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Easter Saturday Night Film Night in Natimuk

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:02:00 AM
A film night will be held at the Natimuk Soldiers Memorial Hall on Easter Saturday the 26th of March. There will be films, food, and drink. This is a fund raiser for the Arapiles Community Theatre. Stay tuned for more information.

11:26:03 AM
Let me know if you want a copy of my Baffin Island doco [for free]. It is 30 minutes long... see trailer here

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:32:08 AM
We're pretty full at the moment, but the quality of some of the film/technology interface may reduce our content.

What format is you film in? DVD, video, 16mm, super 8?
11:50:17 AM
Do try to fit in Eduardo, very entertaining viewing.
12:09:08 PM
Yes Eduardo, I've seen it as well and I definitely think people would enjoy it (sure beats a lot of those boring bouldering videos!)

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:37:23 PM
It's a night of climbing films, and we all know that bouldering is not climbing. If it was it would be called climbing, which its not.

12:40:11 PM
I can supply on DVD, BetaSP or DigiBeta.

1:32:39 PM
I have a film idea, let's put up a Camera on the main street of Nati and film for a year. Then condense the film to include only the interesting things that happen....would be a good (very) short film

1:35:26 PM
Better yet why not format all the "best" posts from Chockstone into a short slide type show, even Hexy's thread could get "a" slide :P

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:47:31 PM
Bourge - Your idea would work better if you put in a bowl of fruit and painted the scene in oils.
1:49:43 PM
I have a film idea, let's put a camera on Bourge and film for a year. Then condense the film to include only the interesting things that happen... would it rival Low Gravity?

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:06:54 PM
I've got a film idea, we put a camera in Simeys bedroom and wait for him to score then send it off to certain retail stores in Canberra. We'll have to put in an extra extra extra extra super long life battery in the camera though.
3:16:44 PM
On 25/02/2005 simey wrote:

>would it rival Low Gravity?

Nothing rivals Low Gravity Simey ;-)
3:19:30 PM
Eduardo, I don't get it... Why do we send it off to retail stores in Canberra?

PS. And you're right Martin - it would be hard to rival Low Gravity. (The bit of you on India was pretty good though - it was just a pity John didn't edit out the boring section after you had pulled through all the hard stuff).

3:25:51 PM
On 25/02/2005 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>I've got a film idea, we put a camera in Simeys bedroom and wait for him
>to score then send it off to certain retail stores in Canberra. We'll
>have to put in an extra extra extra extra super long life battery in the
>camera though.

We would call that film Low Gravity.....

Eduardo Slabofvic
8:50:00 PM
Don't forget about the film night in Nati on Easter Saturday, aka “Goat Fest”. It is the annual fund raiser for the Arapiles Community Theatre.

Doors open at 6.00pm, films start at about 7pm. $10 entry gets you about 2 and half hours of films.

The first film is an episode of “Breakaway” which has some classic film from the 70’s when tight fitting bonds t-shirts and handle bar moustaches were standard equipment. Next is “Free Climb” another classic short film where 80’s fashion takes over with bad lycra and worse haircuts. The feature presentation is the excellent 1957 film “The Mountain”. Staring Spencer Tracey (as Hex) and Robert Wagner (as Bourge). It is the dramatisation of Hex’s and Bourge’s attempt to reach a plane wreck in the French Alps, I can’t say too much, but you’ll know how Bourge got that eye patch.

Food will be available, rice and curry for $5 a bowl (vegetarian and meat varieties). We are also licensed for the night, bar prices are:-

Coopers $3.50
Carlton Draught 3.00
Sterling Light $2.00
UDLs $3.50
Soft Drink $1.00
Tap water free

There is also a door prize, so you need to fill in the entry form, including your e-mail address to be in the running. We would like your e-mail addresses to make a data base to advertise the up coming Nati Frinj (Melbourne Cup weekend, 29th and 30th of October). We will not use your e-mail addresses for any other purpose, so no advertisements for penis enlarging creams will be sent to you as a result of you giving us your address (even though you sport climbers would need it).
11:27:30 AM
Here's an email address to start the ball rolling: argusatvicclimb make the neccessary changes to this address and I'll give it coverage in Argus (if I'm still editor).

Eduardo Slabofvic
9:30:19 PM

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:23:11 AM
Don’t forget about the film night. Heaps of food (including vegetarian and gluten free options for the hippies), and drinks (including non-alcoholic beverages for the wowsers as well).

6:08:30 PM
I would like to thank the organisers of the film night; it was a HOOT. So much hair in the seventies... so much skin tight lycra in the 80's.... so much... ummmmm somethingerother in the 90's...

I also liked the moralising of the old classic The Mountain. Remember, if you focus on money, prestige, materialism, etc, you will suffer and die miserably, but if you believe in climbing then happiness to you!

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