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Buy and Sell Used Climbing Gear Please do not post retail SPAM.

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NEW Hubba Hubba Tent - $400
11:21:20 PM
Brand new Hubba Hubba Tent for sale. Same deal as everyone else on this forum, i buy stuff when overseas to flog off when i get back to cover some of my travel costs, please dont complain.

Asking price - $400

Great tent! Ive got the HP and my partner uses the standard Hubba Hubba, any questions about it please ask.

Im in Newcastle but travelling to Albury/wodonga over christmas

Call me on 0422397793 if youre interested.


11:18:47 AM
Is this a $250 discount since August or is this one not the lightweight HP?

Would you like me to post some places you can get one cheaper online?

(edit: don't get sore about it, the above line is a mandatory post on all gear sale threads)

12:00:04 PM
WM - "Must be a contributing member" is way too vague and will just cause incessant arguments. If you're going to have some kind of restriction on who can sell stuff, it needs to be clear-cut. Whether any restriction is needed is still an open question. For the record, I don't think it is needed as it is not doing any real harm to Chockstone and some of the members might like to buy stuff.
5:25:20 PM
nail on head.
12:13:01 PM
So those who are anti GriZZly how do you make your money without exploiting people? If you make money you exploit in one way or another. The bloke is selling stuff people here may use. At least he's not selling a poofy push bike;).
12:21:20 PM
On 10/12/2010 widewetandslippery wrote:
>At least he's not selling a poofy push bike;).

Yeah...but the "poofy push bike" is not being sold for profit.
12:38:40 PM
So someone is going to sell an article because they intend loss?
12:48:49 PM
On 10/12/2010 widewetandslippery wrote:
>So someone is going to sell an article because they intend loss?

Just commenting that some people use this forum for their own commercial profit (selling new items, at less than australian retail price, but still making themselves a tidy profit)...and not giving back to the forum (in either a donation for advertising, or contribution as a member).

Others are obviously selling previously used items (yes for a loss) because they don't want them anymore....but are often long-term contributors to the forum. I know which of these I would prefer to see.

12:58:31 PM
So if GriZZly occasionally posted on one of the multitude of mind numbing helmet threads or one of the hundreds of "carrots are ticking time bombs" threads, it would be OK for him to flog gear on Chocky?

If it bothers people that much, they can just hit the little thumbs down dooverlackey on his profile and they wont even see his threads. Easy peezey!

Personally, I don't see a problem and if I had a spare $400 to buy a Hubba Hubba at the moment, I'd snap it up. It's a good price for a good tent.

1:37:41 PM
Grizzly needs the money to finance the new climbing gym in Newcastle. Give him a break.

1:47:07 PM
Hes gonna need to sell a whole shitload of tents to finance a climbing gym
2:14:28 PM
Maybe he should sell fixies then he'd be camp as a row of tents

2:18:40 PM
Pink tents with fairy lights?

3:23:14 PM
On 10/12/2010 ajfclark wrote:
>Pink tents with fairy lights?

I prefer Lilac tents.
9:40:58 AM
Thanks for the support Vanessa and co but unfortuneately i cant take credit for financing the Gym in Newcastle. That is unless you count a yearly membership as financing :)? And on that point the "tidy profit" ill be reaping from selling a few tents might get me a few months membership (at best), is that not giving back to the climbing community?

I can see where you guys are coming from, i dont post on alot of forums but i read most of them and comment where i can be constructive.

Even those that are negative towards this sale concede that my price or prices are cheaper than the retail stores. Ive nothing against everyone else buying from the states. The australian retailers and distributors are making megabucks at the moment with the exchange rate as their prices are slow to change with the US$ (if at all). Why should the average australian pay large sums into retailers and distributors coffers rather than pass on a little extra cash to someone else that enjoys the climbing life.

Im certainly not saying what im doing is a community service merely that while im getting something from this transaction the buyer is making a saving as well, nor am i forcing anyone to buy.

Finally, ive got nothing against the major outdoor/climbing gear retailers as i know their pricing and the reason their pricing is so high is more than skin deep, but thats not my responsibility. While there is such a large discrepancy between US and AUS prices for this kind of equipment there will be lots of people in my position and not all of them will be so forthcoming.

The choice is yours, rip into me if you wish for making a few $$ on the side but im not responsible for the reason this market exists in the first place.

2:48:47 PM
Mate, you've gotta be way cheap, as you offer no warranty.

But if you look into it, you actually are bound by law in Australia to offer repair/ replacement/ refund on goods that don't live up to the advertised claim, or the general expectation of ordinary people and as to the lifetime of the goods.

So I do sincerely hope that one day you get a customer that sends it back and wants a refund because of a defect.
Because as a seller in Australia, weather you have a shopfront or not, you are obliged to do so.

Retailers in Australia configure that sort of crap into their prices, so must you.
So all you are doing is shonky dealing and hoping that nobody comes back at you for doing so.

If a genuine climber posted up a tent for sale, I would buy it.
If you post up a tent for sale, I would buy it at the right price, but I would also expect back up, and if it was not forthcoming I would go out of my way to legally enforce you to comply.

So good luck mate. Welcome to the world of retail.

3:48:17 PM
As I have already said, I have no problem with GriZZly and others doing what they are doing and I'm not going to jump down their throats about it.

Only thing I'm going to add is, that with the Aussie dollar performing so well at the moment, it is very easy to find decent bargains from any number of US online retailers. It took me less than 3 minutes to find the same product cheaper online. L.L Bean are selling the Hubba Hubba for $329.95 US at the moment.

Now,I don't know what postage would be but I reckon $70 would probably cover it.

This kind of buying and reselling is probably better to do when the dollar isn't so close to parity. People on this forum are pretty canny when it comes to buying gear and they will realise what I have - that $400 isn't that much of a bargain really.

Put it on Ebay with a Buy it Now price of $395 and some muppet will snap it up in an instant.

I reckon you are pushing shit up hill trying to flog it here, especially with so many amateur retail watch dogs prowling around, snapping at your heels.

My 2c worth.
3:55:44 PM
> L.L Bean are selling the Hubba Hubba for $329.95
>US at the moment.

Or even much less. But I reckon he probably knows that.

9:08:47 PM
Rightarmband, it seems to me Grizzly is simply selling a tent through an ad. The NSW fair trade website has the following explanation around statutory warranties:

and the following around second hand goods:

The main thing I took from the NSW Fair Trade site is that Grizzly is screwed if the tent either doesn't act like, or isn't, a tent, or is misrepresented in any way through his advertising... Everything else is caveat emptor.

As others have said to me when I sold things here, "it may have tags on it but it's technically second hand"... Grizzly's done a bit of leg work, bought and shipped gear to Oz and is now looking to sell it. Caveat emptor applies to him also as he may not be able to recoup the costs of his investment. It's a chance he takes. Sure you can get the tent from REI for ~Aus $240, tack on shipping of ~Aus $90 and you're in it ~Aus $330. On the other hand there are non savvy gear whores happy to not look around and pay a reasonable price for a great tent. If that's what they want to do than good on Grizzly for helping them out. For the rest of us, buy gear your usual way and have fun.

If you're really keen to teach Grizz a lesson, buy the tent from REI, ship it to Australia and sell it cheaper than him... The last paragraph of your post makes you seem, to me at least, an absolute tool.

>Edited because my sentences make no sense to me either...
10:31:33 PM
Keep reading.
Look up warranties and right to refund.

Whether new or second hand.

Anyhow, I'm off to get a real bargain from the states.

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