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Goatfest 2010
1:20:52 PM on!

After many years on the Goat Edwin has passed over the reins - I'm organising Goatfest this year, and to encourage film making there will be prizes of $100 for best film and $50 for second. The prizes are in the form of a voucher for gear from Arapiles Mountain Shop (thanks Phil!) The programme is also broadening a little - I'm hoping to get three speakers to give shortish talks on a variety of topics, there will be a Goat-themed art exhibition at the Goat Gallery and there may be some sort of event at the Cafe on the Sunday night if Simey and Steve are not completely overwhelmed.

Download PDF of poster
If you felt like printing a copy and putting it up in your local climbing gym/store/bedroom window that would be much appreciated. The image is a still of the upcoming "Rhyme of the Ancient Merino" by Dave Jones.

So get out there, it's never been easier to make a film and you could win yourself $100 of gear.

The details:
24 April 2010 @ Natimuk Soldier’s Memorial Hall
$10 Entry, food and drinks available. They cost extra.
Doors open 6PM, Films probably start 7:30 pm

Films must be:
- under 15 minutes
- submitted in DVD format
- recieved by Friday 16th April 2010
- about climbing... somehow
- post to "Goatfest", Box 167 Natimuk, Vic 3409

To contact me, phone 0353871003, 0429871003 or
1:25:38 PM
There seems to be a bit of interest for a climbing festival so I thought I'd put up my ideas for Goatfest and see what people think. I'm keen to see it grow and become more of a climbing festival, reflecting the diversity of climbing with everything from buildering to big walls. I'm keen to mix it up a bit and have some speakers, slideshows, photo comp, silly bouldering comps (boxing gloves and roller skates), art by climbers and stuff by climbers, like a comp for films made on the weekend, 5 slides in 5 minutes (get up and talk about 5 slides for 5 minutes). These last two are Simey's ideas. I would really like Goatfest to encourage Australian climbing film, (including my own!) and hope that if we can get consistently good audiences we can offer larger prizes.

I really loved the last Blue Mountains climbing festival and thought it did a great job of reflecting that diversity, but I'm not looking to do something on that scale. Goatfest's other role is as a fundraiser for the Arapiles Community Theatre (the ACT), which is the organisation that puts on the Frinj festivals and lots of other good stuff. It doesn't have the budget to put on an event of that magnitude, nor do I have the time and energy. What I am hoping is to grow things on the model that the Frinj festivals have grown on, which is that individuals take responsibility for running events and see them through. The other thing I like about Goatfest is that it is an event by climbers for climbers and it's not coated in sponsors logos and advertising. I'd like it to keep that informality.

1:27:47 PM
One suggestion is to change the date (at least for next year). August isn't exactly the time us northerners want to pop down to Araps/Gramps!
1:34:57 PM
Sorry it's April! Changed now. - It's Anzac Day weekend

1:47:09 PM
Now you need to give us more notice than a month! Arggg. Hit Josh Caple up - he's shooting some crazy stuff that he might be able to leak a short preview to you for the film night.
2:02:59 PM
I know, I only took it over.. it is more than a month though ; )

2:52:24 PM
Sounds like an excellent event coming up.
You might like to workshop your poster date to the 'real' date, prior to distributing it widely.
3:39:45 PM
It should be now - let me know if it isn't

3:43:53 PM
It came up OK after I refreshed my screen just now.
4:13:41 AM
Looks cool, I'll be in the Gramps around that time, maybe I can convince my friends to pop over.
Will there be popcorn for sale? :-)
12:52:19 PM
Probably not popcorn but there will be beer.. would that do? There should be meals for sale if you want food.
4:21:15 PM
Actually, popcorn's a great idea. Easy to make buckets of it, overheads are low and you can charge a motza for what is effectively salty air.

5:00:31 PM
.....and that "salty air" will make people thirsty and buy beer.

Chuck Norris
6:03:31 PM
Can I BYO goon?
10:30:13 PM
On 25/03/2010 stugang wrote:
>Can I BYO goon?
By all means, just pay the modest $15 corkage (per person).
9:36:14 AM
Just to clarify for those who don't know Stugang the Troll, there is no BYO, alcohol is provided.

Have a nice day breaking rocks Stugang.
9:38:46 AM
If you're going out this weekend, take your camera! Only four weeks to go to make your masterpiece..

Chuck Norris
5:28:05 PM
Douglash you're not being very generous in calling me a rock breaking troll - as I see it I am/was performing a service:

1. Bumping a thread that is for a good cause.

2. Giving you the opportunity to articulate acceptable standards of behaviour.

Besides any moron who thought my comment was anything less than toungue in cheek really deserves to be trolled.

And by the way I wouldn't have replied if it weren't for 1. above - hope it all goes well and maybe see you there.

Eduardo Slabofvic
9:03:39 AM
I'm going to sit behind Stugang and annoy the crap out of him all night.
10:08:47 AM
It was a bit harsh, I know it's been years since you've been breaking rocks. As I understand it you work for the Dept of Hammers, calculating the probability of broken hammers. Be good to see you, come and stay if you want.

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