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off-topic: climbers who ride bicycles
10:59:33 AM
On 14/09/2005 rhinckle wrote:
>have started noticing track bikes on the road lately. I've been riding
>an old lennie rogers, with fixed wheel & front brake since 1985.
>replaced the singles, when the original airlite wheels were stolen, with
>wire ons. not quite the same ride, but so much easier to fix.

Continue to enjoy the single speed Rhinckle. It probably won't be worth your while to sell it anyway.

Top speed - can't recall exactly other than I think it was close to the ton down Terry's avenue in Belgrave. Regularly hit the 80's down the Wall.

I did have an unconfirmed 100km + riding with a friend in the late 1980's (was the reading on his speedo and was solid on 99km, the max display). But I have since ridden the same hill and haven't come anywhere close so am wary of it's accuracy.

1:05:49 PM
About 15 years ago 5 of us were screaming along overtaking cars on the big hill from Deans Marsh Road down into Lorne on these crappy old single speed bikes without helmets and dodgy brakes. Crazy stuff. Survived it, but I look back now and shudder a little.
1:52:32 PM
On 1/09/2005 dalai wrote:
>Kinglake (St Andrews - Kinglake rd) 7.46 km at 4.8%
>- Right from Kinglake.
>* At Melba hwy either
>Yarra Glen Eltham rd 2.4 km at 6.7% + Watsons ck climb 4.1 km @ 3.8%
> Or at Melba Hwy continue straight ahead to Toolangi and loop Chum Ck
>Myers Ck roads (this order if feeling strong as Myers creek is the steep
>of the two).

I have road bike and used to ride alot - many of the loops Dalai is referring too - I've only done the Toolangi hill once though (leading into Kinglake) and after being warned about its steepness I paced myself and didn't fine it too bad. The greensborough, Healsville, Toolangi, Kinglake, greensborough ride I thought was close to 140km. I love the kinglake hill as it was my first "real" hill and is always a challenge when you're out with a bunch - great fun when you're fit!

I got to 96km (I think) a number of years ago on thompsons road (i think) Lower Plenty (I think) - I didn't pedal hard until about a third of the way down when I realised I was flying and you max out in the 80s and after that pedalling does no good - I used to have a 53 : 11 - I always thought that if I'd pedalled from the top then 100kph would have been in the bag.

We often do the Hurstbridge - Arthurs Creek - Plenty Rd ride which is a cruisy 80 km

I'm pretty sure my speedo was working fine.


6:44:30 PM
On 14/09/2005 rhinckle wrote:
>have started noticing track bikes on the road lately. I've been riding
>i now predict that this thread will go quiet.

Not from me. My daily commuter is a track pursuit frame, and I have one other singlespeed road bike in the stable, and another track bike in the build process. I too have dome the bells and whistles MTB thing and it's just not the same. Once you've got used to riding fixed, it's very hard to go back to the clutter and clatter of multi-geared bikes.

Of course, you'll note that I've been very quiet on this talk of monster climbs and descents...


8:59:16 PM
My last singlespeed was built for 'Eltham Spec' with a 2:1 ratio. You can sure crank a singlespeed harder than a multispeed (provided you've got the whole chain tension thing sorted), making short hills a sprint effort.

For those who know Marcus Walker, he rides a fixed wheel mountain bike. Now that's silly.

9:19:57 PM
I wouldn't last in Eltham. I'm running 48 x 18.

Marcus Walker is a legend. His shop, Walkers' Wheels, have put a bike as a prize in every RRR radiothon for as long as I can remember. Fixed gear MTB aside, he walks the walk.

Which is kinda neat since his name is Walker.

Mind you, depending on the ratio he is running, he could be doing a lot of walking as well.

9:23:49 PM
I flatted halfway through an XC race a few years ago. I didn't have any spares (because I'm an idiot). I actually gained places, the course was that rough. No body said anything when I pushed my bike across the line wearing a "Walkers Wheels" jersey.

I think he uses about 2:1. reasonably standard off-road ratio.
Yup, he's a good man. Don't tell him I said that.

7:41:37 AM
Talking about riding climbers - I bet a stack of you guys were getting down and dirty at the Werribee 12hr last weekend?

If so you probably saw me shooting photos - I was in the hawaiian shirt and dreadlocked-glowstick pigtails. I was also riding for team glowstick (aka The Freedom Machine) when the fancy took me.

Keep an eye open for - When it comes online I should have race pics up. I'll be doing the same at the Mont 24hr, plus some video of the track if the technology falls into place.

10:51:09 AM
dalai has not posted / logged in for a while.
... Hope its just a holiday and he has not fallen off his bike.

ShinToe Warrior
11:30:38 AM
M8, dalai mentioned competing in the duathlon world championship, if memory serves correctly, so he
could be away there

12:19:36 PM
Thanks STW
9:16:15 PM
After having just spent the last few hours reading through the 400+ posts since last Wednesday, glad see someone noticed me gone...

And yes, was enjoying Newcastle hospitality and sun for the last 6 days.
10:40:41 AM
At the moment Iím riding a custom built GT single speed, with converted dropouts, beige powder coat and other bits and pieces. Now Iíve gone single speed I donít think I could ever go back. Riding is just so much cleaner and simpler. If you hit a hill you just push harder. Admittedly I live inner city and the hills and more like gentile inclines but I get by on 42:16 and havenít found a road I have had to push the bike up yet.

Single speed all the way!

Does anyone know where I could find somewhere to buy second hand track bikes from? Iím after a super small. Must have a flip flop hub and be relatively cheep. Also I donít mind if itís an old model in fact a retro frame would almost be better.
12:11:07 PM
If you're after a track bike / frame you could perhaps try Cycling NSW (02) 9738 5850 or ask for Gary Sutton's number (NSW / NSWIS Head Coach). They will turn over a number of frames every couple of years.
In Melbourne, the person to contact would be John Beasley... don't have his number handy though

2:16:28 PM
A picture of my cycle being put to typical use. I purchased this cycle from a certain legendary retailer of cycles based in Montmorency.

8:28:00 PM
Can't think who that might be, Zeb.

Joe, don't know if it helpd, but Avanti have started producing a real cheap track back off the shelf. Don't remember the cost, but give me a call at work and I'll check it out if you're interested.

For that matter, anyone riding a freak bike around town should drop into the chapel street freedom machine to show me, and have a natter. Everyone there's into bikes, we need more climbers instore
12:58:25 PM
ok, I need some tips from people who know more about front derallieurs than I do!

front derallieur is stuffed, can't change onto the biggest chainring, which is the one I use 90% of the time. I am trying to avoid spending any cash fixing it, & the idea of simpler set-up appeals, but I didn't want to go as far as a single speed just yet.

I disconnected the chain from the front derallieur, & so now have just 3 or 4 gears to use on the back (running a 9 speed cluster). if I use anymore than that, it spits my chain off.

also, often the chain stays on when pedalling forwards, but it spits off when back pedalling (ie when track standing). anyway to stop this?

can I swap the big & middle chainrings round on the front? ie to shift the big chainring inwards a bit, so I can have 4 gears in the 'middle' of the cluster (instead of 4 at the top)?

1:24:31 PM
Have you tried adjusting the travel screws on the derailleur, and oiling the mech?
Front derailleurs are pretty simple. There should be two screws to adjust the min/max travel, so winding one out (typically marked "H" for High) will allow your derailleur to swing out further from the bike body.

Is it bent? If the bike has been dropped or laid down, the derailleur cage may be bent inwards towards the bike frame, thus reducing the amount of travel. Bend it back into shape before trying any of the other steps.

Try oiling cables (get someone who knows how to show you).
Spray the derailleur mechanism with WD40 or similar to ensure it can swing freely.

Good luck.
- Steve
1:27:15 PM
Sorry didn't respond to your last two questions:
> anyway to stop this?
Yes, get your derailleur adjusted properly and it should stop happening.

> can I swap the big & middle chainrings round on the front?
Strongly doubt it, on most setups the spider pattern is different. And why would you want to? You're just fixing one problem by creating another. Get the derailleur adjusted properly.
1:41:20 PM

that link is gold when it comes to home repair... ive saved heaps and learnt alot along the way... i now fix all my bikes!

here is my girlfriends track comuter..... now a little different but anyways... its got 650 wheels to give you an idea of how tiny it is.....

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