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World Climbing - Book Competition - Nov 2005

1:41:36 PM
I'm in. Which page am I on does anyone know?

Phil S
2:56:01 PM

3:04:31 PM
This here lurker wants in on the comp!

5:11:28 PM
5:21:40 PM
Count me in too!

11:11:06 PM
Ok well i could get lucky so im in
11:27:23 PM
My parents won't know to send it to me for christmas (while I sit and look out the window at the rain here in London), so this will remind me what I have to look forward to!

Do I win? No, well that's ok, I'll be at the pub - where everyone's a winner!

1:02:25 AM
wekll i was gonna wait uniutl later towards the end date, but i really need this beeok like skip needs a root, many bundys band beers ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a rad lookuing dude called al, who really wanted a book on climbin, tbhe first book was too hot,m the next book was too vcold, but the last book was juist right. just like a can of deodeerant explodes when thrown in the fire, so is my desire for you climbing porn book simein. next time ya down at vic, givve us a bell and i'll shout ya a whole heap of banananazs fron the ararat safewayu along with somme red capsicum dip and a blank video tape.

piew piew bang crack piew boooooooooxch firewroks

booooo dave, i like jelly
5:18:40 PM
well, i did a really really creative contribution and i deserve to win. unfortunaly, the memory from my
camera was erased so i have no photo evidence, but i will decribe it here as a submission.
it was an extravaganza that took place simultaneously in 3 locations at midnight GMT on the 10th of
Location 1, sahara desert in egypt:
A new pyramid was built especially for the occasion (using slaves this time, instead of aliens like the
other ones). It was painted with the slogan "ben should win the book" 500 local girls dressed in white
formed themselves in to concentric circles aroung the pyramid. 200 monkeys on monocycles
performed and in fact created the largest ever monkey-monocyle pyramid, alligning itself perfectly with
the other pyrmaid in a line directly to my house while chanting slogans(in monkey language" about why
i should win. It was completed with a massive fireworks display....kind of like the one on new years
eve in sydney, but bigger.

well, that is a brief description of the sahara section of my presentation. i will let you know about the
other 2 sooooon!!!

[Edit, just remembered after reading that simon is judging....the 500 girls were also chanting "we love

7:25:06 PM
count me in...
9:16:52 AM
Book looks awesome. I'll be in on winning it. So far the only prize i've ever won was a hose so life can only get better from here!
9:15:20 AM
Count me in too!

Here's a creative (?) bit

Do you Love Me? (Part 1)

I found the line on a far away crag
Thunder rang in a wild sky
I knew from that moment on
That Id climb it till the day that I died
So I laced up my old broke down aces
And put on my rack of a thousand epics
Some begged, some borowed, some stolen
Some bootied from Mexico
On an old bandolier of blood and tat
And the hexes on my harness went jingle-jangle

If I win the book I might add another verse or two..


Phil Box
10:48:22 AM
Sheesh, how did I miss this thread. Free schwag being offered is always a motivator. Now why would I want this book for free in 200 words or less.

Once upon a time.

No no, wait, lemme start again.

It was a dark and stormy night.

Nope, that`s been done before.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times.

Nar, that`s also been done to death.

Friends Romans country men, lend me your ears.

Puhlease Phil, try harder.

I was born at a very young age.

Hmmm, too far back I reckon.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Yawn, I hate speeches.

Gaaaaah, I dunno, just gimme the book already.


Seriously, congrats Simon on the new book, hope it goes very well for you.


11:13:51 AM
Sounds like a great book!

dr box
11:57:10 AM
oh can i have it?

12:24:38 PM
me too
Lurking Dave
12:31:20 PM
Me, me, me :-)
12:28:46 PM
Count me in
2:04:57 PM
I think I should get a copy for refusing to sleep with Simon's girlfriend
(not the current one of course, this was years ago)

2:44:54 PM

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