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General Climbing Discussion

Poll Option Votes Graph
Tasmania 3
Fontainebleau 4
Road Trip of Spain 16
Italy and Switzerland 11
The Couch 0
Indian Creek 9
Yosemite 5
A relaxing Tropical Island somewhere... 2

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Climbing Holiday Destinations

3:06:30 PM
I think chocolate is somewhat overrated.
4:22:05 PM
On 8/01/2010 Wendy wrote:
>Surely more interesting is where are people actually planning on going

I have this idea of doing a North American roadtrip starting in Vancouver and taking in various west coast stuff, Burning Man, some Utah, Flagstaff, Hueco, HP40 etc., and finishing up at SXSW. It'd need to be a bit over 6 months (Burning Man is in September, SXSW is in March or so).

4:26:20 PM
On 8/01/2010 Duncan wrote:
>It'd need to be a bit over 6 months (Burning Man is in September, SXSW is in March or so).

You'd probably want to do it the other way around (March -> Sept), as winter here mostly sucks for climbing. Most of the West (where the bulk of the good climbing is) is either too cold or too wet between December and February. But if you're into snow sports, this time of year is the sh1t!
The Keeper
9:14:17 PM

A bit stunning that Sam Ford Fjord big walls are not not of the list = cold beer,
bivies with a view, amazing Northern Lights, unlimited First Ascent/Descent potential,
no problem with water supply, clean air, no basecamp curio sellers or money lenders,
exotic wildlife encouners, excellent cross training potential on rest days (dog sledding),
highly renumerative expedition reporting potential in "Rock", excellent sponsorship
opportunities (Aussie Geographic, Paddy Pallin, Deuter, Winchester Rifles Ltd.), excellent cuisine (importedTassie freeze-dried lamb stew), no line-ups for the loo, unlimited climbing team bonding opportunties, enhanced green climbing potential with solar energy, absence of tropical storms and tidal waves, free access to killer climbing beta (Neil M.), possibilities for the Euro "piolet d'or" (price of gold is up),avoidance of Heathrow and Sydney security ( inclusive of fully body pat-downs by 300lb security behemoths), no gnarly snakes and spiders, Inuit art acquisition potential as investment
opportunity, post-expedition Kiwi lecture tour revenue re-generation, huge opportunities
to meet honed and stoked female extreme sport cross-country ski babes, access to
post-climbing Swedish massage and suana sessions, no bushfires, no cane toads,
absence of box jellyfish to limit after hours swim sessions not to mention no great whites (polar bears having reduced dentition), chance for inclusion in Simon Carter's
world climbing calendar 2011, proximity to Aussie embassy in Ottawa should country of origin need verification in Iqaluit pubs, the only salties are the ones you crumble and put in your seal blood soup, no carrot bolts, search and rescue coverage by Canadian Press which links to "the Age", Aussie language translation services readily available, development of exotic ATV and ski-doo driving capabilities, no climber access or user fees - and the list goes on. Would appear to be a slam dunk on the list!
12:42:29 AM
On 8/01/2010 pmonks wrote:
>You'd probably want to do it the other way around (March -> Sept)

I need Winter for Hueco and Autumn for Yosemite (right?) Cold weather for bouldering in Austin and southern sandstone, and anything else is a bonus. Mexico is a possibility too.
1:37:00 AM
Indian doubt about it!


3:43:22 AM
On 9/01/2010 Duncan wrote:
>I need Winter for Hueco and Autumn for Yosemite (right?)

Never been to Hueco (but have climbed around Austin mid year, and it wasn't pleasant), but Yosemite can be great during Spring (April / May). But I'd aim for summer and head up to Tuolumne instead - unless you're into aid the High Sierra is waaaaay better than the Valley imvho.

The Valley is a frickin' circus - tourists, shops, buses, aggro bears (of both the animal and human variety), etc. etc., plus most of the worthwhile "easy" (< grade 20) routes are slicker than snot from the bezillions of sweaty palms and cycling shoes that have buffed their way up.

That said the bouldering in the Valley does look pretty awesome (I've been ogling the new guide for a while now), and having all the amenities does make for cruisy apres climbing (unlike the High Sierra where you're often a day's walk from the nearest road).

> Cold weather for bouldering in Austin

Yeah Austin is probably best climbed when it's cold (which is literally just the winter months - it's a sauna the rest of the year). It's all limestone (apart from Enchanted Rock, which I haven't been to) and again has been buffed to a high polish by desperate claws and skating feet. But they do get these freak ice storms each winter that shut everything down, so winter could be a bit of a gamble.
4:02:00 AM
you forgot "the couch"
that can be a fun holiday destination too.
your poll sucks dogs balls
really sweaty dogs balls
you like dogs balls

9:28:16 AM
On 9/01/2010 tastybigmac wrote:
>you forgot "the couch"
>that can be a fun holiday destination too.

Not compared to a glowing orange splitter (never climbed one actually but i can imagine they're pretty
sweet) but ill put the couch in anyway.
7:46:50 AM
Hmm indian creeks is lovely, I would like a month there...( even though i picked the Spain option) I still have my fond memories (from April) imprinted on my skin on the inside of my forearm from “super-crack” a classy classy “hand crack” which I found myself up to the elbows in. After 30 meters the skin was a little.. pink. I can see why that would be a good option for you Wendy...bummer about the finger. i have been focusing on slopers to deal with the finger issues...seems to be working a treat.(fingers crossed)!

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