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Chockstone Forum - Crag & Route Beta

Crag & Route Beta

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weather at Araps

10:15:17 AM
You need to copy the image URL, not the page URLs. Right click on the image, and select:

Chrome: Copy Image URL
IE: Properties, select the URL and copy
Firefox: Copy image location

5:45:10 PM
Hope things are going ok for all of you at Natimuk. Was the rain as heavy as predicted?
7:00:36 PM
Still coming ... bit of heavy rain, but no great rise in creek yet.

Sarah Gara
9:13:00 PM
On 12/01/2011 Wendy wrote:
After a fairly constant amount
>of rain this winter, my yard has barely held any water at all in these

I question that wendy I have regularly paddled through water in your yard! Nearly fallen over on several occasions and lost my thong (hehe the british in me is giggling!) once too.

the lake is going out at the far end I went out at 5pm and it was at 2.4m at the jetty mearly up to the concrete wall and past the bottom of the ladder. In the past hour the water level at the creek behind my house has gone up a metre IN DISTANCE about an inch? in height and it's it still raining. It's also extreemly windy the lights are flickering and I'm loosing lemons off the tree. x

10:21:45 PM
On 13/01/2011 Sarah Gara wrote:
>Nearly fallen over on several occasions and lost my thong (hehe the british in me is giggling!) once too.


>and I'm loosing lemons off the tree

... even scarier!

~>Time for some chocolate?

Heh, heh, heh.

salty crag
10:25:33 PM
This is the weirdest summer I have experienced. Rain + heat + more rain = bulk heaps of humidity, alright if your in Queensland but I live in the cold south, not used to this at all. Just come from surf club meeting where we are organising fundraising for Q'land flood victims, after Wendy's pic's I might have too include Nati in the funding pool as well.

12:08:21 AM
Agreed, I'm not a fan of humidity, give me dry heat or cold any day.

7:20:49 AM
is that a picture of cate webb's house?? the yellow one??

11:39:00 AM
What's the flooding like now? Is the road to the Mt passable?

11:46:25 AM

Western Highway -
Closed between Ballarat and Horsham

Also, there's a major flood warning for the Wimmera River:

I'd stay well away.
12:16:27 PM
You might struggle to get up here, but we can get to the mount again. still i expect everything is seeping.

That's not Cate's, her place is completely dry

Wet carpet smells really bad.
6:59:14 PM
I went and had a sticky beak up to Cecilia wall this arvo. From John's Corner to Cecilia are dry. Looking across at the Central Gully Left I looks like the only wet climbs are the usual suspects like Jason.

I reckon if you get here, the weather is gonna be fantastic for the next 5 days at least.

8:09:01 AM
You might struggle to recognise this as the outlet of the creek

And the tree on the right of the jetty here has actually come down the creek sometime since wednesday.

4:03:32 PM
No thread-jacking going on at all here. There weather's lovely today btw.

10:31:05 PM
On 15/01/2011 Wendy wrote:
>No thread-jacking going on at all here. There weather's lovely today btw.

LOL - that first photo - does anyone have any idea? I mean any idea at all.

11:42:06 PM
Is the rock dry?

12:42:23 PM
Did the levies around Quamby lodge hold - or did it get flooded? I know how bad wet carpet is. Sorry for all the locals who got / are flooded ....
9:59:55 PM
The levies held with some extra sandbags and some pumps. Close thing though.
8:13:39 PM
Wendy, that Lake Natimuk picture is sobering.

I can't count the amount of times over the years that I've chuckled at that no diving sign at the Nati campground.

Couldn't conceive of the Lake ever having any water in it!

12:47:41 PM
How are things going in Natimuk now? Are the Horsham floods having a flow on effect or is the sun doing it's work in Nati?

After a failed Gramps weekend last weekend (we got to Ballarat and got turned back because the highway was flooded), we are hoping to head to Arap this weekend, but I don't know if we are being overly optimistic again.

The vicroads thing (linked to above) is detouring people from horsham through Nati, so I am hopeful. What say you locals? Is the campground, and the road to it, ok?


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