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Rockhampton climbing?

9:44:33 AM
I am looking at relocating for work in Rocky. However prioritising dicates that I find out about the climbing there first. Anybody? Please....

9:55:12 AM

I don't think there is much developed rock up that way. Maybe shoot these guys an email
10:58:48 AM

Cania Gorge is not too far. adventure climbing par-excellence! think an un-developed Blue Mtns...

11:00:15 AM
On 24/02/2006 drdeviousii wrote:
>Cania Gorge is not too far. adventure climbing par-excellence! think
>an un-developed Blue Mtns...

...but with rangers that have a license to kill.
11:04:14 AM
On 24/02/2006 drdeviousii wrote:
>Cania Gorge is not too far. adventure climbing par-excellence! think
>an un-developed Blue Mtns...

also the Blackdown Tablelands had hundreds of new routes put up in the 90's - mostly by Anthony Brennan (I think that's his name) i.e. one of the main recent developers/active climbers of Mt Kaputar fame. He was living back near Narrabri last I heard.
11:06:30 AM
On 24/02/2006 nmonteith wrote:
>On 24/02/2006 drdeviousii wrote:
>>Cania Gorge is not too far. adventure climbing par-excellence! think
>>an un-developed Blue Mtns...
>...but with rangers that have a license to kill.

I thought secretive climbers were more of a problem than rangers. rock quality / pro / climbing in general is excellent from all reports.

11:15:18 AM
ok - correction then. We wary of a certain ex Vietnam Vet climber with a license to kill.

11:38:40 AM
Back to the original topic as Cania Gorge is as close to Rockhampton as it is to Brisbane.
Here are a few places that are close to Rockhampton...

The closest bit of rock to the city is on Mt Archer.
As you drive up, about halfway you go through a cutting with a carpark on the left after it. Park here
There are a few (<10) fun mixed lines about 18m high. Take a set of nuts and some brackets.
You can see this bit of rock poking out as you drive up... it has a long scree slope below it
There is some more rock up near the summit somewhere, but i havn't seen it yet...

If you drive for about half an hour toward Yeppoon on the left of the highway is Mt Jim Crow
I havn't climbed on it but i've scoped it out for my next visit up there. Looks like a heap of fun.
It has some longish under vertical slabs on the roadside.
If you bush bash a little and find the old roads around the back has some interesting looking walls.
There are a few other volcanic plugs around here as well. I think most of the others are on private land.

Bouldercombe Gorge is about a half hours drive toward Mt Morgan and is fun for bouldering.

Mt Wheeler looks amazing from Jim Crow and you can even drive right to the base of its cliffs.
But the caves section is about as hard as chalk (looks like it to!) and just crumbles in your hands.

There are a few more lumps of rock around that have potential (and a fair walk in).
10:37:27 PM
I climbed a few things around Gladstone (agnes waters I think it was), developed by a friend in a great act of desperation to climb something after his move up there. Beautiful spot. Crap climbing. Pat said it was the best of the stuff he'd explored around there. He drove to Brisbane or Townsville areas for decent climbing, both about 6 hours i think. I'd suggest taking up scuba diving. Sailing. Sea kayaking. Retire from climbing until you return to somewhere more hospitable for it.

Phil Box
12:43:17 PM
Speaking of Cania Gorge, I am led to believe that new route bolting is discouraged however climbing is tolerated. The BRC has conducted a few trips up there and they have sent a heap of lines so it might be worth contacting them for info before venturing out there.

I`ve been to Blackdown Tableland many many years ago before my climbing on ropes life started. I was impressed back then as to the size of some of the cliffs up there. It might actually be worth a drive up there some time to check it out.

As for Anthony Brennan, he's an awesome bloke who is only too eager to hook up with anyone who wishes to climb at Kaputar. He is very aproachable so if one wished to gain access to info in regards to Blackdown Tableland then I don`t think that would be too much of an issue.

Oh yes, Glen Molenhauer would be the man to talk to in regards to climbing around Rocky, he was up there for a couple of years and is reported to have put up a few climbs around Yeppoon. He is currently working at the State outdoor ed centre in Boonah.
5:38:17 PM
Hi guys,

sorry to reinvigorate this old post but is there any improvement in the development of cliffs around the rockhapmton/yeppoon area in recent?? Moving up there for work.....

6:06:04 PM
On 5/06/2012 RockyRomper wrote:
>Hi guys,
>sorry to reinvigorate this old post (snip)

I am glad to see people doing a search before commiting to keyboard their question/s.
Thanks for doing it.
I am sorry that I can't answer your question, but felt strongly enough about it to post commending you for trying the search first!
8:43:25 AM
Out near Clermont are a few really interesting volcanic plugs - Castor, Pollux, Wolfang Peak etc. I did a few easy scrambles when I worked in the area - plenty of steep rock around too. Winter is a pleasant time, summer is best spent at the pub.

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