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What is a bumbly?

12:46:33 PM
I need clarification on the term bumbly. I took two guys climbing at Berowra on the weekend. Both guys started climbing 3 years ago in the gym and have only just recently started outdoors. They can both climb harder grades than me in the gym and on sport climbs. They call me a bumbly because the hardest sport climb I have done is 23 and I usually climb lower. I have been climbing outdoors for 12 years (since 14 yo). I can climb rock, ice and snow, trad, sport and I do alot of bouldering. I have climbed all over OZ and NZ. My sport grades are generally the same as my trad grades. I have been rescued and done the rescuing. Am I a bumbly because I can only onsight grade 21? I thought the term refered to a beginers tense climbing style and subsequent 'bumbling' of gear, ropes etc. Does experience have anything to do with it or should just resign myself to being 'bumbly' and keep climbing?
What is a bumbly??... someone must know...

12:53:57 PM
Only a bumbly would ask this question?

Why are people obsessed with image?
... I might patent the term and make a fortune!

If the shoe fits ...

Btw; I am still a bumbly for anything I don't know any better than the 'accuser' about !
12:56:05 PM
With that description, I am in awe. Reckon you might only be a bumbly in a light-hearted-fashion when on sports climbs in the presence of the other two guys.

12:58:08 PM
I think the general idea of a bumbly is someone who is some form of a beginner, like you said, doubt it has anything to do with grades.
Just call them naive gym junkies and put them on a hideous jam crack to see whos the bumbly!
1:06:21 PM
A bumbly is someone with slightly less knowledge that someone else, we are all bumblies when compared to someone who is more experienced.

1:14:29 PM
I'm a hard-core Bumbly. I'll be giving demonstrations at Arapiles next weekend (free if you want to belay, but will cost at least one beer if you want to lead).

Also, don't go pulling plastic or clipping sports climbs with those guys and the problems will go away.

1:23:17 PM
The question that's really bugging me is...

If a bumble bee stung a bumbly's bum, what colour would the bumbly's be?


Chalk Free
1:35:18 PM

2:01:19 PM
a bumbly is someone who doesn't know what a bumbly is

2:11:11 PM
I've always thought of a bumbly as someone who doesn't really know what they're doing. IMO your mates are way off the mark, climbing high grades doesn't definitely make you a non-bumbly.

Being a non-bumbly is more about being competent than good. Bumblies get washed out of canyons in thunderstorms, non-bumblies do not. Climbing hard just means you're fit. It doesn't mean you can build anchors, place gear or climb anything you like. I actually think there are a lot of 'Sport Bumblies' in the mountains, that climb higher grades than most people. The sort of people who only own a chalkbag, harness and shoes, can't build an anchor, don't know what a Munter is and can only belay with a gri-gri.

3:23:51 PM
>a non-bumbly is more about being competent than good.

So what does that make the bad ones?
Heh, heh, heh.

>people who only own a chalkbag, harness and shoes

What if they use two chalk bags?, ... as I have seen a climber at Mt York once who wore two while climbing ...
When I asked him the logic of such pracice he informed me that one was on each side, depending which hand he needed to dip!

~> by such logic I am still a bumbly!!

3:37:55 PM
I heard a rumour once that a bloke at a party told mousey that men who climb on pink ropes are bumblies.
When I heard this rumour I told them that I could give them the name of a bloke who climbed on pink ropes and that he was no bumbly.
I was told that I was a bumbly so what would I know.
I had to reply that I did not own a pink rope though ...

3:45:45 PM
On 3/06/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>>a non-bumbly is more about being competent than good.
>~> by such logic I am still a bumbly!!

Not at all. Under my system you are clearly not a bumbly. You can competently do climbing things, abseil, place gear, build anchors, not die. You might only climb grade 14 trad, but you do it in a controlled and safe manner, with full understanding of your actions and their consequences. A bumbly can climb grade 14, but they're essentially soloing, with cams way over cammed, hexes that fall out if you shout at them, back clips and z-clips, need to be reminded how to tie a figure 8, etc etc...

3:57:29 PM
Basically... we are all bumblies (minus the pink rope)...

4:05:59 PM
On 3/06/2008 evanbb wrote:
>On 3/06/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>>>a non-bumbly is more about being competent than good.
>>~> by such logic I am still a bumbly!!
>Not at all. Under my system you are clearly not a bumbly. (snip)

...twas only yanking your rope evanbb! ... & perhaps you missed the innuendo? :)
Don't worry about me, I'm just an interweb bumbly. Anyone know where I can get a pink keyboard*?
(*for a friend!).

4:11:26 PM
On 3/06/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Don't worry about me, I'm just an interweb bumbly. Anyone know where I can get a pink keyboard*?

Like this? Try :-D

4:30:00 PM
Love it !

4:38:21 PM
Get your gym bunny mates to go and do Margarine Ridge up at Mt Hay. It's only a 13.

Mind you, it's 333m and has no bolts.

Then you will see who is a bumbly and who isn't.

On second thoughts, don't. They might die.

If someone regularly goes to a climbing gym a few times a week, they are going to get fit and strong and be able to climb reasonably high grades in the gym and on sports routes. Whether you'd want to be tied into the same rope as these people on a traditionally protected multipitch climbs, is another story.

And Rod, I occasionally use two chalk bags when I do multipitch routes - one for chalk and another for my smokes and a lighter and maybe a chocky bar.

4:46:03 PM
Yeah, but do you use a pink rope?

... be a downer to confuse the bags.
~>sticky chocolate friction for sweaty hands and snorting magnesium carbonate for addiction?
Heh, heh, heh.

4:49:58 PM
The Sport Bumbly.
These seem to be endemic to NSW. with all the bolted choss fests anyone can monkey around and soon turn into triangular shaped creatures with talons for hands. back clipping, Z clipping, stick clipping, Its all there, sometimes the bolts fall out when shouted at.

The Victorian species of bumbly is the more traditional bumbly with the triple rack of hexes and is more likely to go on to greater things because sooner or later it will fall. And those that by accident have been placing worthwhile protection survive this significant experience and over come the fear of gear and so are liberated from bumbly status.

The sport bumbly by contrast will never fall on gear. He will just layback faster and faster until he gets to the top.

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