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Goatfest 06 Film Festival

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:47:59 AM
For those who came in late, Goatfest is the name given to the annual Arapiles Community Theatre (ACT) fundraising film night held on Easter Saturday evening in the Soldiers Memorial Hall, Main Street Natimuk.

Planning for Goatfest 06 is currently underway. The major change to the format of the evening this time around is that we are including a film making competition and a high profile speaker with slide show, as well as a feature film.

The main purpose of this post is to raise the topic of the film making competition. The brief is to make/submit a short film that involves “Climbing”. I am being deliberately vague on how climbing should be included so as to open up possibilities for filmmakers. So films can be documentary, drama, comedy, action adventure, whatever.

Films should be a maximum of 8 minutes in length, no minimum length and submitted on a DVD. Films of exceptional quality that exceed this length may be included at the judges discretion. Depending on how many films are submitted, being shown on the night will be at the judges discretion.

There will be prises for the best film as awarded by the judges, and a prise for best film as voted by the audience on the evening. More details on the prises will be available as the festival takes shape.

I have a poster advertising the competition in the making, and hope to have these circulating around gyms and gear shops prior to Christmas. I will also be making similar posts on other Australian climbing web sites.

Films should be submitted to:-

The Grand Poobar
Goatfest 06
C/- Arapiles Community Theatre
P.O. Box 119
Natimuk 3409

Entries will be received up until the 31st of March 2006. I will post more details when I have figured out what those details are.

1:17:08 PM
On 16/12/2005 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>Entries will be received up until the 31st of March 2006. I will post
>more details when I have figured out what those details are.

Any more info Eduardo?

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:46:50 AM
No major news as yet, as I've been too busy to do anything. I have two films that I have the rights to show, still trying to get the rights on a third. No action on the film competition as yet, so if you’re thinking of submitting something then you'll basically be assured of winning, so go for it! I’m led to believe there will be 2 local films being entered.

I’ll publish all the names of the films when I get it a bit more sorted. If I get the rights to this 3rd film, there will be 3 professionally produced films (1 of which may be it’s Australian premiere!!), and what ever we get in the film comp department.

Goat Fest 06 will be on Easter Saturday in the Soldiers Memorial Hall, Main Street Natimuk (the same place as last year). Doors will open at about 7pm, and as daylight saving will have finished by then this should be after everyone’s finished climbing for the day.

Food will be available, but the menu is yet to be determined, but it will be a solid meal (curries and rice or something like that). The bar will be open, with beer (probably just Coopers), wine and non-alcoholic drinks of some description (any suggestions?????).

Stay tuned.
10:51:06 AM
You could probably get the promo people from Red Bull or "V" to show up or donate some product. They seem very keen on the alternative sportsperson market...

11:50:41 AM
Are you serious Jaq? The last people I want to see around the climbing 'scene' is those tossers from Red
Bull. Argghhh!
12:16:50 PM
On 21/02/2006 climbingjac wrote:
>They seem very keen on the alternative sportsperson

One person's alternative sportsperson is another person's main stream consumer!

Not long till the Subaru end of year sales, although a volvo would be a better option for people who demand total safety.

12:20:04 PM
I want an F350...

12:22:17 PM
On a more relevent note. I just edited a 7 minute BASE jumping 'world tour' video for some mates of
mine. Great imagery and mountain locations (South Africa, France, Italy, Norway, USA etc). Is this
appropriate for

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:56:21 PM
If someone is climbing something then it fits the criteria (maybe there's a shot of someone climbing out of bed in the morning). All films shown at Judges discretion.

Send DVD to

The Grand Poobar
Goat Fest 06
C/- Arapiles Community Theatre
P.O. Box 119
Natimuk 3409

3:04:04 PM
They climb up a ladder in one shot and they fall off a lot of cliffs.... ;-)

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:06:51 PM
Send us a copy, we'll give it a look. At the moment it would be the only entry, so quite likely to get the nod from the judges. Climbing a ladder is still climbing. I'll send it back when we're done with it.

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:11:03 PM
On 21/02/2006 climbingjac wrote:
>You could probably get the promo people from Red Bull or "V" to show up
>or donate some product.

We're open to the idea of sponsorship, but I would need to get the nod from all ACT members before proceeding too far on this angle. Anyone interested in sponsoring us could send me a PM.

5:03:07 PM
Just posted you three films... mostly for your own personal amusment.

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:44:12 PM
The menue has been sorted, and we will be serving 3 different types of curry (Roo, Chicken, and Dhal) with rice, also pappadams, raita, and chutney (yum!). Cakes and tea/coffee will also be available later on. The food will be brought to you by the same people who did the café at the Hall during the Nati Frinj.

As this is a fund raiser for the Arapiles Community Theatre (the people who brought you the Nati Frinj) remember to bring you appetite and your thirst.

P.S. I'll also bring along a set of scales so you sport climbers can weigh your celery sticks.

master of drung
10:26:59 AM
what is the chance of handing in a dvd in person in natimuk or wherever over the weekend sometime instead of by the due date, we have never edited a film before on computer and it is taking longer than we thought.

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:35:54 PM
Hi there Master,

As I am "Grand Poobar" of the event, what I say goes, and I say that I'll accept your DVD late, but you'll need to tell me how long it goes for (if its less then 7 mins then its in, but if it goes for 30mins then may be not, maybe).

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:44:40 PM
Hi neil,

Sorry for the lateness of this reply, but I've been away (and not chopping bolts, as has been suggested elsewhere). The base jumping films is a definite goer in the short film section of Goatfest. Its well produced.

The other 2 are a bit long, in that they are about 30 mins each (approx), so they will only go in at Judges discretion, which means I count up the number of minutes of film I have for the night, add on 45 mins for intermission, then see what can I squeese in between opening and closing. So I'm not saying no to them, I'm saying maybe to them.

But thanks for sending them, they are of high quality and would no doubt be enjoyed by all.

I'm assuming that you are giving me the rights to show the MRPPP film?????

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:41:44 AM
Woops, this thread has slipped off the front page. I'll have to fix that. Don't worry, I'll stop doing this after easter.

11:44:34 AM
You have full permission to play all three films Eduardo. I produced and own © to all of them.
12:02:13 PM
On 3/04/2006 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>Woops, this thread has slipped off the front page. I'll have to fix that.
> Don't worry, I'll stop doing this after easter.

Added details to the Upcoming events...

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