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World Climbing - Book Competition - Nov 2005

1:13:10 PM
ahaha the funniest thing about this topic is that people who usually never post on chockstone are replying!!!

1:14:34 PM
people will do anything for money.... bring on the lurkers!

1:25:37 PM

yeah, I'm in baby!!! what do I have to do to win this ;-P

1:33:00 PM
i'm in for #1, gotta think of something funny for #2 : )

1:42:20 PM
Neil, great comp. But I haven't done anything noble in the climbing world like provide free on line guides or replace bolts out of my own pocket (or set up a comp like this), so I do not deserve the prize. If I do happen to win it, I will give it to you.

Trust me..

2:02:28 PM
Someone asked me to post "me too!" to this thread... so here I am.

2:14:57 PM
We have a table, it is mostly used for newspapers, Rock and MTB mags - but occaisonally coffee. The book would look good on it!

2:20:19 PM
Why I should win-

1) I wrote this comment in MS Crash (with the Australian spelling setting) and then copy/pasted it into Chockstone to avoid all spelling and grammar errors.
2) As president of a climbing club I will share this fabulous book with all my members so more people turn bright green with envy and go buy a copy.
3) Iím a poor starving student who desperately needs excitement amidst the boredom of writing a PhD in mathematics.
4) As uwhp510 mentioned, there arenít enough females who climb, so girls like me should be further encouraged with nice coffee table books to decorate their lounge rooms. Also I would appreciate the shiny pectorals and rippling abs featured in the book much more than most of you boys.

2:30:22 PM
#1 position so far skip1

2:31:37 PM
hey skip, if you win ill send you a postersized print of my rippling abs n pecs in a trade for the book :D

2:34:00 PM
I'm in desperate need of porn! :) Just the cover photo's got me hotter than a training session on a 40-degree night!!!! Come on help out a girl with no shame :) You know ya wanna ;)

D'ya think that 'ill work? :) Surely I've gotta get brownie points for embarrassing myself in a public forum :)

2:45:57 PM
was that directed at me or simon? :P cus ya know, same deal to you as skippy!!!!:D

3:14:32 PM
*laugh* give me one good reason why i should trade a whole book full of ripplin abs n pecs crankin up 25+ with gorgeous backgrounds for your single print?

thanks nmonteith ;-)
Bob Saki
3:19:49 PM

first the question begins with do I deserve this more than an other members of the forum? The answer of course is undefined a bit like 1 divided by 0. Therefore with that in mind it was time to build a case in the affirmative for me.
why? I am new to the pursuit of rockclimbing (only a 7 month veteran) I need to be inspired to be filled with hope that one day I may be climbing some of the routes that have been so expertly photographed. I need to dream and hope! Also the 1988 Playboy Calendar that has been from wall to wall house to house (only cause Elle McPhearson signed it and she ain't even in it! - I think that's cool) sadly needs updating Miss November just doesn't look the smae without a head and Miss August has been wearied by time. So as they say there is no time for sentiment! it's TIME! (borrowing some of Gough's wisdom) for a new Onsight Calander

3:51:10 PM
It's a book, not a calendar. Your death was in the details.
Bob Saki
4:03:50 PM
On 9/11/2005 manacubus wrote:
>It's a book, not a calendar. Your death was in the details.

as your sword pierced my armour I managed to stutter - "well done old boy. You were better on the day" as I closed my eyes

however, it does prove my attentiveness is substandard, perhaps even more reason why a book may be handy to hone these skills further

Chalk Free
4:43:47 PM
Pick me, Pick me

5:31:28 PM
i have a stain on my coffee table that happens to be exactly the same size as your coffee table book, what a coincidence. see if you give me the book, you get to help me cover my stain, and i'll help you by looking at your pictures. its a great deal for both parties. you see pictures are just dots on a page until someone looks at them right? and until you have an audience its not a 'photo', its a bunch of chemicals infused on some dried wood pulp. so you're not actually a 'photographer' as such until someone, like me, helps you out. so if you give me your book and let me put it on my coffee table, i get a book, i get to cover up my coffee table stain, and all the girls will find me more attractive because they think i've got a new coffee table (hah!). you get the satisfaction of being an artist that captures otherwise unremarkable photons drifting aimlessly from a scene and binds them so that they can stir up vivid images and experiences in people long after the original scene has passed. but you need a viewer for that.. fair trade!

5:33:33 PM
Free porn? Check me on that!

5:47:35 PM
hey skip, ill have to get back to you on that one

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