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a second skin

8:54:16 PM

from 'Skins' website (tight fitting black underwear type things)

'BioAcceleration Technology™ has been developed over years of scientific research. Ongoing testing of elite athletes have proven that Skins™ BioAcceleration Technology™ creates marked improvements in reducing the build-up of lactic acid'

Any climbers used this type of trendy elite athlete producing clothing ? anyone noticed any significant improvement in performance ? I have seen cyclist with little sections of this miracle stuff just covering their calf muscles...could I front point endless 60 degree ice slopes, would a forearm version prevent my weakling guns from pumping out..let me know your thoughts.

9:07:20 PM
My limited and possibly incorrect knowledge of these things was the compression reduced microtrauma due to vibration and as such would work better on something like a thigh muscle in a runner than a calf muscle on a cyclist. Given my understanding of the method of action I didnt think they'd be particulaly applicable to climbing. I could be way off though.
9:17:11 PM
I use them while climbing, both short and long ones, depending on how i'm feeling - they do really help
with recovery and help you climb harder for longer, just because you don't start aching!
They're best while bike riding, but also really good for climbing, i find!

10:40:22 PM
what an absolute wank!!

which routes did they help you on...
11:47:32 PM
On 25/09/2009 howzithanging? wrote:
>what an absolute wank!!
>which routes did they help you on...

I second that motion. They're unlikely to help in situations of such short bursts of energy as climbing typically involves (on a grand scale - eg 90 minutes of continuous running during a football match vs less than 20 minutes of non-aerobic activity on a sport route).
Someone i know that climbs quite well tried skins and has decreed that while they're good for his 10km runs, they're useless for performance enhancement while climbing.

11:56:36 PM
I use cheaper versions instead of thermals when i'm climbing/hiking in colder climates.
Essentially compression thermals rather than the biotech ones. They work a treat on
feathertop (for example) as they're so close fitting they keep you warm but you don't
overheat when walking.

9:54:36 PM
I climb with a "2XU" compression top and must say it's made a huge difference to my endurance. I find
the top has quite a positive effect; my forearms take longer to pump out and it also helps decrease
recovery time after a big day of climbing....

I love the things and recently purchased another top and a pair of really handsome man tights for running,
and impressing my wife. I really wanted the ones with built in abs and pecs, like the one Batman has...
Unfortunately I have to make do with my own scrawny muscles. I still suck at running and my wife still
isn't impressed!

1:45:03 AM
I recently started wearing this while climbing and it's had an amazing impact both while climbing and "après-climbing".
8:17:41 AM
On 28/09/2009 pmonks wrote:
>I recently started wearing this while climbing and it's had an amazing impact both
>while climbing and "après-climbing".

Man, I'm liking that T, but am really liking the 'Customers who bought this also bought...' list.


8:22:32 AM
On 28/09/2009 .Macca wrote:
>Man, I'm liking that T, but am really liking the 'Customers who bought
>this also bought...' list.

Wow. Thanks for the heads up.
these pants

with this t-shirt

this book

8:46:54 AM
I think it's unfair to say it's a wank. If somebody thinks it works for them, then that's great. I have never used them personally, but have considered them for running and snowboarding. The science behind them, in my opinion, seems legitimate and could work for reducing pump of forearms. Compression helps blood flow (like compression bandages for elderly people, or the compression-type socks you can wear on long flights that reduce deep vein thrombosis). Pump occurs because lactic acid builds up when there is a reduction in oxygenated blood getting to the muscles. Probably also helps with drainage of build up of toxins etc in the lymphatic system. So something that is helping blood flow to and from the area could help.
martin saint
9:03:34 AM
I also use cheaper versions for running and extended alpine routes (i.e. if I think I'm gonna be out longer than 12 hours in the mountains)
I don't find they help my endurance nearly as much as my recovery - where usually I would be muscle sore the next day I bounce right back - useful if you're planning on doing another alpine route the next day.
I wouldn't use them for cragging though - they're rather delicate and given my climbing style I would have a hole in them in five minutes.

9:04:05 AM
evanbb, that's just too funny! :-)
Winston Smith
9:19:17 AM
On 28/09/2009 Jodestar wrote:
>I think it's unfair to say it's a wank. If somebody thinks it works for
>them, then that's great.

I find this helps with my climbing, especially sub grade-15 trad death routes:

9:22:40 AM
Ive always wondered why aliens and aliens followers are so crap at HTML?
9:51:02 AM
So I'm not a sports physiologist, but a quick look at some of the literature reveals a few things:

i)use of compression garments improved performance in a visuomotor tracking exercise (hand/eye co-ordination) for up to 3 days after an exercise protocol designed to induce delayed onset muscle soreness ( ). My entirely unqualified conclusion here is that Skins may be useful on a redpoint where you need to accurately hit a hold.

ii)use of compression garments reduced perceived muscle soreness and creatine kinase levels 48 hours after exercise ( ). However, the authors note that no benefit in performance was observed in this particular case. So even if they don't help you on a route, they can help with recovery. MEUC: good for roadtrips.

iii)use of compression shorts did not negatively affect "active range of motion at the hip; joint angle replication during hip flexion, abduction, and hyperextension; leg power; agility; speed; or aerobic endurance", but subjects found the shorts to be psycologically beneficial ( ).

So, while these things may not necessarily help you on your route, they may aid recovery and provide psycological aid (there's lots of anecdotal reports of the benefits on the interwebs too) - and they almost certainly won't negatively affect performance. So there you go.
10:42:14 AM
did someone say placebo?

11:09:09 AM
the science behind what they do (increase oxygenated blood arriving at sites where it is needed, thus reducing build up of lactic acid) theoretically makes sense and could help with pump of forearms. perhaps placebo effect, perhaps not - either way if it helps performance, whether it be on a physiological basis or psychological basis, then it can't be that bad (apart from their cost!!).

11:30:22 AM
On 28/09/2009 Jodestar wrote:
>the science behind what they do (increase oxygenated blood arriving at sites where it is needed, thus reducing build up of lactic acid) theoretically makes sense.

Last I heard DOMS was no longer thought to be caused by lactic acid build up.

If the major effect people are seeing from skins is reducing in DOMS either the skins also help with whatever causes DOMS or the research indicating DOMS isn't lactic related is flawed.

Increased circulation does seem to help with DOMS (massage, heat, etc) so if that's what skins do, they should help after the exercise too.
Online Now
11:35:08 AM
Is " I wear skins" a bit like "I'm not a poof I don't push back"?

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