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10:47:47 AM
yo HEx dude, no 7th or 8th dimemsions here, dude. You don't need to digress, dude. & besides, who said such threads were only cool in the 70s..... my point, dude, was more that I wasn't aware that such meticulous planning went into the whole sordid affair, a fall here, a curse there, a kick over there, & woosh-ka.... heeelllllooo we have a new I said, its now grown bigger than your cauldron these days. Bar flies are nothing more than insects, aren't they.... 'specially some of the local-yokel types.

>'The Ho'.... Nathan 'Ho'ette
>VD... Vincent Day
right on I say..... But the punters better get in quick before *someone* ticks it & then hammers some *unnecessary* holds off.....

Simon, surely there's enough climbs out there to leave some as 'dangerous' leads (just note them as such). Aren't there enough 'safe' routes round??

12:31:45 PM
James wrote (could we get a 'quote' function added to the forum?): "[...]surely there's enough climbs out there to leave some as 'dangerous' leads (just note them as such). Aren't there enough 'safe' routes round??"

I've often thought that myself. If I come across a climb that is ridiculously run out between bolts, or has the first bolt WAY above the ground, my first thought is not "Must see if we can get this climb retro-bolted", but "Oh well - I'll find something else to climb." Or I'll pre-clip the first bolt (I am not a grade-ticker, and don't stress about whether or not I managed to onsight/redpoint/whatever the route). There are a zillion 'safe' routes about, as James said.

12:44:11 PM
On 13/02/2004 tasch wrote:
>could we get a 'quote' function added to the forum

Mike has this sorted already - Just press the reply button next to the post that has the text you want to quote - there you will see the quote button :)

1:54:59 PM
Rename routes because they offend? Perhaps we could outlaw religions that 'offend' us too? Does a route name really do anything to change the world? If someone named a route:

Wonderdog is a Wanker (15) 125 metres Starts up...blah blah... hard... blah... crank... hard pull... etc (hmmm, won't go there, might offend someone :-) )

...Well, I couldn't give a toss, although I know some who are too precious to put up with route names like that(eh Marty, my little Yankee Rose!). I don't think renaming routes is a can of worms that should be eaten by climbers. Who would judge? Who would police? Anarchy is a tad difficult to regulate. Perhaps we could put Hex in charge? What do you think Hex, you up for a regulators job?
4:56:14 PM
errrr.... a route doesn't have to be bolted to be safe. Natural gear does work, 99% of the time anyway :). Eventhough I'm not climbing hard grades, I can still think of a bunch of hard stuff that would be considered "safe" by 90% of the climbing population.

5:53:35 PM
Friday the 13th ,etc,etc,etc---take care and take it easy dudes !

Kieran---like Mikl sez : " The throttle works both ways" ; just roll it forwards a touch , bloke, and the caldron will be bubblin' just nicely , dude ---maybe we can even turn it into a communal spa !

Luv , hex-(S)TROLL.

6:37:43 PM
Jim--- '...& then hammers some *unnecessary* holds off ...' : ya being a bit cryptic, dude. Are you being a Naughty Boy ?

Luv , hex-(S)TROLL.
8:25:25 PM
>Jim--- '...& then hammers some *unnecessary* holds off ...' : ya being
>a bit cryptic, dude. Are you being a Naughty Boy ?

ala Mechanical Animals (34) in the Bluies...... read "ethics" thread if you really want to know more.....

12:14:44 AM
On 9/02/2004 hex-TROLL wrote:
>' Re-bolting' the Re-volting names at Nowra---Cranking up the status of
>women's climbing a notch or two : If it's ok to re-bolt,bolts (and there
>seems a high degree of concensus on this issue ) , then what's wrong with
>re-naming 'over-the top' climb-names ?

Everything! ... if you believe in respect for the first ascentionist or the history of the climb.
A crass name could reflect the nature of the climb or an event associated with its 1st ascent, though from what I have seen I doubt this is the case at Nowra.

I find the (potential) negative effect crass names (could) have on general public and dotgovs perception of climbers more offensive than the names. I would not be too proud to publicly call myself a climber if I lived in Nowra, and if access issues ever arose then they will be starting from behind the 8 ball in dealing with the powers that be; (respect / lack of again; it works both ways).

> : 'The hex' hereby coins 'role-Dolls' ; and suggests that Westy anddaboys(&girls?)
> be a little bit more considerate , since their 'sends' are publicised
Good one Hex. I think you are exhibiting sufficiently mellow (read democratic) traits to be considered eligible to join the Learned Gentledudes Club. (I shall have to seek confirmation from BA 1st though).

>With people practICING their 'drytooling' skills on the crags , there's
>even more 'reason' to have an 'open' forum.(Lots of issues that need a
>fresh 'spin' on them).
Are you suggesting this drytooling = retro denegration (chipping etc); or is this in the vein of fairdinkum drytool practice for mixed climbing?
If the latter is the case then it is valid (IMHO) with the proviso that (like learning aid climbing hammerwork) it is carried out on truly worthless* rock in a buggered location eg roadside cutting, quarry etc.
(*Is there such a thing?)
11:27:56 PM
hey B&T, here's the difference. You know who I am. I do not appreciate engaging with a person who hides behind anonymity.
What I add to this topic is my integrity. I stand by my comments. I do not hide behind a veil of anonymity. I read Hex's comments because I care and I respond to them because I care.
I do not hide, I do not apologise for being up-front.
You know who I am. I haven't a clue who Hex is.
Whatever B&T,
It's funny that you attack me when Hex is the real problem. He's done a good job.
Kieran Loughran

2:02:40 AM

c'mon guys.. they're just having fun getting you all riled up.

3:17:11 PM
Jim---aaaaawwwwriiiiiiight, yeah , already familiar with all that , bro. Interesting stuff for sure---not!
Truly setting new heights in mediocrity all the way.
I put a condom over the mouse when I go in there , dude!! While those sites, (including the one Dalai referred to), have a certain kindergarten charm about them, it's pretty obvious that CHOCKSTONE IS # 1 in Australia.

Your comments on 'safe' climbs are spot-on : --- to all 'lurking-gym-newbies' : please take note !!!

A5--- '...A crass name could reflect the nature of ... an event [arse]ociated with the 1st ascent...' ; Nowra ?! --- the mind boggles!!!
'...DOT-GOV 's perception of climbers...if access issues ever arose...' : Absolutely, bro ; same with ego-driven 'Paradiso'-style saturation bolting, if it gets happening in national parks and other 'sensitive' (to 'fairDinkum' people), areas.

Onsight--- The bench-mark for Retro-bolting / leave it as it is(but Re-bolt if required) , would have to be Psycho Drama (22), in the Blue Mts. While many Generation X'ers have suggested that run-out climbs were done 'cos bolting was too difficult / took too long ; there WERE (are?) many climbers who thrived on the absorbing 'mind-stuff ' .
That classic photo of Warick Baird (?) on PsychoD' says it all !
If ya just wanna ' tick' it ,then top-rope it.

Luv , hex-(S)TROLL.

8:34:02 PM
Now,if ya can understand ANY of that , then you ARE fluent in Hex-speak!!!

8:54:32 PM
and you ARE most likely a complete wanker

10:35:22 AM
Mickey---Wanker? ; '...bit of an arse...' ? : You must be walkin' around lookin' like Norman Gunston , after the 'close-shave' Piggy gave you !!!

Luv , hex-(S)TROLL.
12:17:32 PM
Hey Hex, done any climbing lately?
5:43:59 PM
>Truly setting new heights in mediocrity all the way.

right on dude, the only place that such altering of climbs belongs is the gym.... in fact *some* gyms could possibly learn a trick or two here....

> CHOCKSTONE IS # 1 in Australia.

before the 'lurking-newbies' know it --in the blink of the eye, or the telling of a curse, or the boiling of a cauldron-- .... you'll be referring to the big-C-S as AUSTRALIA'S CLIMBING WEBSITE..... is this history repeating, bro?? ....*&^#&@%@ victorians.... the big-C-S bubbles away nicely on occasion, but the sun ain't shining soley from these parts, dude. keep it real....

10:41:59 AM
Jim---your contribution really is a 'SHOW-STOPPER'---the cauldron is now as calm as Buddha in deep meditation.---LET IT BE,dudes.

Luv , hex-(S)TROLL.

11:33:13 AM
'Australia ! --- your [cauldron] is ready !!! '

' I don't know what it is
That makes me feel like this
I don't know who you are
[HEX] must be sarr-arr-arr-um kinda supa-star !
I've got you on my mind
No matter who you are.
(Top-ten Supa-role-doll Jarmelia-babe )

Flack 'n' Spray & Warm 'n' Fuzzy posts on ANYTHING(retro/re-bolting) welcome here

Luv, HEX.

1:56:28 PM
On 24/03/2004 hex-TROLL wrote:
> Flack 'n' Spray & Warm 'n' Fuzzy posts on ANYTHING(re,retro-bolting)
>welcome here
an.y.thing (en'i.thing') pron. Any object, event, or matter whatever.
Funk & Wagnalls Std Dictionary.

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