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heatwave weekend
12:29:52 PM
How about a you're ok, you my be f---ed, you will be f---ed or your reamed status.

Anyway fire is good. You're all just way to life centric.

The good Dr
1:15:51 PM
On 13/01/2010 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>The language needs to be brought up to a modern colloquialism, along the
>following lines, lowest to
>Way Heinous!
Better yet.

6:39:38 PM
On 13/01/2010 megdon wrote:
>booking system at buffalo is massively annoying. for the first 3 weeks
>in Jan you can only book it for a week at a time, even though there are
>sites available for individual nights, which after phoning to enquire about,
>the dude at the gate was massively unhelpful. grrrrrrrrr.

You can tell them that here

7:26:52 PM
On 13/01/2010 The good Dr wrote:

>Better yet.

That would really confuse widewetandslippery.

10:06:53 PM

... what gets my goat is that under catastrophic conditions almost all of Vic and NSW are experiencing similar conditions, so where do the evacuees go? Political correctness is one thing but practicality is another?
~> Better to lynch the buggers that start fires intentionally on such days methinks.
9:17:40 AM
People, we do not have to evacuate the whole state of Victoria.
All "catastrophic" means is we don't go and put ourselves in a a situation where a potential bushfire will put us at risk, melt our ropes and harnesses, create poor friction etc.
Pubs, swimming pools and shopping malls all come under this "safe" area category.
12:59:37 PM
"catastrophic" is ill-thought meaningless bureaucratic jargon. 'Code Red" as a warning level I could live with. It would be more useful if they coupled the Code Red warning with the fire danger index.

1:08:31 PM
On 18/01/2010 kieranl wrote:
>"catastrophic" is ill-thought meaningless bureaucratic jargon. 'Code Red"
>as a warning level I could live with. It would be more useful if they coupled
>the Code Red warning with the fire danger index.

After the fires last year they realised they needed a level beyond Extreme to reflect those worst-case conditions when any out-of-control fire could never be stopped and would travel extremely quickly. Code Red does not sound worse than Extreme so I don't think it would be a useful classification. The aim here is to make people realise that they do need to leave. I think they need to be very careful not to use it more than once every 2 or 3 years though, otherwise the effectiveness will wear off.
2:52:45 PM
i don't see how "catastrophic" conveys any more information than "extreme". It carries more than a hint of panic.
I agree that the use of these terms needs to be limited to maintain whatever effectiveness they have but they are doomed to failure. Those turkeys at the top of CFA won't be able to resist using it on every possible occasion. It's a total disgrace that they kept their jobs after their performance last year.

7:00:18 PM
How about:

"Leave now or your on your own"


"Your a dickhead if you are still in your house"


"What would you like on your gravestone?"

Would appeal/be understood by the common man and/or woman

7:56:20 PM
The rating system is trying to condense a whole lot of stuff people dont want to hear into a single word. Catastrophic means that if a fire starts it crowns so fast in a forest there is no stopping it and if it hits a town it will go house to house. If you are cynical about fire in Victoria consider this there were people in Marysville who had no idea a fie was coming, and that in part the future of the current state government depends on doing something about fires.
For a rating system the dse uses

we're f---ed
8:45:58 PM
I'm not cynical about fire in Vic. I am cynical, or maybe just despairing, about this use of the "catastrophic" word. It seems to fulfill a desperate need to be seen to be doing something; it's a bit like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
I don't think that there was much wrong with the level of warnings given before Black Saturday. It's the first time that I remember a Premier personally giving dire warnings.
Anyone who didn't know that it was going to be a horrible day was on some other planet.
Anyhow, we could argue about this in circles to no point. I would like to see some on education about the fire weather index; it might help people understand the risk assessment better. Maybe I just prefer numbers to emotive words.

9:56:18 PM
Class 6 white water is pretty emotive for a number. As long as you understand what the number means.

10:12:24 PM
I've seen Class 6 white water. The number means 'very scary'.

7:21:01 AM
I think I've seen a class 6 too... but I wasn't paddling down towards it, I was a tourist taking photos of a waterfall in Laos.

10:58:56 AM
I didn't say I was paddling towards it. Are you kidding?

I've paddled grade 4 rapids a couple of times and for me that was an exercise in uncontolled terror. I wouldn't go any higher than that.

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