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Burnley - In need of some work
10:44:09 AM
>Where to from here?

Join the VCC & get stuck in an endless downward spiral of committee meetings & non-action.

10:02:02 PM
What I just don't understand is why can't they send someone down there with a key for one weekend, coordinating all the volunteers that would DEFINITELY show up and strip the whole wall, set new problems? Forget washing every hold, they are f***d anyway and I can see that they don't have money to get all new holds (although apparently many people are willing to donate). But at least for the sake of fun, set new problems! Turn the polished holds around, and if not possible, use them anyway! Maybe give some of the worst holds a short scrub with a brush and done! And the best:


Investing just one weekend could provide everybody with a whole lot of new motivation (which in my case has entirely vanished 'cos nothing has been changed for over a year apart from some added up-problems which are not really that great) and fun due to new problems!

At the meeting, did anyone actually suggest this approach (I sure someone did!) and what was their reply/argument for "not possible"? Money can't be a reason!
4:08:36 PM
what are the chances of having the lighting getting serviced by the council or parks vic. Especially in summer when the nights are warm its great to head down but those flickering lights are really irritating.
11:16:13 PM
perhaps mr shepherd can help start up the original creation again. the blank cement walls are crying out for a new glue up. who is in??? just need some river rocks and some glue. cowpat returns!!!

9:35:35 AM
Sorry, no first hand report from me, I was in the car heading to the Grampians on Thursday night.
10:56:26 PM
Hi Guys first post here, o it's an important one..

I was at the meeting(entirely by accident), The way i saw it was that the VCC basically has said that the maintencance and management of routes is entirely up to the burnley team. Dispite a heated discussion i think that everyone agrees that there needs to be some kind of maintainence of the holds on the walls particularly the foot holds, of which many are really polished.. you just need to look at he yellow and green on the first wall and the black and green on the second wall...

The second thing that is of importance is that basically as other people have pointed out michelangelo is worried about the funding side of this, and the volume of work. Basically the only real way to get it to happen will be to either donate labour or time into the refurbishment of the walls (or hopefully both). The best way to register your help is to send an email to the burnley group via . Rather than saying that it will or won't happen I guess that is up to Michelangelo and his crew to organise, It would be better for him to have a whole bunch of emails pledging work and or funds.

The other thing to note is the question as Michelangelo pointed out, why are only specific routes getting polished and others not... i think that this is up to the next generation of routes on this wall... it says to me that the black and greens are routes that people can do and can warm up on, and to only way to stop this route getting worn is to look at putting a few other routes in that can also take the brunt of the warmup / learning burden... that's just my two cents though...

One final word is that there was a group almost entirely unrepresented at the meeting on thursday. That group is the new starters and the kids that pass through of a weekend, these people i would say do a significant amount of the wear on the walls, and i think personally that the burnley wall is a really good way to get new climbers started, and should new routes be created, the wear that this group and the skill of this group should also be taken into consideration, perhaps some more intermediate climbs would be a good way to try and spread the burden on wall 1?

Anyway enough from me, and I have put my hand up for doing some work to try and keep our wall spick and span!

12:42:07 AM
How about using a sandblaster to re-texture surfaces from worn holds?

6:52:40 PM
oh dear! the carnage!

7:00:57 PM
I agree with you alrob, a sandblaster can cut through steel plate. maybe a micro particle blaster would be
better, it could be used without having to remove the holds, as they produce very little particulate per
minute on a small portable pot.

Chuck Norris
10:05:40 PM
Thanks to all those involved with resetting the 45 deg wall today. Aside from clean holds (which i doubt
will last long) I think the problems are better & more consistent for each level of difficulty.

10:45:39 PM
i got there tonight round 6:30pm and saw that the 45 deg wall was reset.
the climbs are awesome and it's just great to have something different to play with.
thanks to all those who blitzed it !

11:02:12 PM
Great news! Bit strange that it was all doom and gloom a week ago - and then this good result gets slipped under the radar.

10:05:02 AM
I think it's great that the job 'just got done'. no waiting for approval etc etc. Seems like a wall can quite
easily be reset in a day. Hopefully the others will be done soon too.

Well done to those who choose to remain annonymous.
1:30:45 PM

It's nice to see some initiative taken, but really, I can't see why Michaelangelo wasn't kept in the loop. He does a bloody good job of maintenance when all the sexy route-setting work is over and the rest of us have long forgotten about the upkeep. There was no need to burn him.

Bad karma a plenty.

Chuck Norris
2:02:07 PM
On 2/03/2008 k wrote:
>It's nice to see some initiative taken, but really, I can't see why Michaelangelo
>wasn't kept in the loop.

read through the last two pages of posts and i can see plenty of reasons. I'm sure there will be a few
volunteers if the job of hold tightener becomes available.

10:11:34 PM
Great news! Congratulations to those who made this happen! ;-)

Minimum disruption by the sounds of the above posts and maximum results!!

10:22:31 PM
On 2/03/2008 k wrote:
Bad karma a plenty.

Volunteers getting in and doing a job that a comittee can only talk about.
Sounds like good karma to me.

10:41:03 AM
On 2/03/2008 stugang wrote:
>read through the last two pages of posts and i can see plenty of reasons.
>I'm sure there will be a few
>volunteers if the job of hold tightener becomes available.

Dude, show some respect.

11:06:46 AM
Interesting development.
It seems that Crafty crazycats nsw suggestion for a way forward was taken on board, unless that individual lurks under the Burnley Bridge? !!

5:19:41 PM
Is anonymous planning to strike at a certain inner city gym any time soon? They have problems that need solving - perfect work for these modern day grime-spinner stoppers!

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