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Author my nose skew?????

10:12:14 PM
yes as the title suggests i think (not sure) i broke my nose, not too badly but it deffinately wasn't that skew before!! it happened while mucking around with my friends, one of them accidently hit me and it was a hard blow!! so yes now it aches a lot and looks different!! im seeing a doctor tomoro but not looking forward to it!
who else has broken their nose? come on someone must have!!

ShinToe Warrior
11:15:30 PM
Well of course it's going to end in tears if you all watch Jackass: the movie, then act out certain scenes,
using each other as the protagonists.

11:18:56 AM
lol true we weren't acting out jackass though but thats a good idea!! umm i was sure i put this in acidents and injuries forum?! mayb mods could move it, thanks.
11:21:50 AM
Mods can't move topics only delete, hide or lock...

If you feel this is such a worthy topic, repost in the Accident and Injury forum and a mod can delete this topic.

12:32:57 PM
lol meh doesn't matter, feel free to delete if you wish, or we could let it get lost in the archives either way no one will really care!

12:41:51 PM
... a real hard-man would hang by his nose for a moment or two off a garda-hitch (alpine clutch) to straighten it out.
~ better than taping a nut-tool to your face for a week!
>either way no one will really care!
... that will engender sympathy from your better half ?

2:15:38 PM
broken mine too... if you get it straightened and they make you where a dodgy looking plaster over the bridge of your nose, take it from me, you can remove it providing you dont hit it... sleep on your back but...

can you move it around? before mine heeled i could make a little clicking noise...

3:40:24 PM
Broke mine skiing years ago. Fell falt on my face on icy snow, sunglasses broke in twain. I thought I was fine afterwards, didn't hurt too much, no nosebleed. Woke up the next morning sporting a new racoon look, with blue marks under and over both my eyes, like a bruise.

Then, five days later, I took another tumble and landed on the nose again. Yep, the snow was still icy, and this time it hurt!!!!!!

I didn't see a doctor, although the nose made a cliking noise for a while if I moved it from side to side. Like described above....

Only reason I know for sure the nose was actually broken is because I had my head x-rayed a few years later. The radiographer pulled the x-ray from the machine, had one short glance at it and said "when did you break your nose". I said "I've never broken my nose". He said "Yes, you have!!!"

End of story: I am now very prone to cop a full on sinusitis every time I get the common cold, which sucks big time. This is because breaking my nose but not having it straightened has messed up my sinuses. Sinusitis is NOT pleasant!!!

Moral of story: If you break your nose, you definately want someone to have a look at it.

10:06:56 AM
i've had it checked out this morning by a nose specialist, im going into theatre tomoro where they'll put me under and have them put it back into place, i made it click once that night but no major movement havn't tried since. the doc tried today but it's mended a bit i think. he advised i get it fixed. so yea im looking at wearing a stupid plaster for a week major drawback however a positive is i don't have to do cross country for the whole week and the last race is this saturday (never hav to do it again!!!). i spent 3 hours in a waiting room for an xray which just said it's broken, it sucked i was soo annoyed.

On 1/08/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:
>... a real hard-man would hang by his nose for a moment or two off a garda-hitch
>(alpine clutch) to straighten it out.
>~ better than taping a nut-tool to your face for a week!
LOL na just use a hammer to knock it back the other way, then use a piton to keep it straight!!

>>either way no one will really care!
>... that will engender sympathy from your better half ?
maybe if im lucky :P !!!

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