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The Evil That Haunts The You Yangs Heights

1:23:12 PM
On 15/04/2005 restraining bolt wrote:
>yo guys lets get a van,a greedy dog and a couple of girls who like triping
>over logs etc. and losing their glasses......... then
>we can then shoot on up to the you'ees and solve this god dam mystery.

and they never returned again..

5:15:48 PM
A few thoughts on your thoughts folks:

Yes, it is 'for real', but already it seems like a faded dream that happened weeks or months ago and I can see why a group of Scoobys/Ghostbusters might want to go and investigate...The previous encounters we have now heard about with the '?spirit?' all seem to have been with individuals, rather than groups, however. And more than that, you would be much better off if you did NOT experience it - take my word for that.

Climbau's points about the Indigenous myths seems especially relevant: there was something very old and very evil about the experience, making me feel totally out of depth in an instant. I do not think that I 'freaked myself out' as I was actually in a great, relaxed frame of mind. It was something external, not psychological. However, I cannot otherwise explain what happened. Despite it all, I am not worried about going back to the You Yangs in general - I am heading back this Sunday in fact.

There are a few pics that in some sense link with the story at

8:46:08 PM
climbau said
>and never walk at the head or tail of the line!
Next time you and I go on a new route experience-come-bush-bash we will be buggered; .... since there are only two of us, we occupy both positions!

8:36:00 AM
On 15/04/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:

>Next time you and I go on a new route experience-come-bush-bash we will
>be buggered; .... since there are only two of us, we occupy both positions!
That's O.K, I'm comfortable at the front ;)
12:18:21 PM
On 13/04/2005 JBM wrote:
>I reckon we need to arrange a big bivvy group to suss this out. Who's

Definitely!! This sounds like great fun! Go forth and organise it Brad! I reckon there'll be a lot of takers!

6:23:52 PM
I had a strange experience in the Youies when I was just a wee kiddie, about 8, walking up the hill on a boneseed-pulling expedition. Being adventurous and already obsessed with climbing anything I could see, I had run ahead of the rest of the group, despite the teacher shouting at me, and soon scrambled over a few large boulders and off into the bush. Then I was running between two boulders that had split and formed a kind of chasm, when the ground beneath my feet just kind of stopped - it seemed, without any warning, even though I'd been looking ahead, and I only just managed to stop or I would have run off the edge of the precipice. And I was overcome with the same kind of terror.
This really freaked me out because it just didn't seem natural, so I ran back to find my group and show some of the other kids - but even though I went back to the same spot, the chasm and precipice were nowhere to be found.
I've never been back into the youies to climb, not cos I'm scared - I think.
But I never told anybody apart from the kids about this experience because it seemed a bit nuts. Interesting to hear about the other Youie terrors.
I think the whole nasty plain between Melbourne and Geelong is saturated with scariness, and the Youie are the natural guardians of the plain ...

12:28:21 AM
this is certainly a very interesting thread!! as sceptical as i am i still got that shiver! quite possibley it's just our imaginations running wild, kind of like when you remember parts of the movie "Signs" while you lie in bed in the dark alone and you could swear you heard that clicking sound the aliens make, or when you hear a slight noise outside of mayb a possum but you fear the worst and lie rigid pretending to be asleep incase someone was outside waiting to see if you were awake...
question is if you were in a group at the Youies would the same thing happen? or is it only when you're alone without the comfort of someone else? i wanna do that just to put my mind at rest!!!!

10:44:37 AM
"panic" was originally the overwhelming experience of coming face to face with Pan, the good ole nature god.
the human not having the wearwithall to be able to fit a god into their perceptual apparatus, it goes into overload and DOINNNNNG - panic.

this thought makes the whole feeling more acceptable, not needing to be interpreted as malignant or evil.

i got it once on mt tarrangower. the megacreepies.
went back to same spot the next night (OK the next week, i was a bit spooked) and nothing.

11:12:25 AM
didn't think of that option, just a plain simple panic attack, thats not all that uncommon.

master of drung
1:35:43 PM
i have camped on top of a hill in the you yangs on at least 3 occasions (not the gravel pit tor) and done a bit of night wandering also but never alone. without wanting to be too specific the place most definitely has a strong/wierd vibe, although i have never experienced anything like terror, i find these stories are very believable. The thing to do would be to try and replicate the experience and then sit it out and see what happens but i am not volunteering.
Bob Saki
3:58:34 PM
I will happily spend the night up there in a chockstone sponsored "mythbusters"
it's an odd place but well worth investigating. I'll take the video camera. who knows there my be enough material to make a film!

4:02:03 PM
Oh "mythbusters"...I love that show.
Bob Saki
4:09:30 PM
did you see the rowers getting him to waterski!! I thought that was pretty special
I do marvel at the intelligence of those blokes

5:15:16 PM
missed that one....but hey, so many cool stunts - not so cool for 'Buster' though.

* sorry - ok, back to YouYangs Heights..*
Bob Saki
5:19:10 PM
that trombone experiment would have left him a little off key

1:49:17 PM
i think if you really want to suss it out, you should hitch hike up there, by yourself, and stay over night with no tent or sleeping bag or anything. go on! or else go out for a climb and get left behind. it'll be FUN!

1:58:43 PM
Went to The Rock, down the Gobi Desert end of the Youies last Monday. There was a constant background of gunfire all arvo. Around dusk we started hearing lots more gunfire and it seemed to be getting closer all the time. Didn't have a supernatural feel but it was creepy enough, even if it was only rabbits copping it.

4:11:59 PM
On 29/04/2005 billk wrote:
>even if it was
>only rabbits copping it.

It is some sort of shooting range (army?) I think. It is not hunters shooting rabbits.

5:25:15 PM
I think there were rabbit shooters round dusk coz the sound wasn't coming from the range, it was coming from east of The Rock. Also when we were driving out there were some guys by the side of the road with a monster spotlight.

All in all, the Drysdale Rd end is even less of a quality experience that the rest of the park, although there are some pretty good climbs.

7:00:40 PM
Yes, who are those nutters with shotguns? And the rifle range: all day, every day, blasting the hell out of whatever they are shooting at!!!

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