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Climber parents out there
12:28:16 PM
Hey I'm a climber parent with a couple of young kids. The eldest is just starting to enjoy 'wock kimbing' and loves going to the local bouldering gym. I really want to encourage them both to enjoy climbing like I do. I've built myself a 40 degree Moonboard which is great for me but won't be good for them until they are a good few years older. And even then, it'll only be good if they really get into climbing. I'm thinking of building an easier smaller wall on the deck - maybe 2.5m high 2.5m wide anywhere from vertical to 30 degees overhanging (or maybe even on a hinge!) Something that will be fun family time and where they can join in. What I fear is building it, then using it twice and never again. It'd be a pretty expensive and time consuming project to have go to waste.

What I want to know is have other climbing parents gone down this route? Is it worth it? Do you have any tips? Should I just buy a trampoline?
9:18:14 PM
Hi Olbert
My son built one on our house during lockdowns to keep sane. He's now at uni in Melb and wants to sell the whole thing. It's a hinge design 2.4x2.4m so not too hard to take off the wall. Located Central Vic. If you are interested PM me and I'll send photo's and see what he wants for it.
He was never supper keen on climbing when little dragged him out a few times but now he is really into it.
5:13:07 PM
I built a 25 degree moonboard but I added lots of extra space at 25 deg and vertical so my kids (3,5&7 y/o) could use it. They loved it for a few months of fun family time but now they hardly use it. I sometimes use the extra area for endurance laps but in hindsight I probably should have just stuck to the moonboard only, maybe with a few extra jugs added to make it usable for my older kids.
4:53:24 PM
Go the trampoline. It will get way more use.

I'd just take them to the gym/wall/local top roping crags whenever you get the chance. They will have more fun if you take some of their friends along.

My mates who have wives/husbands/partners who climb seem to get out climbing way more than me and they seem to be able to get their kids out more than I do.

Only other bit of advice would be to expose them to other types of outdoor activities as well. My two seem to like surfing, mountain biking and sailing more than climbing at the moment but as long as they are safe and having fun I'm cool with that.
5:07:07 AM
This is the most relevant post on climbing with kids the forum so I thought I could start here. I'm back in Melbourne visiting family over December and since the post appears to have other parent climbers, I was wondering if you have any suggestions of areas in Victoria that are safe/kid friendly at the base (kid plays while we climb). I have only ever climbed at pretty inaccesible places in Victoria and many places I read make comments about rockfall or steep access. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions. We climb maybe a 17 in trad and 22 in sport. Thanks in advance

8:49:23 PM
We've taken kids to Bushrangers at Arapiles and
Camels hump lower omega and north wall. Plenty for kids to climb there too. Most danger at camels these days are leeches and soggy drop bears.
Karl Bromelow
7:55:03 AM
The You Yangs, Black Hill and Dog Rocks (Mount Alexander) spring to mind. Each has areas with reasonably clear bases that within reason could be considered child safe. Obviously there is almost nowhere that climbing is possible where at least some attention must be paid to what non climbing youngsters are getting up to while you are climbing but that's pretty obvious and my partner and I managed to climb safely at various and varied locations while our son (who now, at 15, climbs way harder than we do) was still a baby. Even bigger multi pitch crags with some creativity. I'd say the best solution is to get the kids tied in and climbing as early as possible, if they are keen. We did and never looked back.

E. Wells
2:19:07 AM
Take them to Yosemite...
Karl Bromelow
8:53:57 AM
Yeah, that's what we did when our son was 5.

E. Wells
4:12:36 PM
Adventure Kai strikes again!
10:59:12 PM
Thanks for the replies and inspiration (Yosemite with a 5yo is epic). Sounds like some good options and yes understandable that nowhere is 100% safe but glad to hear what has been tried and tested. Happy summer climbing to you all!
7:28:05 PM
We have been taking the kids to araps every year for the last 4. They love it and it has become their holiday spot. It's a special place and they love hanging out there. We've got a climbing wall but they don't use it much at the moment. I took my boy up 'good luck good management/count of mounting crystals' at buffalo 2 days ago and he flew up it. I couldn't keep up belaying him. The climbing opportunity's are opening up for us now so it's an exciting time for sure.
They ( 8 & 10 ) are very conscious of the risks and follow good systems which they understand. If climbing with him I anchor him in with a gri gri and only climb things I know I won't fall on. He has practised the potential scenarios and has a good head for it.

We raft, kayak, mtb and ski with them as well and I just hope they keep enjoying it all. They have fun and that's all that counts

Here's a vid of araps the other year a week before they shut tiger wall etc.

The more kids into the outdoor in whatever form that takes the better.

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