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Nowra Mansion...

12:50:05 AM
anyone end up with an extra wild country quickdraw from the house? its quite long with a narrow black spectra sling, one of the biners says 'oxygen' on it i think.

8:43:43 AM
Did anyone see a light grey mountain designs fleece pull-over?
9:28:44 AM
Yes jackie b emailed me asking who owned it. Let her know if it is yours (or Kathy's)

9:34:10 AM
I lost it somewhere in the mad dash for the spa one night i think.... there were too many bubbles.

10:12:09 AM
On 5/07/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>Did anyone see a light grey mountain designs fleece pull-over?

ya jac has it and she will be soo disappointed ;) hehe.. after putting the feelers out and still no-one had claimed it she thought it must be a birthday pressie for her..

don't suppose there is anyone else heading up here this week or next week? we lose the house on thursday unless there are a few more people willing to stay for the week or something.. anyway ski park won't be that bad but i sure will miss the ranch! I'll be up for another week and a half to two prob..

btw the weather is great up here now.. kent you left the day before it all dried up mate!

cheers rich

1:32:38 PM
>I lost it somewhere in the mad dash for the spa one night i think.... there
>were too many bubbles.

not the only thing someone can loose in a spa ......(so they say...)

3:42:58 PM
On 2/07/2005 Jackie wrote:
>>OK, who's got the video of the sauna cram taken with the real video camera,
>and how >do I get a copy? (Can DivX it and put it on the web..)
>i think it was Alex?

Nah mine was a digital camera in movie mode, not a real digital video camera...

4:06:04 PM
Simon Moses, the Queensland 'ard man had the proper video camera. I'll see if i can get a copy of him!

1:56:27 PM
Hey all we moved out of the Nowra Mansion today, was a mad fun 4 weeks of climbing shenanigans, and thanks to all the people who came and stayed, was great to meet climbers from all over the place, share in table tennis championships, psycho uno and kickin it in the spa etc with everyone (and not to forget the climbing of course...)

2:30:59 AM
aargh, psycho uno. keeps you guessing till the end. bastards.
Thanks guys!

11:14:58 AM
On 8/07/2005 adski wrote:
>aargh, psycho uno. keeps you guessing till the end. bastards.
>Thanks guys!
hehe.. thats five cards adam..

Moved into the ski park today and argh! am missing the ranch already, I realise now that we had it TOO good.. however paying 7.70 here with a canoe, so its cheap and close but man it sucks when you are not at the crag! No more late nights me thinks, as there is no hot spa or table tennis champs or futurama or 'drawn together' (ahh soo wrong) to keep us entertained.. now its try to keep the food away from the bloody tame as possums (tell me again why they are protected?!) until it becomes a vaguely reasonable hour to retire. Attempted squash last night in the onsite courts with these guys from bendigo latrobe and realised that i completely suck at squash. i also felt there was a risk of a shoulder injury if i persisted so that was excuse enough to quit (after missing the ball about 5 times in a row).

Anyway hopefully bom have it got it wrong with this rain but just in case we've bought a tarp so we can enjoy the nights even more :-) joy joy.. But the climbs here are great still and hopefully my tips regrow today so tomo i can go out and enjoy em again.. Got the draws on still life with chalkbag atm and gee thats an awesome climb. so hopefully in the next couple of sunny days there'll be some joy.. hopefully!

Have fun!

Gunta Skirtpulla
12:13:01 PM
Sorry Rich but weather is looking grim everywhere (Nowra, Sydney, Blue Mtns, Bungonia) this weekend.
South Central (if it's not seeping) will probably be the best bet. Or the grease cave and/or pocketed wall.
Bouldering at the Lots or the Brothel is another option.

3:49:06 PM
just got back from south central and man we shoulda jumped on the faces today, it's beautiful outside, saved the caves for the rain. nevertheless had a few shots on scum and will come back some other rainy day to hopefully tick it.. :-)

12:08:27 PM
Hey Rich, glad you're having fun you bastard :) Cold as shit down here-heading to a toasty warm over crowded gym tonight :)

Gunta Skirtpulla
12:14:51 PM
you definitely got on a super route. Scum is one of the best 25's in Nowra.
Not pretty location but top moves. Jump on Mega Death (soft 26) aswell. Don't worry, the bolts are solid !!

2:09:35 PM
soft tick eh? sound good to me, thanks for tip mate.
And scum is superb, love that flattop/sloper you throw for at the top..

thanks trish, am havin fun, sorry to hear bout the shitty weather down there.. maybe u should take a couple days off around a w'end and head up here? :)
Mr Milk
5:13:46 PM
Big thanks to Rich and Jackie for organisng the mansion so everyone else could take advantage of it at a stupidly cheap price. A fair bit of hassle goes into such things so well done guys.


6:19:52 PM
thanks jesse!
well departed nowra yesterday after an awesome 6 week trip and am now on my way up to frog so if anyones up there, i'll see you soon!

12:07:38 AM
hey jesse hope to see you in melbs in the warmer months, lets go buffamallowing

1:50:23 PM
mmm nice and warm up in frog! only had to travel an extra 14hrs to finally pull out my shorts and singlet!

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