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Trad Gear and Bouldering Wall Clearout
10:48:53 AM
Can you stop referring to that wooden eyesore as a bouldering wall, it's very very far from that. Maybe the producer of that new average-looking climbing flick Smitten will buy it. Every Aussie climbing movie has some terrible plastic pulling in it.

12:21:11 PM
On 27/01/2011 hipster wrote:
>Can you stop referring to that wooden eyesore as a bouldering wall, it's
>very very far from that.

Wow, some pointless hate from Aido. Thanks for your input.

3:35:23 PM
What size street shoe do you normally wear, Evan?

3:44:36 PM
US 12 or 13. My new Docs are a UK 12 and they're a bit big.
5:51:44 PM
Have to agree, its not wonder youre quitting climbing if you been using that abomination.
one day hero
8:00:38 PM
How fun is the woody dissing game?

Hey Grangrump, if you think that plank is worth $300, maybe you'd be interested in buying the best woody in canberra......I reckon its a steal at $5000, given what you're prepared to pay for something totally useless.

8:05:39 PM
On 27/01/2011 Seth wrote:
>Have to agree, its not wonder youre quitting climbing if you been using
>that abomination.

Yeah, yeah, what ever, haters gonna hate.

That you think a woody is motivation for climbing, suggests pretty strongly, that you and I climb for different reasons.
one day hero
8:37:08 PM
You don't have any reasons for climbing evan, you're an ex-climber.

A woody isn't motivation for climbing, its a tool. Now, just imagine my woody as a sweet 36V Panasonic, whilst yours is a shitty Ozito you picked up at Bunnings for $ can probably still get the job done with the Ozito, but the finish'll be rough as guts, the process will be unpleasant, and you'll think of every excuse to put the job off, because working with cheap tools isn't fun!

9:07:23 PM
On 27/01/2011 one day hero wrote:
>because working with
>cheap tools isn't fun!

Nah, it's training that isn't fun. Climbing rocks is though.

9:54:33 PM
>>Rock Empire brass wires.
>>Nuts ABC

No ones bid for the nuts or brass wires so I'll kick it off at $50 + postage for the lot.
10:23:07 PM
Ignore the haters mate. All this talk in particular from ODH over the years dissing everyone elses climbing walls but never willing to post his for all to critique.

Adrian might just be bitter he wasn't asked to be in Smitten is my guess and Seth just thought he would join in because he had nothing better to do at the time?
12:03:10 AM
On 24/01/2011 Sturge wrote:
>On 24/01/2011 evanbb wrote:
>>Happy to sell the cams separately.
>>Black Diamond 0.75,1,2,3 and 5 I've got a 4 but it's in a car in Tassie.
>>Should be back at some stage. The bottom 3 are virtually brand new and
>>the top 2 have some dings and scratches typical of trad climbing.
>$70 for the #5
>$40ea for #0.75, #1, #2

How about $220 for all except the #4?

7:53:07 AM
On 27/01/2011 dalai wrote:
>Ignore the haters mate.

Thanks Dalai, fortunately I'm pretty thick skinned. I find it slightly hilarious too. I suspect ODH is taking the piss, but the others, it's excellent that they feel the need to try and drag others down, publicly.

8:14:03 AM
Friday Update, it's getting complex so I'll see what I can do.

>Black Diamond cams
0.75 Sturge - $40
1 Sturge - $40
2 Sturge - $40 Runnit - $50
4 (in Tassie) - Philtown - $50
5 Philtown - $60 Sturge - $70

Sturge $220 for all but the #4.

>Rock Empire cams
- SBM $100 for the 4 largest

>Wild Country hexes
BC - $40
Philtown - $50

>Rock Empire brass wires.
>Nuts ABC
Jase $50 for all the nuts.

>Wild Country Helium quick draws

>Old trad draws, 11 of them, 5 very extendable. DavidN - Something. Maybe beer?
Dangermouth - $120 for all 16 draws. That's better than beer.

>Shoes - Scarpa Vision

>Scarpa women's shoes

>Women's Black Diamond harness small

>Petrzl helmet. Small and very light

>Bouldering pad - Whippet

>Tools of the Adventure big chalk bucket

>Bouldering wall
Grangrump - $300

8:59:00 AM
On 28/01/2011 davidn wrote:
>You got one thing wrong. *Nothing* is better than beer. Of course, $120
>buys you a fair bit of beer... I suspect even widewetandslippery wouldn't
>drink his way through that in a day!
>Anyhoo... I was mostly only interested in the biners. Have too many slings
>as it is.

Depends, schooners or take aways? Can I wear depends? saves going to the loo all the time.

9:12:40 AM
After $60 he may need someone else to go to the bar for him but I reckon he could get through $120 of beer in a day.

9:26:43 AM
On 28/01/2011 davidn wrote:
>Somehow I have this vision of you two sitting out at Black Range, bleary-eyed,
>saying hourly: "Do you think we should climb something?... Nah"
>*sound of another tinny opening*

You must have a crystal ball.

9:26:47 AM
No carlton cold for us, 30 can packs of VB.

After a few nah normally become yeah. We had a great breakfast in the Booroomba car park one morning.

9:52:28 AM
On 28/01/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>After a few nah normally become yeah. We had a great breakfast in the
>Booroomba car park one morning.

That was Tooheys New. I think it sent us crazy.
One Day Hero
11:21:51 AM
On 28/01/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Can I wear depends? saves going to the
>loo all the time.

You're going to piss $120 worth of beer into an adult diaper? Those things must pack a lot of sphagnum!

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