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Easter Death in the Organ Pipes
7:19:03 PM
Heard it on the news tonight (21st April) ... anyone know anything ?

8:18:25 PM
my nan just called and said someone sliped at aarapiles she was making sure it wasnt me is that the guy your talking about i was coming looking for answers too
10:56:56 PM
A person died after falling off Beautiful Possibilities late this afternoon (21/4). I don't want to give any more details because Police have to positively identify the person and inform relatives.
Me and other members of the Arapiles Rescue Group helped police, SES and fellow climbers to get the body down to vehicle access.
It's so sad.
Kieran Loughran

9:00:01 AM
What a horrible way to start the week, hearing tragic news like that on the radio. The reports this morning on ABC were saying the accident involved a Queenslander in his 30's. Commisiorations to friends, family and witnesses.

Phil Box
11:08:00 AM
Hey that`s bad news guys. Please keep me informed, I`d like to find out who it was as I do know that a substantial crew of Queenslanders were heading down to Araps for the extended ten day holiday weekend. This of course is particularly concerning to me coming on top of the recent bad accident at Frog.


The Blond Gecko
11:38:59 AM
Just read about this in the Herald Sun - they appear to have gotten some details right for once (they actually called him a climber, and got Golden Fleece Wall correct). Apparently he was a 34-year-old from the Gold Coast. Really bad news for the climbing community. I remember climbing Beautiful Possibilities about a month and a half ago, and thinking that a ground fall from the crux (a fairly strenuous sidepull above rough ground) would be very serious. However, I also remember the pro being absolutely bomber (even for Araps). A sobering occurrence, and a reminder to all of us to always be aware of groundfall potential and to take care in placing gear even on easy ground (insert your definition of easy here). I'd like to express my sympathy to the family and friends of this person, as well as anyone else affected.

9:04:46 AM
An almost full page (p.6) article in The Age this morning identifies the dead climber as Christopher Mann from Burleigh. A witness said that he fell to the ground from 20m up Beautiful Possibilities (15) when his protection failed, and landed on his head. The article emphasises that Mr Mann was not wearing a helmet, but doesn't suggest it would have helped. The police say that this is the third death at Araps since 1999.

10:50:25 AM
The Age article seems to question whether a helmet would have helped. It also stated that Christopher Mann's gear 'gave way' - which could suggest that the gear pulled rather than failed. The article then goes on to question of the role of climbing gyms - I presume in the context that they do not teach gear placement skills. Not sure if these things are related, however, the death is to be investigated by a coroner and so perhaps these matters will be assessed in some detail. Wouldn't be too surprised if this leads to some form of enquiry into climbing safety standards.

10:54:10 AM
You can never give a 'safety standard' to natural rock. The metal gear might hold 20KN but the rock is always variable.

Donut King
5:13:55 PM
i dont think that hardcore was refering to "safety standards" of natural rock (as opposed to artificial rock) but more likely "saftey standards" in general in relation to climbing.

Next thing you'll need a Rock Climbing licenese to purchase a cam or RP.....but you'll still be able to buy samuri swords, axes, chainsaws and nail guns without a problem

What a crappy way to end Easter....or indeed any period of time.

condolences to those who may have known him
7:49:06 PM
The Age article got it wrong the gear did not fail it was an unfortunate accident with the climber running it out over easier ground to the belay. Something many experienced climbers do. A lesson for us all. He was a close personal friend and will be missed by many.
8:36:36 PM
Would "Climber" be prepared to contact me via email (my link has a genuine email address) or phone (03 5381 9332 at work or 03 5387 1515 at home).
The scenario is pretty much as I thought but at the accident scene I was lead to believe that some runners had pulled. Was the fall due to a slip or a hold breaking? Probably a question you can't answer. If you choose to contact me you will remain anonymous.
My condolences to you.
Kieran Loughran

9:09:18 AM
I think it will be important for the coronial investigation and for climbing generally to establish whether gear had failed or pulled. 'Climber' also seems to imply that a run out was involved. I'd encourage 'Climber' to talk the Kieran - the coroner will no doubt call one or both of you to testify - he or she will also need some expert guidance on what role, if any, gear played in this very sad and unfortunate accident.
9:12:01 PM
As to the physical evidence, an off-duty member of Police S&R who is a climber attended the scene and collected and catalogued the various bits of climbing gear there. If there is an inquest that collection would be the physical evidence.
The only reason for me to have a discussion with "Climber" is that I would like a better picture of the circumstances of the accident. If I was called to give evidence at an inquiry it could only be about what I saw at the scene when I arrived, which was 30-40 minutes after the accident, and what happened after that.
It's been a really sad week. Take care this week-end.

10:19:55 AM
I have it on good authority that Christopher Mann had a heart attack while climbing 'Beautiful Possibilities'. Sort of leaves the 'Rock' editorial reference to this accident a bit wanting.

10:25:49 AM
wow - i have always thought about thinkgs like that happeing when soloing. A freak muscle cramp, heart attack or similar problem would cause immediate danger.

7:04:02 PM
Part of the risks of soloing hey.....
10:30:49 PM
He wasn't soloing. He may have run it out but he was roped up. Let's leave it for the coroner.

1:47:32 AM
Oops...apologies..just read off the post prior to my last one..

Also meant as a general reference to soloing and not necessarily to this instance.
9:47:51 PM
That's OK. Just wanted to make it clear that soloing wasn't the isssue.

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