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World Climbing - Book Competition - Nov 2005
Boundary Rider
8:55:03 PM
Count me in!
9:03:30 PM
You can throw one my way if you like... looks awesome!
Dave C
9:16:04 PM
My mrs bought this very nice coffee table while we were over there earlier this year. Once we have a house to put said table in we'll be needing an appropriate coffee table book to adorn it. Count me in.

9:23:07 PM
Yeah, please throw my name into the barrel. :)
11:06:13 PM
fk if anyone actually writes 200 words that is free of grammatical errors (& makes sense!) they've won
for sure...

[PS: the book looks stunning Simon!]

11:36:57 PM
On 8/11/2005 mpage wrote:
>One question for the quiz master, does onsight go into the draw for posting
>in the topic?

Yeah, I guess Simon could do with another copy.

James, I think you've a point. There aren't many of us who could string 200 whole words toghether. Refer to previous threads on grammar if in doubt
Dave C
12:08:19 AM
You burning the midnight oil again youth? I am SO bored in this office!

12:37:39 AM
Yup. I'm working on a photo-comission of my own (I'm not so sure that this one will ever end up in book form, however). I'm discovering the delights of home printing and other post production at the moment. It's not half as fun as the actual shooting.

As I was alluding to with JCP in another thread, it's really hard to be a photographer and part of the action. Ian Parnel does a really good job of this, but he also leaves his sleeping behind on 7000m peaks so he can carry extra lenses. But I digress.

In order to produce really sweet images, I think you have to distance yourself from what's going on. How far is determined by the focal length of the lens you're using, and whether you're after an Onsight-type atmospheric shot, or perhaps you want to be able to count the beads of sweat on your subjects brow.

Not only do you need to be distanced, but you have to separate yourself from the action. Some photographers are really good at directing their subjects, contriving shots with such craft that they look completely natural. For my part, I'd be happy if I was invisible. Of course, sometimes I'll encourage or coax a model. But by and large, I like to keep things pure. You can't really do that if people are waiting for you to stop shooting and start belaying again.

I have to agree with Onsight and a few others on using film too. I find it satisfying in the same way as shooting a 'pure' shot - it's a very organic medium that you have to know how to tame.
It's certainly a skill to wield a digital camera, and to manipulate a digital image (like I'm doing now), but it's a craft to get it right on a strip of silver. Don't be shy about taking a few goes to get it right though. If it's right, it's worth the ten other imperfect exposures, if that's what it takes.
I was thinking of buying a digital camera, but it's more to see if the hair at the back of my head is sticking up, and exploring for lost stuff under the couch.

I think the midnight oil is starting to wane. My eyes only seem good to F5.8 at the moment - they're not working so good in this low light.

BadBrad Of The Isles
6:03:07 AM
Well im moving to Christchurch New Zealand at the end of this week for work and recreational reasons. Once ive got a house setup i will be offering free accomodation to climbers/ boulderers/ chockstoners wanting to partake of the delights of Castle Hill. As such im going to have to start a library of climbing related material/ images to motivate and inspire those on their "tips are too trashed to hold a spoon" enforced days off. Simon your book along with the framed full size photo of the totem poll i already have will make a good start.
P.S. i will be off air for a little while at the end of this week untill im sorted but watch this space for coming announcement.
6:54:13 AM
I'm in!

7:41:18 AM
The photo on the cover looks amazing, beautiful colours! Nice one Simon!
8:00:50 AM
I would like it please. Ok pretty please.

8:34:08 AM
Count me in too!

The Elk
9:44:10 AM
I never seem to win any competitions (unless it's the vic state titles and I'm the only entrant in my category) so I'm making it known here that I'll be happy to go in the random hat draw, while also thinking of some sort of comment that may just stand out, thus doubling my chances of winning.

So, Given that my fiance, Steve, and I bought a new coffee table recently, I need to create symmetry on the new coffee table. As it is I have a sculpture in the middle, my copy of Aus Rockclimbing book on the left. I need to have the World Climbing book on the right in order to create harmony and aesthetic harmony in my lounge room.

Gunta Skirtpulla
10:34:49 AM
Great cover shot simon.
Count me in.

10:40:50 AM
Excellent. I'd like a copy of that!
10:43:06 AM
Please enter me in the draw also, Thankyou.

12:33:27 PM
Count me in
12:40:35 PM
Ooh! Ooh! Count me in please.

I also have a very good reason why you should give it to me AND its less than 200 words AND there are no spelling mistakes....

I'm very nice.

See? Who can argue with that?

12:48:27 PM
Hell yes, count me in. Sabu - first rule of 'shotgun': You cannot call shotgun until you can see the item you're shotgunning. So hands off... :p hehe

I deserve this book because Santa has officially stopped visitting me as of this year (prolonged due to little brother) and so now there's an even smaller chance that I'll get one to call my own. Happy to exchange anything of mine of value for the awesome book. (including Sabu and his mother's cooking products).

Good luck to all, and whoever wins - i hope you haven't included your address in your profile cos u mite get mailbombed... :p

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