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Trad Gear and Bouldering Wall Clearout
11:29:12 AM
Don't mind if I leak.
11:32:25 AM
On 28/01/2011 wallwombat wrote:
>On 28/01/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>>After a few nah normally become yeah. We had a great breakfast in the
>>Booroomba car park one morning.
>That was Tooheys New. I think it sent us crazy.

We went up the hill and climbed
One Day Hero
11:59:42 AM
On 28/01/2011 evanbb wrote:
>Thanks Dalai, fortunately I'm pretty thick skinned.

Hmmm, I reckon you're around the 60th percentile in my chockstone skin-thickness rankings. Not too twitchy, sort of a low credit........but pretty easy to wind up compared to a few 'unflinchables' whom I've never managed to rattle.

> I suspect ODH is taking the piss, but the others, it's excellent
>that they feel the need to try and drag others down, publicly.

Now, you're taking this all can I explain it? Bikes?

You get yourself a K-mart mountain bike which requires some assembly.....and even go to revolve to get some custom parts.....maybe put some slicks on, etc. You are proud of your creation and use it commute about town, all well and good.

Now you could, in theory, get fit enough on this chunk to be some type competitive cyclist (racing on someone else's proper bike). You could drive yourself into the ground, train like a demon on this heavy, ugly, creaking piece of turd, busting your arse at 25km/hr..........but you'll not be making things easy on yourself.

However, if you then show up at the nationals with your K-mart bike, and try to explain to all the guys riding top of the line machines how great your bike is as a training tool..........they're going to take the piss out of you. It doesn't matter that you're the fittest guy there, you're bigging up a piece of crap and should expect a bit of derision.

For another comparison; wog guys who've tricked out a Excel with 20inch rims, massive exaust, and a $10000 sound system. It may sound fast, it may have cost a fortune to build...................but its only a farkin Excel!! If they started spraying to you about how sweet it is, you'd laugh in their face.

I've seen photos of Ado's wall. It looks like a bloody fantastic training tool.........archiatecturally uninspiring and derivative, but a very good wall which will allow efficient training with a minimum of grimace.....(you know, that "aw crap, I got into this sport cause I like the outdoors and now i'm wasting my life in a celler" grimace). He's entitled to hang a bit of shit on your 'thing' and you oughta take it with good humour.

12:06:18 PM
Why don't we just post photos of our dicks and be done with it?
12:10:53 PM
Don't be so uncouth.

ODHs concern about another mans woody, well I won't comment, theres been too much of that lately
12:54:02 PM
So what is there left? I think this thread needs a gear update to put it back on track...

12:57:44 PM
On 28/01/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Don't be so uncouth.


Dude, you always said it was sweat dripping from you (which is bad enough) but now I realise its the incontinence pad leaking. Ergh.
1:02:05 PM
Well you're the gastro doctor, you should be used to it.

Wait till rod convinces me on the fiba gel, then you'll know it.
1:05:16 PM
And, yeah isn't this all about evan selling his stuff and not my bodily functions?

1:32:11 PM
Evan, any chance of an update on the current bids?

2:01:39 PM
Here we are then:

>Black Diamond cams
0.75 Sturge - $40
1 Sturge - $40
2 Sturge - $40 Runnit - $50
4 (in Tassie) - Philtown - $50
5 Philtown - $60 Sturge - $70

Sturge $220 for all but the #4.

>Rock Empire cams
- SBM $100 for the 4 largest

>Wild Country hexes
BC - $40
Philtown - $50

>Rock Empire brass wires.
>Nuts ABC
Jase $50 for all the nuts.

>Wild Country Helium quick draws

>Old trad draws, 11 of them, 5 very extendable. DavidN - Something. Maybe beer?
Dangermouth - $120 for all 16 draws. That's better than beer.

>Shoes - Scarpa Vision

>Scarpa women's shoes

>Women's Black Diamond harness small

>Petrzl helmet. Small and very light

>Bouldering pad - Whippet

>Tools of the Adventure big chalk bucket

>Bouldering wall
Grangrump - $300

2:26:40 PM
Not much interest for the el cheapo cams so I'll take the set of Rock Empires for $120

3:05:48 PM
20 for the visions?

4:40:29 PM
Evan, what size is the Petzl helmet? I'll bid $19.50

8:08:50 PM
On 28/01/2011 Miguel75 wrote:
>Evan, what size is the Petzl helmet? I'll bid $19.50

Just looked. It's an Elios, size 1, 38-46cm and it weighs 315 grams.

8:50:35 PM
$75 bucks for the pad......maybe more if i can save on postage some how

9:34:51 PM
On 28/01/2011 evanbb wrote:
>Just looked. It's an Elios, size 1, 38-46cm and it weighs 315 grams.

Thanks Evan, I'll up my bid to $25.

9:48:46 PM
On 28/01/2011 Miguel75 wrote:
>On 28/01/2011 evanbb wrote:
>>Just looked. It's an Elios, size 1, 38-46cm and it weighs 315 grams.
>Thanks Evan, I'll up my bid to $25.

And I would strongly encourage everyone else to bid themselves up.
9:57:19 PM
I'll take your woody for one night of sweet passion.
One Day Hero
10:14:07 PM
On 27/01/2011 dalai wrote:
> All this talk in particular from ODH over the years
>dissing everyone elses climbing walls but never willing to post his for
>all to critique.
That's not entirely fair, I was keen to show it off but had 'technical issues'. I only aquired my first ever digital camera 6 months ago.....still have to get afj to host my crapulant photos on his Flicker thing (whatever that is). Shame, I definitely would've grabbed a prize in Neil's cruxmag woody comp, given some of the nasty efforts which got published.

Besides, I've gone right off woody training since my knuckles started crapping out, and uwph50 demonstrated the total irrelevance of woodying to most climbing styles. So, the woody is looking rather neglected, haven't even laid out the mattresses in over 12 months. It needs masssive cobwebbing, a lick of paint, and pruning of the grapevine which has overgrown it (although I've always liked the post-apocalyptic look of vines strangling abandoned infrastructure).

How about I post a drawing of what it looked like when it was new?

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