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Buller Ice Climbing

6:30:04 PM
Climb a tree?
Bob Saki
9:18:56 AM
On 5/07/2010 nmonteith wrote:
>I think most wild animals are afraid of fire. In that doco of John Muir
>walking across Oz he used to light a big fire every night to keep the dingos
>away. Bear mace might help? Its most likely illegal in Australia though...
>I'm sure you could get it posted from OS.

heheheheh for a chicken like me I'd like some of that.

Light and functional.

10:17:33 AM
At least we don't have polar bears in Australia. When i was in arctic Canada I stayed at a house that had a handgun slung on the back door of the outside dunny. When I asked about it they told me it was to shot yourself before the bear started mauling you. Apparently a handgun doesn't stop a polar bear. The bullet gets lodged in their thick skull and never makes it to the brain. Fun. Maybe all you can do is you cover yourself in the bear spray in case the bear doesn't like spicy food?

10:47:43 AM

10:52:09 AM

11:04:45 AM
I saw these signs in the grounds of Santa Cruz University (just south of San Fran). I was very surprised that mountain lions would live amongst coastal suburbia.

11:24:50 AM
Every few years a jogger is maimed or killed by a Mountain Lion in the American West. Typically near the end of a hard winter. Funny stuff as the suburban/wilderness barrier is pushed back by the rampant population growth in western cities. The lions are not living in coastal suburbia, coastal suburbans have moved into the lion habitat. They are a ambushing pouncing predator. Smart monkeys take a lesson from Indian wood cutters and wear hats with eyes on the back. Pretty sure in most of the attacks the jogger didn't know what hit them.

12:25:12 PM
A friend of mine who's also known to a few ppl on this forum was surrounded by a pack of dogs whilst riding her horse up on the north eastern flanks of Bogong, she tells me she carries a holstered shottie around with her these days when up in that country. Has made me completely avoid solo missions up Bogong for sure, especially on the more obscure routes...something to bear in mind...
Bob Saki
11:48:46 AM
Well im back up on Sunday to Buller for ice. I won't go solo that's for sure.
Anyone know what the conditions are like as the temp has varied a bit up there some freeze/melt cycle has hopefully occurred..........

Heading out ot Bogong in early August for a few days with the skis and the ice stuff. I think I'll need as escort from your firend Paulie until my license comes thorugh....

2:11:31 PM
I hate going out into the high country alone these days. I remember one loooong night camped out at Cope Hut in winter and listening to the dogs walking around my tent panting, sniffing and howling, for some reason the snow makes these noises so much louder, in any case I reckon there was a pack of at least 10 dogs out was so bloody terrifying I bailed from the tent and went and slept in the hut! Bob, I would highly recommed taking something that can be used as a weapon of some sort for there're some mad hippes up there that might try and steal your can identify them because they ski all funny with their knees bent down and stuff...weirdos.

8:08:59 AM
On 27/07/2010 Paulie wrote:
> I would highly recommed
>taking something that can be used as a weapon of some sort for sure.

Hey, I havnt experienced wild dogs, but do come accross savage dogs with my job reading electricity meters. Dog attacks are usually very fast, so u dont have time to land a kick or line up a hit (with in my case hand held computer). I usually just shout at domestic dogs, untill they back down, but if I need a weapon i wouldnt trust anything other than a big wacking stick (broom or tree branch)... all im saying is, that taking on dogs with an axe could be a good way to loose a fight (not sure on how much reach u have with an axe, but u dont want to be in a close range barney)... where as a nice solid pole gives u the reach u need to beat their speed...
10:01:26 AM
Back in 2005/06 summer in Tassie there were reports of a pack of dogs of varying sizes in Walls of Jerusalem NP menacing some campers around one of the big lakes in there. While guiding one day a couple of rangers walked past from the bottom of the overland track with what appeared to be rifle bags, walking out through the never-never to find them we supposed. Not actually sure what they found or what they hit...
10:17:20 AM
Major drift but did anyone see Bear Gryllis beat the Boa Constictor to death with the big stick on tele the other night. I rarely have a "you didn't need to do that mate" moment watching the tele but I did.

11:41:56 AM
I had a thought on dealing with menacing dogs the other day. It may work to try make yourself as big as possible, such as lifting your pack above your head and opening your jacket. I know the pack trick works when dealing with inquisitive baboons so it may be applicable here.

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