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weather at Araps
12:50:01 PM
There's been so much rain in that last 6 month i don't think it matter how hard they tried to levels their paddocks, there's stuff running into the creek at a great rate. Some years ago we had a one off big storm in the middle of summer. Everything was completely dry before hand and my yard was ankle deep in water (some of that was melting giant hailstones, the yard was also briefly completely white). After a fairly constant amount of rain this winter, my yard has barely held any water at all in these downpours. Someone who knows something about soil hydrology might be able to explain that.

Aside from the crap rainfall of most of the past 14 years and farming practices, some sizable new dams have done into the little nati creek catchment (apparently you can see them on google earth) thus whilst it was pretty wet last winter, they had to fill up before the creek ran. Don't remember it running at all. This year, they were at least not empty and filled up over the winter and now everything is continuing down the creek. You could see a lot of water being held in the paddocks around Noradjuha this winter, i guess they get to a point where it has to go somewhere short of being dead level.

The main creek comes from around Clear Lake, and I think clear lake has to fill before the entirely of the water comes down to Nati. I think clear lake filled in the last one. I don't think there's any doubt nati lake will be chockers after this one.

1:32:42 PM
when is the Arapiles Deep Water Soloing guide coming out again?

1:56:18 PM
if the nati creek has burst does that mean the nati caravan park is under water? anyone know?
1:58:20 PM
Dry hard ground will result in alot of run off during intense heavy showers. Saturated or near saturated ground will result in alot of run off during any medium or high volume rain. Low run off and high absorption will occur with dry porous soil and low intensity rain.

We have had so much water recently that you are likely dealing with quite saturated soils. Sure the surface has dried out but much deeper and you'll find plenty of moisture.

The volume of rain and waterflow is likely to be very large. Small farm damns and leveling of farms is likely not hugely relevant. Ultimately the water will drain away like has for 1000s of years and that is via the Natimuk Creek and the Wimmera River. Natimuk main street isn't much above the creek so it will flood every time the creek rises.
2:02:28 PM
>when is the Arapiles Deep Water Soloing guide coming out again?

I think they're busy with the one for Kangaroo Point right now.
2:54:16 PM
On 12/01/2011 patto wrote:
>Natimuk Creek and the Wimmera River. Natimuk main street isn't much above
>the creek so it will flood every time the creek rises.
I'm suspecting that the flooding of the shop area (CBD) has a lot to do with the little creek that joins the Nati Creek just east of the Willows. Where that creek runs under Jory st, just behind the Willows, there was a lot of debris left by the last flood which would have hampered the strream flow through that area - so it would burst its banks at that point and hit the main street with a flanking manouevre.
Could be wrong, there was too much happening around that area this morning to go rubber-necking.
5:34:09 PM!/album.php?fbid=10150162115724778&id=710839777&aid=352208

a few photos of this time round - i'd done enough trapsing through water this morning and couldn't be bothered to get to the other side of town, but it's over the main rd in 2 places. We'd have to go via Nhill to get to the Mt. Several houses are now aquatic environments. It's lapping at the cafe, Sarah has an island home and Eduardo was going to kayak down his street.

5:37:20 PM
Do you want me to post those here again for you Wendy?

5:42:57 PM
you're going to have to show me how you do that one day.

5:43:47 PM
<img src="right click on the image on facebook, copy image url, paste here">

Seems to work regardless of the security settings on facebook.
8:15:52 PM
was that for individual images or can you do the whole lot in one?

8:46:58 PM
Woke up at arapiles this morning with two things concerning me. #1 - the prickle in my foot; and #2 - the sound of a raging river next to my tent in the pines...

bailed from araps this morning, took me 8 hours to drive home because western hwy was flooded in nati.

.... ........... ........................................
....golden streak is under water.

9:32:49 PM
On 12/01/2011 Wendy wrote:
>was that for individual images or can you do the whole lot in one?

One by one. If it's a whole huge album it's a shit of a job. There should also be a link on the album page down the bottom to share with people that don't have facebook. You could copy paste that here too. Should look something like this:[numbers]&id=[more-numbers]&l=[a-third-lot-of-numbers]
9:39:11 PM
On 12/01/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Wendy I think it was in the evanb vs tonyb pissing match you talked about
>how bad laser leveling of paddocks was for the river. How does level paddocks
>effect runnoff in flood. Just interested. I was last at Nati lake less
>than a year ago and it was a cricket pitch. Do you know if a water source
>is wet or dry as concrete whether that effects the flooding process?
Lasering is puting a constant grade across a paddock to assist efficent irrigating and drainage . Seldom does anybody remove soil (volume ) just grade it to 1 in 1500 or 1 in 300 etc Very unlikely to effect flows in most areas and highly unlikely to have been done in the Natimuk area . Soils absorb water at different rates into its profile and when the whole profile is saturated will flow off .when the profile is very dry as in summer big cracks appear and upto 200 mm is needed to irrigate Ist time versus 40 to 50 mm for subsequent waterings Most areas in victoria have wet soils fully water storages and rain will translate into runoff rather than go into the profile

9:42:36 PM
...golden streak is under water.

Hopefully that will clean the chalk off it.

11:27:01 PM
I want to see a photo of Eduardo in a kayak
8:57:39 AM
Nati caravan park will not flood. Well, maybe some of the lower campsites might but the main part is on high ground.
Raining lightly but steadily at the moment so will have to see what the day will bring.
This level of flooding will happen every 30 or 40 years in Nati, just a long enough gap for most people to forget. People only have to look at the levee bank around the old Quamby Lodge (just across the little creek from the Willows) to see how high the water gets. That levee wasn't put there to look good and it was barely adequate to cope with yesterday's event in conjunction with several pumps and additional sandbags.
And, there is still a block of land for sale in Nati with sealed road access and creek frontage on two sides. You'll probably get a good deal if you call the agent this morning.
9:05:36 AM
On 13/01/2011 kieranl wrote:
>And, there is still a block of land for sale in Nati with sealed road
>access and creek frontage on two sides. You'll probably get a good deal
>if you call the agent this morning.

Gold. You can build something like this on it.

The mosquitoes won't find me up here.
9:07:03 AM

And it just started raining again

post edit: it didn't work Andrew!!!

ok, tried again ...
9:09:48 AM
Wendy you may need to make those images public before those links work.

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