ad the size of my normal monitor....

8:21:53 PM
So how does this work? If I click these links 'chockstone' gets paid? If so I will happily click these pages open in a new tab, that I never look at but just close at the end of my session. I look and post for free. Mike doesn't bear the burden. Where's the down side?

9:03:21 PM
not so intrusive but upon seeing the "madrockdirect" ad i wou;ld hav thought that it might clash with rockhardware's interests.

personally i don't mind however.

10:10:57 PM
I haven't seen any google ads in years, ever since installing the adblock extension in Firefox. Mmm, sweet Firefox.

9:56:33 AM
There is an option to block sites. I've put every other Australian retailer I can think of in the block list. So far it's generating about $1 a day, which is hardly worth it given how ugly it looks. I'm off to Ayres Rock for a week, so I'll check again when I get back, but I suspect I'll be killing it off.
10:03:29 AM
Does it generate funds via just clicking the links in the ads? I'll happily click a few links each day for you Mike ;-)

10:47:10 AM
On 21/05/2007 dalai wrote:
>Does it generate funds via just clicking the links in the ads? I'll happily
>click a few links each day for you Mike ;-)

I suspect that would be in voliation of their terms of service. (If I'd actually bothered to read them instead of hitting "next, next, next"). But they might take it pretty seriously so, I'd discourge the kind offer Dalai. And in any case I'd prefer a realistic dollar count, so I can make a judgement about keeping it.
11:14:03 AM
Okay then Mike. I'll only click on the ads I'm interested in...

9:47:04 AM
Pole dancing take your fancy Dalai? This one seems to be on the top of the list of the google ads
10:05:56 AM
It's the wedding gowns I'm more interested in...though pole dancing is great for core strength! ;-)
12:48:35 PM
I think it's relatively unobtrusive, even a small contribution would be good for the effort gone into the site. Text
ads are certainly the least impact form of advertising, I reckon go for it Mike.

1:20:18 PM
On 19/05/2007 adski wrote:
>I haven't seen any google ads in years, ever since installing the adblock
>extension in Firefox. Mmm, sweet


My brethren Adski showed me the light........Mmmmmm Firefox rocks!


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