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Bootiful Booty, I love you...

9:58:13 PM
It's finally happened. I have moved out of noobhood and into gumbydom. I'm talking about every climbers right of passage; finding and retrieving booty!

I had a good feeling as I rocked up to my local crag today; the air was crisp, the sun was shining and the mozzies were happily buzzing around; truly a magical afternoon. I was too lazy to walk down so nonchalantly set up my rope and rapped in to begin my daily crush fest. On the way down I was enjoying the view when a certain twinkle, nay a sparkle, caught my eye.

My heart beat faster. Could today be the day? Would I find that holy grail of climbing lore; booty? Yes! Yes I would! I was a pile of nerves as I approached my prey, eyes darting furiously to ensure no one else swooped in to snatch it away. (Which wasn't really an issue as I was the only one there but I'm trying to paint a picture for you, my dear friends!) I approached my prize from above and surveyed the surrounds, trying to mentally map out how I would go about removing it. I slowly rapped in, level with my prey, and set to work.

After hearing of the protracted battles others have had with booty I was a little unnerved though set to work. I was surprised how easy my booty came out. What seemed like minutes was in reality a matter of seconds, and then I held my prize aloft, marvelling in my marvelousness. I had figured it out! I had put in the effort and claimed my prize!

If anyone wants their bolt plate back let me know...

10:54:00 PM
I laughed, and that's hard to do.

11:06:56 PM
I'm still laughin!

U should write more Mike. Seriously.

11:08:21 PM
Thanks guys. I'm still giggling away to myself too. My first piece of booty makes me happy...

2:47:29 AM

9:46:16 PM
Bump - Cause it needs to be read!
11:06:48 PM
Please post that on Qurank.

11:16:38 PM
Cheers Rightarmband, I don't have an account on Qurank, though feel free to post it if you have one. I played with my new bolt plate today and was happy.

8:25:38 PM
The booty gods blessed me again today. I rocked up to Werribee Gorge for a late arvo session before bed time and found there were almost a million cars in the parking lot. Being naturally gifted, I deduced there must be almost a million climbers at WG, and I was almost on the money. WG was a place in full effect, people were freaking all over the place, tope ropes hung like spiderwebs everywhere I looked, and believe me I was looking everywhere!

Anyway, I overcame my bout of enochlophobia and set myself up for a bit of hand jammin TR self belay action! I have decided that I must learn the art of jamming, as it is a weakness among my weaknesses and so I have been throwing myself at any crack I can find, much like Whitney, and today realized I must first learn the art of tape gloves... But I digress. Given there were so many people swarming around, thoughts of bounty swirled through my mind and I willed every second to just leave their gear and in the waning daylight make a beeline for the top, leaving me a bounty of booty. Come 5:30ish most of the pillaging hordes fled and I was left alone, jammin, gloveless and in pain.

After vanquishing the crux on my climb I sidled on over to Snatch and Grab 2.0 for a peek at the 'enhancements', (I took a few pics and will post up details later) and then set about to leave. On my way out I was guided by the booty gods and found an abundance of odds and ends, which I will list below. On some things I might invoke the law of salvage, other things I'm happy to return to the rightful owners;

- 1 large Tupperware container with an aromatic meat and rice dish, and fork.
- 1 pair of blue/silver/green quicksilver thongs size 9ish(?)
- 1 banana skin
- 3 apple cores
- 1 half eaten bread roll
- 2 coke cans
- 10 cigarette butts
- way too much sundry garbage; tape, band aid wrappers, food wrappers, BBQ shapes box...

If any of the above is yours let me know, I might return it, except for the shapes, they must have all fallen out on the walk back to the car;)

8:40:06 PM
>- 1 pair of blue/silver/green quicksilver thongs size 9ish(?)

~> There you go M75; you have just discovered the difference between WG & Buff is finding thongs vs finding stilettos!

~> ... also the way you are going, you will end up giving Tracey a run for her VCC money in the cleaning up booty stakes!

Oh, and by the way, I also very much enjoyed reading your original post on this thread, closely followed by reading your latest!

10:34:43 PM
I'm not sure why I find shoes while climbing but I don't mind it! I'm hoping to get on Elizabeth & Faust shortly. I'm excited for what I may find...

Apologies for the thread drift but I can't figure out why it seems so hard for people to pack out their crap, or even crap that's already there!

I reckon Tracey sets a great example and does lots of great work with Cliffcare. She was out working hard on track repair at Rosea today... eating hay on the bay:)

10:34:12 PM
I recently was climbing Camelot at Arapiles and got a nut stuck. I was hitting my nut key with a rock and still couldn't get it out. Came back and hour later and it was gone. Love to know how the bugger got it out.

8:19:13 AM
Woo hoo; booty gods seem to be going nuts... I too found a nut, on the third pitch of Arachnus yesterday. Looks brand new, marked with yellow paint on the loop and 3 letters on top of the nut. If you want it back let me know.

This one wasn't wedged in at all, instead it seemed to be just out of range of a nut tool, though my trusty 250mm stanley nut tool performed wonderfully;)

8:27:23 AM
Sounds like your fast becoming the booty king M75.
11:23:42 AM
I've seen that "nut tool" of his, I think it's to get gear out of anchors without leaving the ground.

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