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How much do Aliens sell for in Australia?

10:52:24 AM
On 3/03/2012 Duncan wrote:
>100 % true, unfortunately.

So the mat cost you $10 for 5 months use? Sounds like a bargain!
5:51:08 PM
Apparently the Wilderness Shop now stocks Aliens or so I heard from Glenn Robbins.
One Day Hero
3:40:10 PM
On 2/03/2012 Will_P wrote:
>JS, don't let it get to you, it's an Australian inferiority complex thing.

What a bunch of bullshit! I get pretty sick of hearing about the "tall poppy sydrome" in australia. That's not what we have. What we have is "poppy who sprays shit about themselves syndrome"

Also, it seems that in the U.S., being successful at something excuses all sorts of odd behaviour. Over here people don't get hassled for being good at stuff, but being good at stuff doesn't shield you from being hassled for other wierd shit you might do.

I'd don't reckon that Michael Jackson could ever have happened here. Yes, he was a pretty good singer and an awesome dancer..........but that does not make it ok to have little boys sleep over at your wierd amusement park ranch!!! I think that if he'd had some australians in his entourage, they would have called 'bullshit' a fair while ago.

I'm not trying to say that writing ocd notes on all the routes you try is as messed up as michael jackson was, but if you lived over here lots of people who aren't great climbers (including your best mates) would pile shit on you for doing it!
4:21:20 PM
Michael Jackson was a f---ing amazing singer, not "pretty good".

E. Wells
7:04:33 PM
That was touching ODH. So touching. Touchy feely stuff.

9:11:53 PM
On 4/03/2012 dangermouth wrote:
>That was touching ODH. So touching. Touchy feely stuff.

Ohhhhh, I so want to bust out an inappropriate Michael Jackson touchy feely, 'touching his fans' quip but I won't because that'd be mean and then I'd be in danger of going to Adelaide. I mean hell;)
9:40:49 PM
Michael jackson got off kiddy fideling charges because he had the money to do so. He should be remembered for nothing else. He should not be mentioned for anything else
2:30:53 AM
Well here they are for 5 more days:
5:28:06 AM
As I said earlier.

They are selling retail at the Wilderness Shop. I had them in my hand last week.

They are no longer a scarce item.

8:17:54 AM
Is the wilderness shop carrying actual CCH Aliens or the new Fixe or Totem clones?
8:27:13 AM
On 20/03/2012 ajfclark wrote:
>Is the wilderness shop carrying actual CCH Aliens or the new Fixe or Totem

I'd guess they're the Fixe ones (since they stock Fixe), surely there's no new CCH ones left in the world?
10:42:26 AM
On 20/03/2012 ajfclark wrote:
>Is the wilderness shop carrying actual CCH Aliens or the new Fixe or Totem

The Fixe ones are not clones. They are the original design made with the original equipment and machinery with the original name.

But as a bonus you do get proper quality control. And no FailAliens.
5:47:46 PM
The Fixe Aliens are the same as the originals. The Totems are modified (sizing is off, different trigger wires, different sheath design).

The original design of the Hybrids are not manufactured anymore.

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