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Tinting chalk with fire ash / Bash Damo thread!

11:42:33 AM
On 18/07/2011 One Day Hero wrote:
>M9 should realizes that the Ozy Direct roof is probably the only genuine bit of un-rain affected granite in the country.......and that required lotsome of bolts, 500L a tube of glue, and probably a little bit of hold enhancement to make it free climbable!!


12:33:35 PM
On 18/07/2011 One Day Hero wrote:
>I guess I should have been more specific. When I said that granite doesn't
>do overhanging, I was refering to australian, all the
>wankers with photos from overseas can keep wishing that we had that rock

Fredricks Peak - Townsville. Granite.
12:47:49 PM
Townsville is southern PNG.

5:33:32 PM
So does any one have a idea? soap maybe a little slippery? and yes there is overhangs and yes I do care about the visual impact as the site is on private property so I don't want to fuk it up. It is just a thought as I know you can get it commercially but I would like it as natural as possible.

5:53:35 PM
Metolius Eco-chalk looks nifty and non white...
5:58:12 PM
On 19/07/2011 nmonteith wrote:
>On 18/07/2011 One Day Hero wrote:
>>I guess I should have been more specific. When I said that granite doesn't
>>do overhanging, I was refering to australian, all
>>wankers with photos from overseas can keep wishing that we had that rock
>Fredricks Peak - Townsville. Granite.

Isn't Freycinet Granite? It's overhanging in places
6:00:07 PM
I'd have a go with some black oxide concrete tint, diggers make it and its cheap. its a powder too and your shouldn't need too much. run it through a sifter or mortar and pestle.

6:20:11 PM
On 20/07/2011 bones wrote:
>Isn't Freycinet Granite? It's overhanging in places

Yep - The Underworld crag is especially steep!

This is a 26 with a big roof start.
6:21:59 PM
Only climbed once at the Star factory, but I seem to remember it's granite, too! And an overhanging (though not much) sport crag at that!
(Just thought I'd join in the Damo-bashing..... we really love ya mate, but could you please provide us with a few more opportunities to do this, it's kinda fun.)

7:46:46 PM
cool simple answers are always nice! Though I would like to make my own as I deal with pigments every day but a natural safe one would be nice.
One Day Hero
8:10:51 PM
yeah, there's overhanging walls at booroomba too, but they don't hold chalk cause they get washed.........stuff has to be pretty fuchin steep and cavey to hold chalk. I sure didn't see any at the underworld, bet that gets washed from below in big seas.

Neil's photo from Townsville looks good (and very unlike all the other aussie granite). Does it climb well? How many routes? Is it shady?

8:44:01 PM
Cement would dry ur hands out. Same color as granite.

8:50:41 PM

Adverse health effects from concrete or cement are generally the result of exposure through skin contact, eye contact or inhalation.

Skin Contact – getting cement dust or wet concrete on your skin can cause burns, rashes, and skin irritations. Sometimes workers become allergic if they’ve had skin contact with cement over a long period of time.
Eye Contact – getting concrete or cement dust in your eyes may cause immediate or delayed irritation of the eyes. Depending upon how much and for how long you get the dust in your eyes, effects to your eyes can range from redness to painful chemical burns.
Inhalation – inhaling cement dust may occur when workers empty bags of cement to make concrete. When sanding, grinding, cutting, drilling or breaking up concrete, the dust generated has the same hazards as the dust from cement. Exposure to cement or concrete dust can cause nose and throat irritation. Long term exposure to concrete dust containing crystalline silica can lead to a disabling lung disease called silicosis.

9:06:16 PM
Most of those problems dissapear after a month or 2. We are talkin a chalk bag full. Do a search on breathin in chalk.
One Day Hero
9:13:43 PM
So now you're gonna roll up to the crag with a chalkbag full of cement? What fuchin' planet are you crackers living on?

9:21:05 PM
At least when he's whining about standing above his gear you only need to throw him a teaspoon so he can measure accurately...

9:59:13 PM
On 20/07/2011 One Day Hero wrote:
>So now you're gonna roll up to the crag with a chalkbag full of cement?
>What fuchin' planet are you crackers living on?

Last I checked it was called Earth. Personally I'd stick to chalk, but the "save the rock from white stains mob" are lookin for an alternative. And by the way it's the year 2011, you could buy a new hat, and at least try and look less like you.
11:32:30 PM
I'm actually agreeing with ODH! 8-0

99% of Australian granite is exposed and will wash clean with the next rain shower.

If you are concerned about chalk - use it minimally and then it is easy enough to use a little water brought along and a brush to wash the rest off - especially if we are talking about boulders... A good habit to have regardless the rock type!
One Day Hero
11:36:41 PM
Yeah, well how do you think the 'cement as chalk' option is going to pan out when all the cement covered fuking holds get a bit of water on them?

I think I'll keep wearing the hat, just cause it must really irritate you guys that someone with such a shit hat can climb so much harder than you......
One Day Hero
11:40:07 PM
Dalai! Haven't heard from you in just posting on chocky to keep yourself awake while that shitty french parade continues to deliver no excitement at all?

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