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the necessity of hexes these days
11:34:41 AM
>and what term do think best decribes "the chockstone Hex" :P

a zero

12:06:36 PM
I'm yet to get over to the states to do 'super crack' yet, but it will happen soon. :)

4:23:44 PM
Hex reckons the number 11 size has good therapeutic value. He recommended them to LittleMac ...

5:04:33 PM
On 29/03/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:
>Hex reckons the number 11 size has good therapeutic value. He recommended
>them to LittleMac ...

I'm having some amazing results..............

3:09:23 PM
i actually hav a number 11, it was a pleasure to buy!!!
5:03:31 PM
11 Hexes are by far the most common bits of booty I've ever found. Why is that? They have all been on ledges or extremely easy to get out. Could it be that the second decided that they were far to heavy/awkward/uncool to be seen with?

8:24:22 PM
if i had rockcentrics rather than hexes they'd accompany me all the time.
so much lighter than hexes.
my mate jeff has them, they weigh half what my hexes do.
(check out:

8:32:18 PM
hexes have 3 placement sizes, 2 semi active and one passive.
what a bargain.
they don't walk, like cams can.
you don't get that extra couple of inches that a wire or a cam, with it's stem, allow.
you have to place the piece itself (like a 'passive' tri-cam...however, hexes inspire more confidence than the tri-cam)
(if you do want to buy a set of tri cams & a #11 hex & some small wired hexes, let me know)

Nick Kaz
8:41:57 PM
Your right rhinckle, hexes are obsolete as of...................NOW!

10:04:45 PM
My little altercation with Hyena at Easter involved ripping a no.2 friend (although that wasn't the reason i hit the ground) but now that's two friend placements popping at arapiles when i'm not expecting it. In fact that's two gear pops in ten years of climbing, both at the same crag, with similar placements. I'm utterly convinced now that cams (of any make) just aren't reliable in smooth Arapiles cracks. And considering that climbs at Araps that follow crack lines just eat hexes, I think I will go back to carrying a full complement of hexes on my rack when climbing there. Sure, they do take a little longer to place, but I just don't trust cams there any more.
10:53:06 AM
Just my two cents. Luuurv my hexes and wouldn't go anywhere without them. I can regularly be seen clanking up climbs with 10 of them and only placing two but I feel soooo much better just knowing they are there :) (I even have three little stealth ones that I can take without anyone noticing, but I know they're there) Never had to fall on one but sometimes the placements look so good you almost WANT to. Mmmm. Hexes. Not much info there really but I like to talk about hexes any chance I get ;)

11:13:45 AM
quote from NZ rock deluxe guidebook- 'a hex is a real mans gift, son. cams are for poofters and communists'

1:18:19 PM
lol one of my climbing partners loves cams....hehe, i'll use that one on him next time! mayb he's a communist, most probably he's gay!!!
2:12:28 PM
Seconded the above comments .. earlier in the week started climbing with a rack of mainly cams and wires but by day 3 the hexes were all back! Sometimes they are just made for Arapiles cracks ..
3:56:56 PM
There's an article on racks in the latest issue of High Mountain that has a good discussion on the pros and cons of Hexes and Cams - weight, usability, doubling up etc.

4:53:41 PM
if you dont have hexes
how is everyone going to know when you are leaving the campsite or where you went? because you need to put them on your harness before leaving your campsite.
nothing like some noisy dangling cowbells.
they are useful at times although not too different from normal nuts.

Phil Box
9:15:31 AM
Last weekend Grant issued a challenge that he could get up Egotistical Pineapple 20m 20 at Frog with only nuts. So away he went and he succeeded. We looked at it with new eyes and thought, this climb could go with only hexes.

It took quite a bit of jiggery pokery but I managed to get to the top of the climb but I could only find 3 decent hex placements. I had to downclimb part of the crux to rescue one hex so I could use it further up thus ending up with about ten metres of unprotected climbing till the ground. I was sooooo happy with my hex placements.

Oooh I do love the cerebral challenge of finding good placements for passive gear particularly hexes in a sea of otherwise great cam placements.

11:47:30 PM
i was just at werrebie gorge and found the few hexes i had wonderful! first piece on one climb a #11 Hex, fairly good too!! just gota remeber the names one the ones i did...

2:35:52 PM
yes but you didn't NEED to use it there. you just wanted to 'de-vine' the hex.

12:03:32 PM
so wat it was a fairly good spot! i was in the city at MOuntain Designs Yesturday and the shop keeper had never seen a size 11 hex!! we then visited paddy pallin and found it being sold, we went back and told him, to his surprise!! I bought 2 more hexes a size 1 and 7. the 1 looked very useful in small stuff couldn't resist buying it! so now myhex collection is up to a grand total of 4, getting there!!

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