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General Climbing Discussion

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2:01:37 PM
A5---DUDE !!!--- the cauldron is 'sloppin' all over the place already !!!


2:07:47 PM
Lets rebolt the Harbour Bridge Climb.
Kind of stick one up .govs nose so to speak!

3:29:53 PM
Methinks DOT-GOV will be stickin' an ~AK-47 up YOUR nose if ya try that , these days !

Luv, HEX.

3:43:44 PM
On 24/3/4 Richard wrote : ' Will you be coming along ? '

' I saw [HEX] at an airport
While I was sitting on a wing
I waved to [HEX] !!!
But I don't think [HEX] noticed
I've got a funny-feeling
I know who [HEX] is.

(MIdge Ure , Ultra-vox)

Luv, HEX

3:52:29 PM
On 24/3/4 Richard wrote : ' That's a given I reckon ...'
Don't you judge a book just by the cover
Unless you cover just another
Cos blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line !!!
( Johnny Rotten )

Luv, HEX.

4:18:07 PM
On 24/03/2004 hex-TROLL wrote:
>On 24/3/4 Richard wrote : ' Will you be coming along ? '

> I've got a funny-feeling
> I know who [HEX] is.

If you wear your red dress, I'll know who you are!!. (I am the one looking like William Tell's brother)

7:27:14 PM
On 27/2/2004 Richard wrote : '...Though I must admit i don't mind different points of view when put with being personal , or rude, the language was kinda difficult to follow...'

Brave words bro , but it's really all just robust aussie vernacular---yeah,right,whateva !
Chockstone banter 2/10/2003 :

Neil : ' On Gilgamesh there looked like a chipped letter-box at the lip. If it is natural then it is very 'regular' as Malcolm would say...'

Climbingjac : ' Oh the controversy ! Is there seriously a "regular" pocket on Gilgamesh?'

'Lord of the flies' : 'I am not saying it was defiantly chipped [luv the pun , dude !]---but it looked mighty sus to me . I aided the route in 1998.

Retro-bolting / chipping of aid-routes ? V.similar maybe.
If Gilga' is to be one of the GREAT sends of 2004 , then lets please get some consensus on the status quo of the route. ANYONE know anything more that will clarify ?

Luv, HEX ("Lay-dee-in-reeeeeeee-d---is dancing with me !" : Tel's brother ?!)

7:51:27 PM
any route that gets pounded by pitons like Lord Gumtree is in theory 'chipped'. In fact many of the 'modern' free climbers in Yosemite deliberatly bash pins in and out to make scars for finger locks. Steve 'shapooie' Shnieder admitted this to me one day!

8:08:38 PM
Ok,dude--- we've covered the Yosemite ' deliberations' earlier. Now, is Gilga just wear'n'tear piton slots? ; 'deliberate' finger-lock creation in peg placements ? ; or a 'slot' that has been chipped , gratuitously, to 'enhance' a feature that may or may not have been used for aid-climbing ?

Please explain !!! (you do it very well, Neil)


8:14:01 PM
Well - my memory is very vauge - but when i aided Gilgamesh back in 1998 i passed by what appeared to be a perfect horizontal chipped slot - very similar to the classic 'slots' that used to be all over Centinial Glen several years back. It was not a pin scar but a whoel new hold on the lip. At the time i was 100% certain is was a chipped slot - but it was so many years ago maybe i was mistaken.... i might have a good look this weekend since i will be out on Taipan this Saturday.

8:18:56 PM
Neil---you're a 'gentle-dude' ; Thank you ; Over&out.

Luv , HEX.
9:41:39 AM
>If Gilga' is to be one of the GREAT sends of 2004

who says it is?? is this just hyped-up cauldren spray hexie??

11:33:36 AM
Jim ,you 'grass-hopper' you ! --- it all comes down to a question of National-psych :

' when you've fought in two wars
And beaten the Bosch ---twice
One ceases to caaaarrrrreee
One only hungers for whereitsat !!! '


Luv, HEX ( saluting all the newbies who will send their first Gr' 14 in 2004 )

3:44:32 PM
' ...Gilgamesh was two-thirds god and one-third man ,and this knowledge is key to all that follows : Gilgamesh is a hero---more beautiful , more courageous , more terrifying than the rest of us ; his desires , attributes , and accomplishments , epitomise our own....In celebrating Gilgamesh...we celebrate that which makes us human.'


' The epic of Gilgamesh helps us see past the conventional classifications of "civilised" and "primitive"...civilisation is less a thing, than a process---the transformation of the primitive . Without the primitive , civilisation would cease to exist.'

(Arthur A. Brown )

' ...Gilgamesh dreams that an axe appears at his door , so great that he can neither lift it nor turn it. Gilgamesh asks his mother what these dreams might mean ; she tells him a man of great force and strength will come [ to Mt. Stapylton ].'

( From the Tale of Gilga' )

' Gilgamesh , will [HB] ever get around to it ? Does he still have aspirations to climb extremely hard (as opposed to the run of the mill very hard that he climbs pretty much every-day )'

(Fatboy on 8/7/2003)

' In the end , I started going backwards on it because I'd spent too much time on that particular route , and not enough time climbing in general '

( HB in Chockstone interview )

FOCUS' GRASS-HOPPER ' !!! --- FOCUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrigan is a great role-model , but don't let Gilga' become your ' Ring Route' !

Luv , HEX. ( & a proverbial army of fans)

4:09:02 PM
G'day Hex-Troll,
To assist me (and possibly others), in better understanding your posts, could you please incorporate the keystroke '>' (without the parenthesis) at the beginning of the line before your quotes.
This triggers the following words to come up in a different colour, (ie quotes).
You do not have to use the 'quote' key to do this, simply copy and paste (as I assume you do from your examples of using many posts/authors within your post), but before you paste, hit the > key on a new line 1st.

>adding colour to your cauldron

4:44:20 PM
A5---Congratulations on making the cauldron ' HIT THE TON ', dude !!!

As for your ' bogan-level ' comments : try top-steppin' ya mental ' etts' , bro !

' I guess it's all part of the cryptic... whatever floats ya boat... I see nothing wrong with having a different opinion , no point in being a sheep...'

(Gareth on 13/2/04 )

" I make people THINK , and that's frightening to all those people who would like to make us all MORONS !!! "

(Johnny Rotten )

Luv, HEX ( and ,A5, we DO luv the 'colour' you bring to ALL the threads, keep it up ! )

p.s. As ' The HEX ' has stated before : this is EVERYONES' thread --- not '... your cauldron ' )

5:03:21 PM
On 29/03/2004 hex-TROLL wrote:
>A5---Congratulations on making the cauldron ' HIT THE TON ', dude !!!
I think I was 99 and then an empty post went into it to become 100.
> As for your ' bogan-level ' comments : try top-steppin' ya mental ' etts' , bro !
The Bogan is a river in NSW, I think bogon (re the spelling) is the creature wanting to build the freeway through Earth.
I am smearing the free moves above the 'fixed ett' flapping in the breeze way down there ... Just get pedantic sometimes when the adrenalin hit wears off, or when I'm knackered from hauling the wombat.

5:28:21 PM
' Good thinking 99 ! ' ; Maybe the 100th was BA setting up some more smoke 'n' mirrors...

Never-mind the '... adrenalin hit...' , dude --- ' RELAX and do it---suck it when ya wanna chew it ! ' ---just let the endorphins flow as youse all consider the recent Gilga' posts, and the heady metaphors they deliver ... wha' ?

Luv, HEX.
6:03:30 PM
the sex pistols quotes are damaging to your (apparently flawless...) reputation hex.

tell me who this is
>...we only know 4 chords but never use more than 3 in 1 song...

the Gigla hype is all well & good & is keeping the cauldren bubbling, but you've got a way to go to convince me it will be the 'send of the year'

keep it real....

6:30:02 PM
Jim (& assorted ' literary chippers' ) ---

" Wha' ever we do they think it's a publicity-stunt !!! --- Well it'S NOT !!!---We're not a 'political' [thread]--- we're a fun [thread]--- We want people to enjoy themselves !!!---We don't want people to get all heavy ;depressed ; ' intalectyawool '--- We don't wanna know about ' intellectualism !!! "

( Sid Vicious )

Luv, HEX ('...Gigla hype...' ? --- we're gigglin', dude !!!)

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