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Weather at Arapiles this weekend

salty crag
10:48:46 PM
Keep rolling on winter, climbings on hold as the swells are mega and mother ocean calls...
9:33:26 AM
Adrian you forgot the golden rule - even in the crappest weather its always worth going if you dress properly for the crag and hit a cave in the gramps (and get a cabin!). A mere 8mm of rain wouldn't have stopped you! Temps of 14 were pretty balmy for Victarctica too. In fact if you're really keen you can even take bub - they love to play in some of the caves (eg spurt, muline, millennium). here's some crag suggestions.

3:23:40 PM
Given the amount of rain we've had recently, I suspect even the usual suspects are seeping madly. Plus there's ridiculous amounts of moisture in the air. And it's just plain miserable to be outside.

3:31:23 PM
Yep, Even 'The Rock' got rained on, spend some quality time with your woodie (pun intended)

6:32:08 PM
On 17/08/2010 Wendy wrote:
>Given the amount of rain we've had recently, I suspect even the usual suspects
>are seeping madly. Plus there's ridiculous amounts of moisture in the
>air. And it's just plain miserable to be outside.

Really? I must have been at a different Grampians yesterday and 'Piles today. Great friction, climbing in the sun and no crowds. The 3 things that are at their prime, this time of year.

7:30:46 PM
Sara, your from the UK? No wonder your complaining about the weather, its reminding you of home too much... this is unseemly for us...

The area around Hamilton is the wettest its been in 15 years and we have pretty much every dam filled to capacity (and then some) with paddocks only now starting to drain away... but like someone else said, the rain has to continue for a while if its really going to count.. still.. I love it! But thats cause Im from Australia and Im just not used to it :)
7:06:32 AM
mon and tues were a great improvement on the weekend! But I've spent way too many days trying to climb this winter when it was too cold to be able to warm up, the rock had constant spooge with too much moisture int the air to ever dry out properly and various waterfalls and seeps running rampant. I developed my parabola theory of friction this winter as per this highly technical diagram created with all the skills I learn from Mikl.

It's true about the lack of people though. Probably because they were all far more sensible than I was in trying to climb. Still, we had Frog to our selves most of the time and it was 25 degrees.

Eduardo Slabofvic
9:15:09 AM
On 18/08/2010 Wendy wrote:
>Still, we had Frog
>to our selves most of the time and it was 25 degrees.

Maybe so. But you had to be in Queenzland for that. I hope you were decontaminated before crossing the border.
9:21:32 AM
Not sure I'd agree you still get good friction when it's 25 degrees. In the gullies perhaps?

10:36:20 AM
Yeah, Wendy must not sweat. Also, the x axis of her graph goes the wrong way...
11:06:52 AM
You can orient the axes any way you want, as long as it's clear what's going on. Just ask any astronomer (the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram comes to mind)...

11:13:22 AM
You can, but it is simpler to understand if you can use the standard conventions. A lot of people will look at a graph and expect y to increase vertically and x horizontally.
11:15:47 AM
No, it doesn't make anything simpler or better to use a convention that stems from grade school geometry lessons.

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:28:12 AM
It's actually a diagram of Wendy's nipple as it reacts with the cold temperatures. She has just posted it with the axies 90 degrees out due to modesty.
11:29:28 AM
I'm impressed you even credit my scrawl with the title of "graph". Wouldn't your plan turn my parabola sideways? I'm not sure it would look as pretty like that. More like a giant nose.

11:32:03 AM
It's obviously recovered from the swinging fall you mentioned a while back or was only one side affected?
11:34:17 AM
as ES points out, Wendy. No, not a nose.
11:59:07 AM
Nah, WM, I was out with a newby mate so overhung stuff was not going to cut it for him. Bouldering at low grades was also not going to be a winner as most of that is rain-exposed.

I will henceforth remember this as the long weekend of rain irrespective of whether there was rain or not. This will salve anyt last doubts...

Sarah Gara
12:17:00 PM
I think the graph is pretty and would have looked silly the other way. nothing like wendy's nipple (have I seen it?)

Still too cold and wet here although I went out without a coat to work today. It's still raining in the UK - that's the 3rd summer in a row of lots of rain. My friend last night was saying how it's been really warm though around 20 degrees! - do I miss it -not at all. x
12:49:36 PM
I just realised there's a slight plateau in the friction in the early twenties, so the graph should actually look more like this:

It's a little more reflective of Edwin's experience of the cold now

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