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Info for Sarah...therefore not hijacked!

Sarah Gara
9:55:07 AM
On 12/05/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>It is fully loaded for a climbing trip to Araps for a 5 day long weekend (including carrying water), in that pic.

omg you have to teach me how to pack.

I'd never be able to do that. I do insist on essentials?!? -toothbrush, dental floss, flip flops not to mention clean clothes -I'm not getting at you here but I know a lot of stinky boys that do manage one top for a long weekend -stinky! I'll be really impressed if you have all that in as well.

How much water would you take for 5days? Thats well impressive. x

10:13:35 AM
It was winter so water requirements were minimal.
Two of those days were dedicated to travel, so not much water required for those (1 l/d plus coffee breaks!).
Allowed 3 litres/day for the rest...

On 20/06/08 on another thread I wrote;
>For the 6th Chockstone Gathering I managed to fit into the saddlebags just over 10 litres of water (in plastic juice containers), a fairly comprehensive rack of gear, shoes, harness, rope, & tinned food for 4 days. It travelled well and was easy to distribute the weighty items low and keep them balanced evenly. I also had a hard type topbox, tankbag, tent and a dry bag (lashed to seat), to carry camping equipment and clothes.

The ablution gear was included, and I had more than one top / change of clothes* as well.

(*that got used ☺, ... though the bike jacket can tend to pong like road-kill sometimes!!)

It was a good Chockstone Gathering, i.e. wasn't too festy or knuckleheady!

10:29:21 AM
On 12/05/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>dinkum? I think I'll stick to the roads for now. What sort of cars do
>you guys drive? What would you reccommend?

We all drive utes. Mine is fairly similar to below but has more spotlights for roo shooting.

10:37:53 AM
On 12/05/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>Snake and spiber bite first aid -I agree a reliable skill indeed. Do you guys get taught this sort of stuff in School?

From memory I got a brief run down in school and much more thorough lessons in cubs and then again in scouts. I should really do a first aid refresher at some point, techniques have likely changed/improved in the last 10 or 15 years.

10:49:02 AM
Most climbers in Oz seem to drive some sort of station wagon (estate if you're a euro) - or soft roader 4WD like a Subaru Forestor or Nissan Xtrail. Petrol is much cheaper here so larger engines are still popular (but in a massive sales decline in the last few years). Camping at Arapiles and the Grampians is fairly rough - you get a pit toilet and maybe a water tap. No showers, no kitchens, no huts and no power.

10:58:43 AM
And the Aussie bird life is not so friendly either...

look out for deadly Wedge Tail Eagles

Lizard eating Kookaburras

And the 7 foot tall carnivorous Emu

11:32:22 AM
Biggest ant in the world - the Bulldog Ant

World's biggest Stick Insect?

Worlds biggest c--kroach?

Your new million and one friends - the bush flies

Then there is the Cone Shell...

Gonana lizards are kinda fun - when they arn't eating your food and tearing your campsite apart

11:38:22 AM
I reckon the
>Your new million and one friends - the bush flies
... are the worst.

In the 'outback' you have to take two cut lunches for any trips undertaken. One for them (to distract them from yours), and one for yourself.
... ~> even then you have to go like buggery on your half, lest they finish theirs and start on yours as well.

11:40:43 AM
my memories are of trying to eat breakfast cereal and the whole plate was just black with them... they drove me insane.

11:57:53 AM
Sarah Gara wrote;
>Ahhh... boys and their toys.

Hello dear Sarah,
I feel that although the boys have been helpful in pointing out many of the nasty beasties that keep us from becoming too complacent in this wonderful land, that they have not said to watch out for the obvious.
My friend Mildred once suggested to me a while ago to have a look at the link below, and take special care when on climbing trips to Arapiles.
3:03:26 PM
On 11/05/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>I don't know what I'm doing with accomodation but I'll be upset if I'm
>in a caravan. I get accomodation provided for the first 3months - they
>were asking me the other day whether I want my own house or to share a
>unit -not sure what they meant by unit -but I assumed it was a flat or
>apartment. I'm sharing btw.
Normally a unit will be 1/2 bedroom brick with 3+ similar others with it on a single block , Robivale has had a huge influx of people (to service the rapidly growing horticulure ) and may not have this quality of unit but rather the portable type which are certainly an improvement on a caravan but still relatively cheap Get photos sent to you of your available choices . for weather play around with the climate info on Mildura on the site . temperature ranges, sunshine, rain, uv radiation etc .
The heat is normally quite ok as it is very low humidity which makes it much easier to cope with . Most roads you use to go anywhere will be bitumen highways 24 foot wide paved secondary roads 18 to 20 feet and the lowest if the sealed roads are 12 to 14 foot wide with good dirt sides no need to slow down from 100 kmph to meet oncoming traffic . Flat tires these days are a rarity you can travel for years without getting a flat but need to be wary as a flat without being able to change it in some places could have very serious consrequnces but victorian roads have lots of traffic and are fine . Mildura is a good major centre and very fewthings arent available there . Dawn night and dusk driving bring the risk of hitting kangaroos which can write a car off hit at speed . Spend an extra $50 on windscreen replacement with your car insurance country roads do have lots of windscreen accidents . you'll be ahead if you replace it every 4 years or less and that is highly likely
4:12:28 PM
1/2 bedroom? which half do you normally get?

4:39:39 PM
lacto wrote;
>Dawn night and dusk driving bring the risk of hitting (snip)
nmonteith wrote;
>And the 7 foot tall carnivorous Emu

Was heading west at reasonable speed one time, unfortunately into a setting sun, and squinting to see better on a bulldust infested dirt road.
Suddenly the road just ahead erupted in front of me, ... a bit like the recent media footage of an improvised explosive device erupting during an Iraq roadside bombing, ... but I digress; ...
~> turned out to be an emu having a bit of a kip, or a dustbath(?), in a bulldust pothole. It decided to stand up as I approached it.
Certainly caught my attention at the time, ... but I did not notice if it was the carnivourous variety lying in wait for-

On another occasion I could see an emu about a km off to the side going flat out, head down and powering along in a reasonably straight trajectory that would intersect with the road I was travelling.
Some time passes, some more time passes, ... and some more (heh, heh, heh); and sure enough by the time I arrived at that part of the road, I had to take evasive action as it would have speared into the side of me if I hadn't!
I now reckon they have a one track mind and aren't too bright when it comes to their personal safety...

4:41:53 PM
On 12/05/2009 nmonteith wrote:
>And the 7 foot tall carnivorous Emu

I thought they were all omnivorous; I've seen an emu stealing sausages off a BBQ at Tidbinbilla...

On 12/05/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>I now reckon they have a one track mind and aren't too bright when it comes to their personal safety...

It didn't seem to notice that it was very, very hot so I'd tend to agree...

4:42:35 PM
Im wondering why no one has mentioned a Wolf Creek type scenario... I mean, after all, she is a Pom, driving by herself in the outback....

Maybe I've said too much... :P

4:49:03 PM
On 12/05/2009 JimboV10 wrote:
>I mean, after all, she is a Pom, driving by herself in the outback....

What was that guy's name? Bradley John Murdoch wasn't it? Or Ivan Milat for that matter... Though they was more backpacker types weren't they?

Since we're taking the piss (or at least some of us are), there were those anti-tourism ads on Gruen: and (bonus points for the shot of the Bluffs at Arapiles 12 seconds into the second one)

8:58:25 PM
Sarah Gara wrote;
>Cool are you a more friendly bunch than people in the UK -as I would never be able to just turn up at a crag in the UK and climb with strangers

You shouldn't have any troubles at Arapiles finding a climbing partner. It is an international destination and often has longer term stayers.

Plenty of posts to 'Find climbers' forum regarding that location as well, to link up with if you care to.
Some other destinations would have more limited opportunities unless you pick the time/season.

Sarah Gara
9:23:35 AM
On 12/05/2009 JimboV10 wrote:
>Im wondering why no one has mentioned a Wolf Creek type scenario... I mean,
>after all, she is a Pom, driving by herself in the outback....
>Maybe I've said too much... :P

No ahhhh I'm avoiding that film - I was bad enough watching the hills have eyes.

Is that based on a true story? You guys might have to come and pick me up! Would Spotties help with wolf creekesque problems - or a massive chainsaw in the boot?...

Sarah Gara
9:26:40 AM
Whoop whoop a girl... hello. thanks for looking out for me. Also for drawing my attention to Tasmania -I'd not got so far as to looking at stuff there yet -did you onsight the Totem Pole? x

Sarah Gara
9:33:04 AM
On 12/05/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>The ablution gear was included, and I had more than one top / change of
>clothes* as well.

Excellent I'm really impressed i well need some lessons in packing from you -I'm riddiculus.

>It was a good Chockstone Gathering, i.e. wasn't too festy or knuckleheady!

Sill not with the lingo -knuckleheady? festy?

So Chockstones gather on occasion then? I was considering joining the Victoria climbing club -but they all seem too far -in Melbourne... x

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