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psyched climbers
Dave C
1:17:03 PM
On 28/11/2006 dalai wrote:
Are you suggesting that Dalai is aggro?

Funniest suggestion on Chockstone since Hexy's disappearance. How's tricks youth?

1:17:25 PM
no ! I was replying to the inuendo directed at me, by you! but if I have the wrong person then I must be
talking to someone who clearly is not willing to take responsibility for their comments, and see that the
comment was meant to stir me up , it did'nt but Im just pointing out your flaws oh holy one
1:37:00 PM
"A spoon cannot taste of the food it carries. Likewise, a foolish man cannot understand the wise mans wisdom even if he associates with a sage." The Dalai Lama

"There was not a drop of hostility in my comments, only a reflection of your own perception." The other Dalai Lama

My comment was only to explain that sometimes topics can be free to veer away from the old usual same questions. Do a search through the Archives to see such classics as "what gear do I need", "how do I get to Araps" etc . It will show how many times such topics appear with the same requests. You perceived my comment as aggressive or to 'stirr you up' was not intended. I apologise if you feel that was the case...

These forum is one of a 'few' climbing forums I check out from time to time. This one would have to have the highest On Topic to off topic ratios of them all!

Hi StuckInLara,

all is well, missed the Winter temps to develop that new area we walked into earlier!! We will have to catch up again for a climb or boulder soon!

Cheers Dalai

2:32:59 PM
apology accepted , keep on reflecting those perceptions, who knows oneday you might progress from
bieng a spoon

3:59:57 PM
Now that is funny (No jibe, It really is).

9:56:17 PM
There is great Central Australian gospel music at

10:50:50 PM
On 28/11/2006 Pommy wrote:
>Being "psyched" and being a noisy tosser while climbing are completely
>different things.
>I can't stand being near people who grunt like Monica Seles as they thrash
>around on their latest project.
>They're probably the same sort of people who put exhaust tips on their
>Hyundai Excels to get noticed

I couldn't believe this Maserati Coupe that thundered over my local speedbump today, people can be smart enough to earn money enough to allow them to be stupid and tune their motors til they crackle and spit.

Pommy, I'm sad to hear that you're gruntist. Hopefully you don't discriminate against exertion lip farters (JP), screamers (Jacques) or red zoners (DoD/ JLo). I am a student of all the aforementioned arts, in addition to throwing in some Ninja WHOOAAAARRR's and Jedi WOMMM, WOOMM's.

The noises don't stop there, a certain bouldering junior has adopted some sort of steam train TSSST! TSST! accompanyment to his head throwbacks but he's not likely to be distracting you at the crags, I can't get him outside!! Hopefully he'll tire of shunting in the workshop and roll his carriage up the hill.

11:25:56 PM
adski, dude, I have VIDEO EVIDENCE of you doing an extertion-lip-fat, gruntyscreamy thingy, & a groundfall thump all within 10 seconds of each other...

4:03:00 PM
On 27/11/2006 kp wrote:
>Climbing is what you make of it. Some of the most psyched people i know
>barely speak a word at the crag/gym... perhaps you should rename your post
>to 'loud climbers'?

Yes, possibly the forum title was wrong.

I like the idea that this 'sport/lifestyle' is self driven.

I wasn't groaning about load and grunty climbers being annoying. They are quite fun to watch! and it makes me want to cheer them on just as loadly and beat my knitting sticks to the rhythm 'we we we will rock you'....Really I wanted to mention my recent observations about some people who constantly speak and proclaim that they are climbers and speak of nothing else even when asked an open ended question as how was your week?...

Just and old lady's meandering thoughts...
4:54:26 PM
>Really I wanted to mention my recent observations about some people who constantly speak and proclaim that they are climbers ...

Im not sure if this is in any way related to your observation, had an interesting observation yesterday when I went up to the Blackheath Post Office. Driving into the car park I nearly ran over a guy wandering across the road. He was wearing his harness complete with a set of draws nicely racked up. As I swerved around the corner I think I noticed a rope slung over his back Now Im sure there was a good explanation for this, like hed just had his backpack flogged or something, but given this is not entirely dissimilar to wandering around the Coles Horsham car park similarly geared up (but of course youd also need a bunch of hexes or whatever it is you need to make up a rack down there) I must admit I was a but curious as to the reason for his attire so far from the crag

4:58:23 PM
sometimes its easier to hitch a ride when you are 'geared up'. You don't look like a feral freak - but
instead a climber feral freak.

Eduardo Slabofvic
5:03:01 PM
I had my empty pack blow away in the wind in the dolomites one day, so I had to walk back down to the
valley, through the whole tourist thang, geared up to the eyballs. I think it good I didn't speak the
language, that way I didn't have to hear all the sledging that was, no doubt, going on.
6:05:57 PM
I recall a story about Triple M Radio personalities going climbing at Arapiles and they all visited Nati pub harnessed up.

I was sorry to have missed that.

But I think their instructors should be commended on a nice little sandbagging effort... "Now keep your climbing gear on when you go back through Nati, it's what all climbers do".
8:25:51 PM
On 28/11/2006 Pommy wrote:
>Being "psyched" and being a noisy tosser while climbing are completely
>different things.
>I can't stand being near people who grunt like Monica Seles as they thrash
>around on their latest project.
>They're probably the same sort of people who put exhaust tips on their
>Hyundai Excels to get noticed

Someone else also commented that they prefer climbing around quiet climbers rather than loud climbers, if at all. I'd have to agree with this but I have found myself being quite loud on climbs before.

The first time I ever grunted aloud on a climb was on Interstate 31 at Cosmic County, Blueys. It's a 17 hand crack. I'd never really done any crack climbing before that so the jamming thing was very new (and non-existant?) to me. It was such a struggle for me to get up though I found myself almost subconsciously grunting quite loudly. Afterwards I realised what I had been doing and knew that I couldn't have held it back if I tried.

I still find myself grunting up things every now and then. Generally, it's only when I'm on top rope and am trying something harder than what I can climb cleanly/silently! The thing is, I know that when I do climb 'loudly' its involuntarily - it just comes out. So surely there's a half way point between being a noisy tosser and climbing quietly.

8:51:56 AM
I sometimes fart loudly when I'm pulling a hard move. Apologies to anyone who's ever had to witness this.
4:59:18 PM
The perfect ending to this messed up thread....
4:38:50 PM
Holy Crap! It's like being back in high school. Mindless squables over nothing... whoops.. Looks like i've joined in too..
4:47:17 PM
What's the internet equivalent of a wedgy?

Or having your head flushed in a toilet?

4:50:27 PM
On 14/07/2009 hero wrote:
>What's the internet equivalent of a wedgy?
>Or having your head flushed in a toilet?

When I used IRC a lot people would usually go for using some network bug to knock them offline or get them banned from their favourite channel/site/forum/etc...
9:09:41 PM
fart!!! you should hear and smell the garage where we train at my mates place!! training is alway's after dinner and there is always alot of pressure on if you know what i mean??
i like to get "fully physched" sometimes but thats usually so i dont shit myself trying to drag my arse up some grade 16!!! enthusiasm is always better than climbing like we are being forced to against our will. i have read somewhere before " if you dont feel alive whilst climbing then you must be dead on the inside". that might explain that smell then!

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