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The Perfect Climbing 4x4

11:39:08 PM
On 3/02/2008 belayslave wrote:

> I've seen Foresters get in to any place where any 'respected'
>4WD's such as Troopies,
>Landcruisers or Hilux's can go

??? you never been 4wding??
i think the forester is a great car, they are more capable than most station wagon style cars, but they are NOT a real 4wd and they can NOT get through anything resembling remotely serious 4wd terrain

9:48:16 AM
On 3/02/2008 nmonteith wrote:
>New model comes out next month- slightly larger, and in diesel!

I didn't think the new model this time was having diesel? The sales rep who sold me mine said it'd be
coming in another 1-2 years yet.

9:53:09 AM
On 4/02/2008 belayslave wrote:
>I didn't think the new model this time was having diesel? The sales rep
>who sold me mine said it'd be
>coming in another 1-2 years yet.

They launch diesel models in Europe this month, and there is serious talk of getting them here a month later. See...

Another good diesel softroader option is the Holden Captiva. It's a rebadged Korean (made my daewoo) but seems to be selling quite well. Both the Captiva and the Hyundai Sante Fe only use about 7l/100km - which is crazy considering how big and heavy they are!
10:44:40 AM
On 3/02/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Any 'real' 4WD in a petrol version is worse for economy in my opinion.
>I drive various of them associated with my work from time to time and they
>suck juice big time!

I jump in with the praise for my VW Touareg.
It's a 'proper' 4WD but the 2.5 diesel usually gets 8-9l/100k on the highway (return trip to Araps for $70). Will sit on 160-170 with the roof-box on and 4 passengers (allegedly somewhere on the Newell).
It could sometimes use a bigger luggage compartment but has a decent back-seat (when it's not full of gear). The diesel (R5) model costs no more than the petrol V6 (or didn't when I bought mine in 2005). A V6 diesel also available now.

The Transporter has the same engine but more room .. hmm also the Kombi comes with built-in seating and camping smarts ..

The Holden sucks juice and doesn't have much ground clearance.

Owned 2 Subarus before that - a basic DL 2wd/4wd then an Outback. Both good cars, surprisingly the DL was more capable than the Outback off-road because it lacked a centre diff (no full-time 4wd) and had less plastic underhangs to get caught on things.

For climbing I always find space for gear is the issue - but then I'm a heavyweight camper with portable fridge, table, 3-burner stove. A Hilux diesel twin cab with a ute cover would be a good trip car, having room for 5 plus a large luggage area, although I heard they're pretty rough to ride in the back of.

10:49:55 AM
On 4/02/2008 gfdonc wrote:
>I jump in with the praise for my VW Touareg.

Yes! A fine piece of motoring elegance indeed (GFs parents own one of these). 'Tis the perfect luxury climbing mobile in my opinion. 2nd hand ones are probably the way to go - but hard to find in diesel. Real low-range and clearance but without the polarizing Hummer looks of a real 4WD.

11:49:51 AM
BMW X5 diesel. Very comfortable and very capable off road.

11:53:50 AM
On 4/02/2008 tnd wrote:
>BMW X5 diesel. Very comfortable and very capable off road.

& very affordable for the average climber!

Post edit;
... and 4 seconds in the future nm picks up the same thought!

11:53:54 AM
hmm might be getting a bit pricey for the average climber there tnd! X5 doesn't have low range anyway...

Porsche Caynee Turbo is a good option if you need to get to the crag quick.
11:59:04 AM
Forresters are great!! I am a bit tall to sleep in mine though.. they are very reliable...

12:06:49 PM
On 4/02/2008 nmonteith wrote:
>hmm might be getting a bit pricey for the average climber there tnd! X5
>doesn't have low range anyway...

Can't deny that! :-) Still, I had a blast around a friend's property in one and couldn't believe how well it performed with an auto trans and non-knobbly tyres.

>Porsche Caynee Turbo is a good option if you need to get to the crag quick.
I wonder if any of those have actually ever got a tyre dirty except in Porsche's proving grounds?
12:36:09 PM
Old Subaru's are good, but need a genuine 1980's "free Tibet" sticker on the back for added credibility.

12:42:53 PM
Don't forget the pricey but very excellent Land Rover Discovery and new Freelander. Both are excellent offroad and strong as a tank.
12:59:12 PM
X5 has even less room for gear than the Touareg - and more exe.
Although - didn't look at the model update last year which is roomier. Bloody exe though.

Discovery is also a good pick, diesel again, more room.
4:07:47 PM
my old subi has been overheating for 7 months now and still hasn't blown a head gasket! acidentally went 4wding last week when i went down the wrong road. it can't do what a landcruiser can but it does alright. if i bottom it out and scrape the shit out of it who cares?
4:12:06 PM
VW Touareg in vgc coming up for sale in Canberra from local climber diesel....

8:33:05 PM
Jeep Cherokee. Has low range? I hope. Good short wheel base will get you anywhere - even soft sand. OK so there's not much of that near the crags. Jeeps are way cool dude! Price is really fair compared.
I almost bought a Forrester. I found it to be a good safe car but a little cramped inside.

9:42:17 PM
On 4/02/2008 kerroxapithecus wrote:
>Jeep Cherokee. Has low range? I hope.

Yep - another goodie! I test drove one of these last year. It was in my top 3 for what i wanted. I found the manual gearbox a bit truck like. Looks and feels very strong. Apparently spare parts are very pricey though - and hard to get when you are in the bush (best to go with Toyota!)

> Good short wheel base will get you
>anywhere - even soft sand. OK so there's not much of that near the crags

There is heaps of soft sand on the Grampians roads. Olive Cave road is sand city!

10:11:36 PM
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the Landrover Defender. Hi-tech 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine in low tech body with high tech all coil suspension and traction control. The LWB version has bags of space and you'll never be afraid to get it dirty.

11:30:49 PM
I'm in the market at the moment and tossing up between forester and santa fe.. at this stage. yet to do any driving of either...

I used to have a hilux dual cab ute which was an awesome crag vehicle and got almost everywhere I needed when going to crags - only 1 dodgy, rocky hill on the way to crystal palace gave me grief! I loved being able to jsut throw everything in the back and drive tho..

6:40:14 AM
I was looking at the Santa Fe, and read a few reviews. One thing that was mentioned in the reviews was that the gearbox was crappy. In the auto the gears often wouldn't shift up or down when expected. One beef I have about the Getz (although manual) is that the gearbox is not solid and gives me some grief sometimes. I've been looking seriously at the new RAV4 - Toyota reliability, and looks great at the crag or your next tennis party in Pymble ;-)

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