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Tribulus terrestris (aka Caltrop/3 cornered Jack)

Eduardo Slabofvic
6:10:21 PM
Hello everybody,

I've just returned from a pleasant afternoon of picking Three Cornered Jack from around the Dec Crag
boulders. This plant is a nasty little fellow, introduced from southern Europe (France, I believe), which
formes horrid spiky thorns, hard and sharp enough to puncture bike tyres, thongs, feet, the palms of your
hands, or any other part of your anatomy that comes in contact with them.

It is quite well established around these boulders, and it would be great if it didnít spread to other areas
around the mount. If your bouldering in this area, can you check your shoes and mats before you leave
for the presence of said aforementioned thorns. If you find some keep them and burn them, or at least
put them in the bin (burning is best). Please donít just throw them away.

Also if you see a plant, please pick it and dispose of it in the same way. It is a low growing, ground
cover, with tentacles spreading in a radial pattern from a central point. It has a long tap root, which youíll
need to get out as well. Iíll put a picture up on the notice board at the camp ground, and you can check
this site out as well.®ion=&card=H64

At this time of year, the plant is drying out and dropping its seeds (the Ďorrid thorns), if you can pick these
up youíll be ensuring there are less to get next year.



6:35:54 PM
shoot an email to neiilo and see if its not too late to sneak this into into crux!!

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:48:53 PM
Consider it done.

Eduardo Slabofvic
8:46:01 AM

3 Cornered Jack season is early this summer, and I have already found plants around the Dec Crag
boulders. so if your in the area could you please spend 5 minutes picking, so as to ensure we stay on top
of this.

I've also been told that there have been some found at the base of the Rabbit boulder. Again, if youíre
there bouldering, just pick some in between shots.

The plants I found ranged in size from the diameter of a 10 cent piece up to the size of a dinner plate.
They were not dry yet, but some already had thorns. Now is this best time to get them.

And remember to check your shoes, mats, etc for thorns because it would be bad to spread this plant any

11:14:56 PM
I saw this email perhaps there may be willin' participants here:
>Dec Crag has bindys (three-cornered jacks) again.
>A sticht in time...
>Weeding bees will be held at Dec Crag this weekend, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 4 - >5pm. The weeds should come up easily after the rain.
>BYO bucket, weeding fork, kids and thongs.
>DON"T bring spades.
>If you can't make it, feel free to pull up some weeds whenever you're out at the Mount.
>Lou & Clive

1:43:25 PM
Could you snap a picture and post here so we know what it looks like.

3:03:12 PM
On 24/12/2007 PreferKnitting wrote:
>Could you snap a picture and post here so we know what it looks like.

Until Eduardo is able to post an image of the weed you can view some images and read about the plant at:

Eduardo Slabofvic
7:28:58 PM
I'm too much of a technophobe to be able to post pictures.

Death to Caltrop

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:58:44 PM
They're ba-aack.

Several confirmed kills in the tin. More to be had.

death to caltrop
2:49:43 PM
I have a huge problem with the little critters mainly along lanes and yards but a one hectare paddock is full. I'm spraying it out with "kamba" which is a selective broadleaf herbicide. Will Parks allow this to be sprayed or more importantly will they spray out the areas themselves as it gives a longer control period than trying to keep it picked . We have ours seeding 6 to 8 weeks ahead of last years crop which is due to the plentiful summer rain which specialises in on growing weeds . Bathurst Burr is also thriving as well as the fat hen and marshmellow plants.

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:10:11 PM
Parks know about the issue, and have done for a couple of years now. I have no idea on their strategy. If
they want to spray, now is the time as the plants are slightly bigger than a 50 cent piece at the moment,
and will be flowering in a week or so.

What is "kamba"? Can you but it for home use? does it persist in the soil. yadda yadda yadda, as I have
weed spotters wet dream at my place, including caltrop.

9:39:18 PM
our local rural supply stores stock KAMBA in 1 litre containers with squeasable measurement camber to accurately measure 60 ml (I think ) which is then poured into your spray unit . Pretty sure it is not a sterilant and is a broad leaf spray ie ryes etc are unaffected . round up will do the same job but take out most of the plantlife sprayed . you should probably add a vegetable dye(red ) to show where you have sprayed . In these containers I dont think you need a chemical users certificate to purchase it and if used to the labelled rate and applied carefully is as safe as any chemical ( if that is ever possible) I had a area of several hundred sq metres fairly well controlled but the Fat hen and hog weed took off and largely covered the caltrop and i did notice it until it was well and truly seeded so the problem grows
J Qui
9:16:27 PM
That's interesting...

Tribulus terrestris is known to be one of the strongest, natural testosterone stimulants.

It also has been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac, helping those who need a hand before
'fluffers' were invented.

Perhaps you should harvest it, rather than kill it off.

10:34:38 PM
On 14/01/2009 J Qui wrote:
>Tribulus terrestris is known to be one of the strongest, natural testosterone

A couple in your foot certainly stimulate adrenalin!
3:22:16 PM
mines taken off again ,is it still at arapiles if so probably starting to seed by now

Eduardo Slabofvic
9:35:09 AM
Yup. They're back.

10:24:30 AM
Oh, now you mention it, I stood on something bloody sharp last month that might be one of those, just beside the seldom-used access road that runs roughly from the south-east corner of the Pines towards King Rat.

I was taking a pee on the south-side of that track, roughly level with the water tank I think.

11:14:38 AM
On 4/01/2010 gfdonc wrote:
>Oh, now you mention it, I stood on something bloody sharp last month that
>might be one of those, just beside the seldom-used access road that runs
>roughly from the south-east corner of the Pines towards King Rat.
>I was taking a pee on the south-side of that track, roughly level with
>the water tank I think.

I heard that is where the redback was relocated to.
Karma ?
The Keeper
3:17:29 PM
Without a pic, I assume it the nasty little beast I encountered between Perth and Merredin - I rolled into a little community and went into a pub for something to eat and a brew - an old geezer remarked that I had a flat tire on my cart - I went out and checked and sure enough. Ended up fixing three flats in rapid succession and finally clued in when I stepped on one I had brought into my room inadvertently and which was sticking in the carpet. Apparently, when I pulled off the highway for a bivie or rest - the tires would roll over these dudes and that was it. They are quite nasty . I guess I need Kevlar inner tubes in the cart wheels for the next section. Hmm, aphrodisiac eh?
Maybe I should collect a bunch and I could use them with good effect in the Great Aussie Death Zone -southern Queen'sland. Wouldn't want the great insurgency petering out there.

4:27:53 PM
That's the old 'Cat Head' bindii, unrelenting torturer of my feet, footballs, and bike tyres as a kid. We used to call it that in Dubbo, NSW. Never heard of the name 'Three Cornered Jack', but it has a rogue-ish sound to it...! Those things were absolutely everywhere in the central west of NSW...

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