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Mt Arapiles development
12:25:06 PM
Not sure if the VCC or other climbers are aware of this (I have edited it down) advert in today's Business Tenders section of our daily papers?

Parks Victoria has advertised Tender 7180 - Mt Arapiles Block Precinct plan and Feasibility Study.

To "Develop a Precinct Plan and Feasibility study to explore opportunities for commercial activities including accommodation and service possibilities, demand for such activities and propensity of the market to take up such commercial offers.

Tenders accepted by 2pm 4th April.
Bob Saki
12:40:55 PM
the Arapiles are developed enough IMO
1:06:18 PM
On 21/03/2007 Bob Saki wrote:
>the Arapiles are developed enough IMO

Mt Arapiles is singular.

Back on topic though - sounds worrying. I agree with Bob Saki's sentiment, if not with his grammar.

1:09:13 PM
the lovely thing about forums is there is always somebody there to correct you.
Bob Saki
1:11:17 PM
A good lesson to not rush a reply whilst at work, where point overrides grammar.

2:17:46 PM
This sounds very disturbing. We don't need any more infrastructure at Arapiles! (apart from water tanks)

2:27:18 PM
The actual advertisment
5:48:13 PM
Heaven help us please no

8:52:03 AM
On the bright side, if a feasability study concludes that a commerical development at Arapiles is not economically viable, then we can be pretty sure they'll leave it alone for at least 5-10 years.
john s
9:01:49 AM
Hey Kieran

Has the Arapiles Advisory Committee been told anything about this????


9:46:56 AM
I'll finally be able to build that luxurious resort/spa near Mitre Rock. It will be aimed at the 'premium' end of the market - international visitors that want a genuine 'outback' adventure experience, but without sacrificing the luxuries of life. We'll have individual bungalows, a bar, restaurant, manicured lawns and maybe a nine-hole golf course. A host of activities, from sheep-shearing, massage and horse-riding. Maybe even a rock-climbing wall. It will be really beautiful.
Unfortunately we might have to fence off the entire area for security reasons and restrict access to undesirables. But, boy oh boy, it will be fantastic for everyone. Lots of jobs on offer etc.

Of course I'll need to pitch the idea to Macquarie Bank for backing (a bit of political weight always helps push aside pesky council/national parks laws).

Who wants in? I can take advanced bookings now.
10:06:16 AM
I'm sure parks Victoria won't go spastic and ruin the camp grounds, introduce grid bolting and mass tours. As for the "outback experience" I have already seen tour groups around Araps (eg groovy grape tours) and they are generally young, hot and friendly. They stay for a short while and then leave again. So there's no real reason to be hostile towards them. As for economic viability, if Arapiles was such a thriving rock climbing tourist attraction, why isn't Nati a massive thriving town? There should be some kind of incentive to Nati though, if development were to take place, as it could remove vital income that the town needs.
Bob Saki
10:23:51 AM
I don't know if anyone would be necessarily hostile to non-climbing tourists. I think it's great that as many people as possible see this amazing formation. However, I think hostility would arise if masses of infrastructure were erected for tourists and tour company's purposes. Which could potentailly restrict climber's access and impact heavily on the surrounding environment.

I think nati is not so large beacuse Horsham is only 20 min away and at the end of the day the % of climbers in Australia is really not that large. (not sure what the stats are)
10:25:21 AM
On 22/03/2007 john s wrote:
>Hey Kieran
>Has the Arapiles Advisory Committee been told anything about this????

No one's heard anything about it. We were discussing it last night at the accident de-brief. Pete hawker (ranger) only found out yesterday - he got sent an email late Tuesday but only read it yesterday.
Presumably some corporate type at the dept of Name Changes has compared the figures for visitor numbers (high) and income (pitiful) and seen an investment opportunity.
10:26:23 AM
If they are going to build something, why not build it in Nati and provide a daily shuttle bus out to araps. leave araps as is.
john s
10:42:11 AM
Thanks Kieran - perhaps someone might eventually tell Peter what is going on!

This isn't the first time such ideas have been floated. Previously, the lack of water and problems with sewerage disposal have put the lid on things. I can't see that anything has changed to make this problem easier...

10:45:36 AM
perhaps Emirates can open their second luxury resort (after the Wolgan one)

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:47:39 AM
The Natimuk and Mt Arapiles Tourism Policy in the Horsham Planning Scheme does seek to have tourist
facilities located in Natimuk (see below).


To maintain and enhance the environmental and recreational qualities and attributes of Mt Arapiles-Tooan
State Park
To encourage the provision of services including accommodation for visitors to Mt Arapiles-Tooan State
Park within Natimuk township to enhance the local economy
To ensure that any tourist related development that takes place outside the Natimuk township complies
with stringent aesthetic and environmental criteria

Although it's clear that the policy does consider that development can take place outside of Nati (see the
last objective). The rest of the policy has some interesting stuff on what new buildings should look like
and how and where they should be located.

It should also be noted that Parks Vic are exempt from requiring a Planning Permit, which is normally
when a policy is implemented. This basically means that the policy does not apply to Parks, but does
apply to private land holders in the region. Parks (and the successful tenderer) should be advised that
although they may be exempt from the need for a permit, they should take spirit of the policy to heart
when forming their recommendations.

Also, look on the bright side, investment in the park could pay for the track work, and all the bolt chopping
that’s needed.
12:28:33 PM
Mikl had an excellent article in Rock a few years back with Arapiles as a safari park for hunting climbers (might have been called "2001: A Batting Average" but that might be something else).
Perhaps with a concerted campaign we could sell the concept of establishing a climber shooting lodge at the Pines.

1:32:09 PM
I think you’ll find Parks Vic has a strong tourism focus theses days and it looks like the tender may come from Tourism Victoria.

The Grampians Regional Tourism Development Plan states the following:

“Mt Arapiles is already a well-established destination for climbers from Australia. It is recognised that the Mt Arapiles Climbing area provides basic facilities for visitors, but lacks infrastructure to accommodate organised climbing groups, or to support a range of mountaineer education courses. Quality infrastructure would reposition the area for outdoor education and elite mountaineering courses in Australia.

A master plan and tourism study for the Mt Arapiles – Tooan State Park is required to further examine visitors’ needs and infrastructure opportunities.”
Grampians Regional Tourism Development Plan 2004-2007 pg 42 assets/All_PDFs/RTDP/RTDP_Grampians.pdf

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