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Used ropes for sale?

5:17:40 PM
>ol' sneaky mouse go delete his posts! woah!

Chuck Norris
6:30:04 PM
count me out, but while you're at it you should get one person to do it tied in with a figure 8 and another a
bowline. just so we can put that debate to rest once and for all.
11:00:38 PM
Are you doing a rope jump Dan Osman Style or a rope swing, they often get confused?

Rope swing = fun
rope jump = danger, make sure that you have plenty of energy absorbers in your system.
12:37:59 AM
hey Mousey what would the chance be of taging along on the day sounds awesome and would be great to watch ...
10:29:16 AM
Depending on when you are planing on doing the jump I might be up for helping with the rigging but probably wont be up for jumping though.


12:50:38 PM
awesome idea dude.

On 22/04/2007 mousey wrote:
>ill get some footage for you to check out.
Make sure it's good and does this jump justice.... lol!
10:56:11 AM
Mousey, watch out for the ol grigri I reckon. Old mate big wallers talk about plunging onto grigris used as
soloist and the rope getting really jammed into the catch, so tight the thing would not release the rope
until you started smashing it with a hammer, it finally gave loose with a it of levering. Not the kinda thing
you wanna be doing suspended from the end of your line. Not the kind of thing you want to be doing if
you like your grigri too. There is this high loading fixed line dasiy attachment they use on via ferratta and
access stuff that could be a goer, or like I have used two equally weighted figure 8s (or go three... dont
forget dan!). onya, good luck.
1:14:19 PM
I'm in. Have the Know. When? Where are we drinking afterwards?

1:32:22 PM
On 23/04/2007 ardnut wrote:
>access stuff that could be a goer, or like I have used two equally weighted
>figure 8s (or go three... dont
>forget dan!). onya, good luck.

if you use several equalised lengths it makes the take up harder doesn't it?
2:50:16 PM
Pictures, lots and lots of pictures. From different angels. Would love tosee it.

3:54:32 PM

sounds like it'll get the right glands juicy. What is the setup anyway? has anyone got any pics of the site? 200-225m? how many ropes? what is the excess on your health insurance?

9:45:57 PM
Hey Josh. good to see/meet you up at the festival.
I'm up for Bungonia. The rigging side especially but could be tempted for the jump.

When're you planning on doing this?


10:40:27 PM
On 23/04/2007 mousey wrote:
> i got the grigri idea from dan
Dan Osman? the dan that died doing rope jumps?
> i dont even want to think about trying to undo a loaded fig8 afer a 200m jump!!
Then tie a bowline, That'd be safer.

11:28:04 PM
Hey - I probably got some spare ropes if you need some extras . . .

8:40:39 AM
On 23/04/2007 mousey wrote:

>yes. and his rigging system was effin excellent, he developed it over
>hundreds (if not thousands) of successful jumps. the only reason he is
>dead was a simple oversight when changing his launch point.

I don't mean to sound like your mum (and I know I do), but if THE rope-jumper can make a 'simple oversight' after hundreds (if not thousands) of succesful jumps', are you sure you won't make a simple oversight on your first?

9:03:04 AM
This whole scheme with its public announcement sounds like attention seeking. I recommend a psychologist.

9:46:26 AM
Come on tnd. Mousey isn't an attention seeker..

10:01:00 AM

On 24/04/2007 shawkshaw wrote:
>Come on tnd. Mousey isn't an attention seeker..
na he's just stupid.... lol

On 24/04/2007 tnd wrote:
>This whole scheme with its public announcement sounds like attention seeking.
>I recommend a psychologist.
seriously wat better way to seek help and advice than a climbing forum full of people who know about rigging stuff. asking anywhere else would be stupid.

btw attention seeking isn't a major sign of anything serious, it's pretty normal behaviour, just look around and u can see all kinds of people doing it in their own way. When it's on a large scale, however it's an indication of some personality issues but wat u've argued is no way near that point.
say for example, many public annoucements, pm's, etc. might classifiy but could also only be a result excitement and not the need for attention.
You asked!

11:08:49 AM
On 23/04/2007 Macciza wrote:
>Hey - I probably got some spare ropes if you need some extras . . .

They've been lying around in the back of my car next to that old battery for the past six months?

(Just jivin'!)

Online Now
11:32:01 AM

>> i dont even want to think about trying to undo a loaded fig8 afer a
>200m jump!!

Does it matter????? I doubt you'll use the rope again so you can just cut it off.

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