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Belly rings + climbing?

10:02:55 AM
On 10/11/2005 dr_fil_good wrote:

>*shudder* long hair and abseil devices suck arse!!! I've taken a group
>out canyoning before with a few newbs and one guy had mega long hair that
>got caught in his device

A friend of mine got her hair caught in a gri-gri at Cliffhanger a few years ago... Trying to get it out ended in a situation al la 'the Simpsons', when the old guy Jasper gets his beard caught in the pencil sharpener....

Also, nipple rings hurt like hell when flicked by a taught rope!!!

11:46:15 AM
I've had my belly button pierced for many years, with a bar. Never had any trouble with it when climbing. It was mildly painful for a couple of days but nothing major. Certainly deosn't restrict movemnet! Go for it... if it doesn't work you can always take it out :)

11:54:57 AM
I certainly thought about it for a while when a whole lot of my friends got them but I came to the conclusion that they're more annoyance than anything and I'm an extremely practical person. Also most of those friends got infections etc (normal apparently) which stopped them from their sport for a while. In the end a fair few just got rid of them to save the hassle.

Funny story: A friend of mine who had a spikey ball metallic belly piercing was sitting next to the heater in a classroom on a cold day. After 25mins of absorbing heat, she started running round in circles in pain as the thing burnt every bit of her it touched. OUCH!!!!! I think that was the clincher as to why i didn't get it done...
12:47:38 PM
I've had one for years and its no prob. and when i re-pierced it the tape method worked well! as it did for other other body piercings as well
and yes there is nothing better than a fit stomach with or with out belly ring!

2:33:53 PM
On 11/11/2005 ademmert wrote:
> it did for other other body piercings as well...



11:07:01 PM
On 10/11/2005 simey wrote:

>As for belly button piercings on fat, exposed mid-riffs... God help me!

haha that is pretty disturbing!!

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:12:35 PM
My ring always gives me the most trouble when I'm climbing.......oooh er!

11:31:09 PM
what kind of routes are you on when that happens eddy? :P

>Funny story: A friend of mine who had a spikey ball metallic belly piercing
ive got some GREAT stories about this kinda thing, not telling though, sabu would kick my arse for corrupting you! :D

10:23:28 AM
ahahahaaha right well rest assured we've currupted her beyond anything u could say! so go ahead please!!

Nick Kaz
10:58:49 AM
On 12/11/2005 Sabu wrote:
>ahahahaaha right well rest assured we've currupted her beyond anything
>u could say! so go ahead please!!

You don't know Josh do you?

2:45:12 PM

is that implying multiple persons, or justa bogan way of reffereing to ones self?


matey...nicks right, so dont tempt me!!! :P

5:34:56 PM
na thers whole group of us (climbers from school) that generally currupt the innocent minds.
im temping you riight now or u could PM me if u wer too right afraid of the mods, but i reckon i could take u on and beat u...!!
Hex can be the judge!

10:15:59 PM
haha youre callin me to lay down my professional reputation??! :P well ill grab ya details and see ya when im in vic, that way i can corrupt ya all without the rest of the world being in the know as to the crazy particulars of my lights-out-life
heres a more 'innapropriately entertaining' than corrupting example: like laying starkers in the middle of the floor in one of the rooms down at the snow where 4 people live, with one of those 4 people ontop of me and about 3 seconds after finding out that this chick is in fact a stripper from brisbane [no, she didnt get a cent from me] a huge group of my mates/their women open the door and wander in thinking theres a party on and then this chick im with asks one of the chicks to come and join in!! the role that a piercing plays in this story is definately not going to be published)
i also have a strange fdeeling im going to regret posting this

10:13:47 AM
ahahahaha nice one!!

3:50:51 PM
JCP: r u confusing strippers with prostitutes?

i don't think you'll regret posting's happened to us all.......................??????????? not!
Lol. yes keep the rest unpublished....too much information!

4:09:55 PM
On 13/11/2005 kerroxapithecus wrote:
>JCP: r u confusing strippers with prostitutes?

No hes just confusing dreaming and reality....

7:05:13 PM
haha rod, at the time i morning i wished i was

12:57:19 PM

Heh, yeah coz other ppl's bellies are only there for us to perve at and approve or disapprove of.

I agree they don't need adorning though.

I had enough trouble with nipple rings and a bag strap, let alone when climbing! Damn thing nearly got torn out when I was getting out of the car in a supermarket car park. It was positively unfunny. Has put me off jewellery for climbing almost altogether. Pink bits piercings might be interesting when getting into some really technical contorted moves, but that might be more distracting than painful.

Cheese, Lis

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