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Info for Sarah...therefore not hijacked!

5:43:20 AM
>My Magna Wagon (98 model) just ticked over 370,000km outside Horsham on
>the weekend trip to Araps.. The mighty Magnatron is still goig strong!

Great news. What do you tow it with?

5:47:29 AM
On 27/05/2009 pmonks wrote:
>On 27/05/2009 zumojugo wrote:
>Is that a euphemism?? If so, I'm feeling a little turned on!

That's horrifying.

Sarah Gara
8:09:25 AM
Thanks for your informative post - How's your shoulder?

On 20/05/2009 Wendy wrote:

>My last trip to Moonarie, I was belaying on the ground when I glance behind
>me to see a snake head pop up

Ahhhh... I'll be fine?. I saw loads of scary daddy long leg type animals this weekend on route and didn't flinch once. I was very brave and even poked one with a nut so it would move out the way! -I suppose you get used to it.
>On a late winter trip to Frog, the red bellied black snakes were starting
>to come out of hibernation and were wiggling to the outside of the cracks
>to get a bit of sunlight. On one climb, I glanced to my left to see one
>curling out of a crack a metre away and started hooning up the pitch, only
>to get a glance of something else I thought was another snake, screamed
>then realised it was just one of my dreads.

I bet that was well funny -you get a glimpse out the corner of your eye - at least you didn't fall off.
, Lou was going for a pee in the dark with a fading head torch
>and by the time she saw the brown snake it was about to bite her bum. More

yeah I'm a bit worried about being bit on the bum. I'll be fine.
>Then there were a few in canyons in the Blueys. One friend felt sorry
>for this baby tiger snake that had fallen in the canyon and tried to carry
>it out, only to have it bite him.

I'm a bit save the cute little animal -but I think I'll be a bit more warie in Oz. I worry about killing spiders though I always get worried/paranoid about them then having a vendetta out against me -I swear when I was at collage i used to get followed by slugs and snails....(my fav animal snails now though)

>Despite all these close encounters with critters, no one I know has died
>from any critter bite and in fact very few have even been bitten. And
>this is from a population that spend a lot of time out bush. They just
>make for entertaining stories.

cool I can deal but I will certainly be doing some squeeling! yuk yuk and yuk x

Sarah Gara
8:12:14 AM
On 20/05/2009 nmonteith wrote:
>A saw an amazing thing at the crag yesterday - a group of about 20 big
>ants dragging a large 15cm long dead gekko along the ground. It was a super
>team effort. I wanted to find out where the ants nest was so i could save
>them the effort and deliver the body myself!

They are flipping massive. Jesus.

Love the snake and lizard pics -I wonder how long that would last him x

Sarah Gara
8:20:36 AM
On 20/05/2009 foreverabumbly wrote:

>All stirring aside (freaking out Poms about snakes spiders etc is part
>of our national identity and is a requirement) you do get used to the creepy
>crawlies, they do tend to keep to themselves. You do need to put up with
>some amounts of crawling on you, it is what happens. Dry your eyes and
>get over it. Treat poisonous things with healthy respect and they will
>do the same too you.

yup. I just worry about the ones I don't know about as you lot are all brought up with these animals where the worst thing we worry have to worry about in the safe UK is having a seagul poo on you -which btw is considered lucky.
>But you also get to witness the beautiful landscapes that are unique to
>Australia. Get woken up by Kookaburra's (or Gala's) get close to cool animals
>like Kangaroos, then you can shoot them and eat them. (I just came from
>a party where we had two roos over a spit - fantastic)

Sounds tasty I could shoot a kangeroo? esp if I was gonna eat not just for fun.How prevalent are vegetarians in Oz?

>The people are friendly and generous. There is always people willing to
>help. There are no fanatic football (soccer to us) fans ready to go you
>with a shank for wearing the wrong colour top. And you think a spider is

point taken -everyone is gonna be well miffed that Man U lost to Barcelona _ don't really get the whole football thing...

>We embrace and love the metric system which is a far better way of measuring
>things than pounds and miles - which you lot seem to have hard time letting
>go of.

Yeah gonna take a while to get used to that km confuse me and I wouldn't have a clue what 100g was...

>And the beer is better.

do you mean beer (ale) or larger? Do you get bitter out there - That's wwhat I like afte a climb mmmmm.... The only Ozzie beer I've heard of are Castleman XXXX and Fosters -both of which I'm told that you don't have really they are just marketed as Ozzie beers

I guess i'm gonna have to get used to warm beer hey? Or do you have ways of keeping em cool all weekend in a tent. x

Sarah Gara
8:22:36 AM
On 20/05/2009 rodw wrote:

>Ive been attacked by wasps and meet a few snakes but thats about it.

When you say attacked? x

Sarah Gara
8:29:44 AM
On 21/05/2009 nmonteith wrote:
>I did a quick look at car prices for 2nd hand vehicles in the Robinvale
>Seems you can pick-up an early 90s station wagon (Holden Commodore, Ford
>Falcon, Toyota Camry or Mitsubishi Magna) for about $4000. Most will have
>done close to 200,000 km. I saw a '91 Subaru Liberty with roo bar for $3500
>which sounds perfect for what you need.

Thanks. I want a funky cool car but I guess I'm gonna have to get real hey? am I cool buying such an old car? 91 is well old -my current car (shite banger) is a 99 reg and that breaks down all the time. Are Ozzie cars mors sturdy than ours? I suppose they have to be...

Also was thinking of kinda either buying one in syndey or Melbourne (dep where I fly into) would that make any diff to the price? Whatta you reckon? and how long would it take me to drive from syndey to Robinvale - that would be the longest I'd ever driven in one bash -most I've done k=now is about 7/8 hours. (I'm being lazy -I should google map this) I'd be guessing at 11hrs? is that realistic?

I think from what you've all said though I defo want something with roo bars. x

9:10:17 AM
Buy a Toyota...everything else breaks down, especially Commodores. Make sure you get an RACV check done on it 1st tho. Country cars = no rust but usually come with lots of 'country' kms (i.e., long distance driving on highways); Sydney / Melbourne cars get flogged in traffic everyday (lots of wear on steering components etc) and probably have more rust being closer to the ocean. So saying, city cars are cheaper which is usually the major purchasing factor for ppl with little money :)
9:21:12 AM
If you are going to live in Victoria dont buy a NSW car . The sydney /adelaide bus will take to Euston . You will be better off buying a car locally unless you really know what you are doing as the locals rely on your continued custom whereas the spiff in sydney knows he'll never see you again so why would he do you any favours .The cars if maintained all should do in excess of 300000Km . We recently had to sell dads car and the best offer from dealers was 2500 for a 99 falcon with 101000 on the clock . Told that if sold privately may get $4000 . the yards are full of bigger cars and they will get cheaper as fuel prices are again going up . More expensive to fill up cheap to buy

10:23:21 AM
Haha no towing, but being a 1.8L 4 cyclinder FWD with a big body you need to apply 3 weeks in advance (in writing) to overtake anyone!

10:39:19 AM
On 28/05/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>I guess i'm gonna have to get used to warm beer hey? Or do you have ways
>of keeping em cool all weekend in a tent. x

Beer is always served ice cold in this country. We all have Eskys that we pack with ice every few days. (ice box or chilly bins to foreigners)

12:28:34 PM
And most Australian beers are lagers, even if they are called something else.

Example - Victoria Bitter is a lager not a bitter.

No excuse for warm beer. We have the most advanced esky technology in the world.
1:02:56 PM
The suggestion that Australian beer is better than English beer is rubbish. When was the last time anyone had a hand-pulled ale in Australia? You can get them just about everywhere over there. Neither country is necessarily better, they're just different. Drinking a freezing lager in England in Winter would make no sense. A nice hand-pulled ale at about 12C on the other hand...

Also, serving all beer ice cold isn't necessarily a good thing, it just means you can't taste it properly.

6:16:14 PM
On 28/05/2009 Duncan wrote:
>The suggestion that Australian beer is better than English beer is rubbish.
> When was the last time anyone had a hand-pulled ale in Australia?

Go to The Lord Nelson Hotel in the Rocks. You will get one there. In fact you will get lots.

>You can get them just about everywhere over there.

Apparently in Russia you can get Vodka pretty easily too. Amazing!

>Neither country is necessarily better, they're just different.

>Also, serving all beer ice cold isn't necessarily a good thing, it just
>means you can't taste it properly.

It is easier to let a cold beer go warm than a warm beer go cold.

8:15:45 PM
Oops, I meant hand-pumped.
8:33:59 PM
I've got a very reliable '99 Holden Combo (it's name is Noddy) that I use for road trips, the plan was to use it to make the move from Syd -> Melbs when I get back to Oz in October (oh my god!!) but I'd be willing to part with it just so that it's not sitting in the driveway wasting rego... email me if you're interested.

10:20:09 PM
On 28/05/2009 lacto wrote:
>If you are going to live in Victoria dont buy a NSW car .

Sarah, FYI - Australia is split into quite separate States (ie New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland + 4 more), with different road rules, police, registration, taxes, relating to vehicles. They pretty much work like different countries in the EU. You can drive between them with no border issues (unless you carry fruit flys or sick horses!). Robinvale is in Victoria so it will be of much benefit to buy your car in that state - as transferring the registration, insurance ect between states is a costly process. NSW also has the most strict rules on car road worthy as far as i understand (you need to get it checked by the government road authority every 12 months). In Victoria once you buy your car you can just keep paying the registration every year without any checks on your cars road worthyness.
10:52:18 PM
So you can be sure that a NSW car will be roadworthy!

11:36:36 PM
Let me see if I have got this right.

Josh is in the UK and he is trying to sell his car, which is in Sydney, to Sara, who is also in the UK but is moving to Robinvale, which is in Victoria.

1:59:18 AM
On 28/05/2009 wallwombat wrote:
>Let me see if I have got this right.
>Josh is in the UK and he is trying to sell his car, which is in Sydney,
>to Sara, who is also in the UK but is moving to Robinvale, which is in

it makes perfect sense, just don't think about it too hard

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