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Tidal Wave in Southern Thailand

10:27:33 PM
Man full on.

Valbo so glad to hear from you chicki, glad youre safe and all. Man i have no idea if im heading down there, gotta suss it all out.

Apparently tourists arent allowed to travel to the south at the mo, valbo is there any talk of evacuating you guys outta Tonsai?

Anyway valbo (& others in the area), youre in the best spot to say whats the go, so, what u reckon chick?

6:02:00 AM
hey jac, i was thinking of maybe heading up to vietnam and laos first for a couple of weeks and checking them out and then comign down to tonsai once its calmed downa bit what u reckon?

9:19:05 AM
Photos taken by Joe, fresh from tonsai...

On 27/12/2004 joemor wrote:
>sent mike some photos, maybe he could post em up

Click Images To Enlarge

9:24:13 AM
I am glad you guys are ok. You will have some great stories to tell!

9:53:35 AM
Hi guys
Got an email from Elke and Wee (Wee's climbing school). All seem to be ok and no one was killed down there.... but read for yourself....

Dear Friends,
thank you all for your e-mails. We were very lucky in Ton Sai and Railey,
noone was hurt, only damage. the bars and restaurants on ton sai and railey
west are destroyed, but noone was
killed. if you are thinking about your upcoming trip: please come. the
people here need your
business more than ever. you will have no problems, bungalows at ton sai are
not destroyed,
boats are running alreadty again.
thanks to all for the good wishes,

Hope this puts some peoples mind at ease if you have loved ones over there.

Wishing you all a very healthy 2005. Situations like this put life into perspective... at least for me.

Take care, Jens

2:43:33 PM
cheers for the info Jens, sounds like they do need the business over there. Wouldnt want to be a bloody tourist among the havoic tho

3:32:23 PM
>if you are thinking about your upcoming trip: please come. the
>people here need your
>business more than ever.

Feel bad now... following earlier advice, I've changed plans and am now heading to Chiang Mai on new years day. Only $70aud return from Bangkok thru
8:46:10 PM

Eye Witness Account
9:43:48 PM
Mike , Do you have any more pictures you can share.....

5:36:07 PM
The front page of this newspaper has a rather chilling sequence taken on the beach at Railay. It's in Norweigen - sorry.

You can clearly see that prior to the waves hitting, the water went all the way out - like a tide only much further. Aparrently in the Pacific, where these things happen a lot more often, locals know that if the water rushes out all of a sudden, you should pissbolt up away fromt the beach. Obviously the tourists in these photos didn't know that.

5:41:03 PM
Does anyone know if Mama and Papa are ok?

white rabbit
7:04:15 PM

Papa Mama's wasn't at Ton Sai when I got here in November. I heard they moved a few months before that.


P.S my climbing partner Kim took some photo's they might be worth a look at, the better ones are going up later.

11:17:56 PM
After the big cleanup I thought there was little else to do but go climbing again. However there are some more things to do if you want to. The hospital in Krabi is taking volunteers to help with the missing/dead persons register and other secretarial work on computers. Not for the squeamish, however, you will have to look at photos of dead bodies. By speaking fluent English you can also do phone work or consul grief-stricken travellers. I will be returning to Ton Sai tomorrow (Saturday) to pick up my bags, I'm at Andamans at F15. Leave a note on my door if you want to help out - I can tell you tomorrow if they still need more volunteers to come to Krabi Hospital or not.
5:47:44 AM
Hiya Stu,

Just sent ya an email with my contact details and general info. More than willing to help out (and probably usefully qualified, with background in health services, setting up tracking systems, crisis response etc) but I'm in UK at the minute - feeling horribly useless. Drop me a line and/or give me call and I'll see what i can do. I think I can probably liquidize enough cash to jump on plane out there if it'll do any good. Numbers are in the email.

All the best, and regards to everyone at Railay/Tonsai,
good to know you're back climbing again,

Elaine (ex MUMC)

6:05:27 PM
I gather one newly dysfunctional long tail is now a bar on Ton Sai!

6:41:51 PM
hey to all, so im thinkin of not cancelling my trip to ton sai and actually headin over in a couple of weeks, although, many people i talk to about my trip (non climbing/ton sai types mainly parents freinds etc) say that i should not go because the thai people should be given time without travellers comming into the affected area, given time to clean up etc get back on track, i am of the opinion that they need the money from tourism to help get themselves back on track, jus wanted some opinions, will people travelling over in the area put a strain on the locals or is it going to be a positive for them. Thanks

7:44:13 PM
Yeah go, they need the business and have to pay bills.

10:50:34 AM
Im sure they will welcome the $$;s, but be aware that you'll be at increased risk of catching some nasty diseases etc due to the conditions. Here is the Australian Gov's travel advice:

11:02:03 PM
Hey Sair,

I'd still head over I think, by the sounds of it the tourism is still needed (and wanted!), and the climbing isn't badly damaged, though you goto do what YOU feel is right :)


8:37:33 PM
Ton Sai should not have a disease issue because there are no rotting corpses lying around and electricity, safe water and food supplies are all back to normal.

That is, except for the usual "Ton Sai Special" 24 hour puke fest food poisoning that everyone seems to get sooner or later...


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