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Are they really Safer Cliffs?
Sonny Pearson
3:30:32 PM
Didn't no that. So I just send this Niel guy a msg to see other parts of the site? ok?

10:38:46 PM
On 5/03/2013 Sonny Pearson wrote:
>Hey Mac
>Like take a chill pill dude - I just registered and I can't access it
>either . . .
>Maybe there just having tech issues like the dude said earlier . . .

hmm this seems a little familiar..

On 4/03/2013 Macciza wrote:
>Yeah I agree,
>Thanks for the support guys . . .
>I am pretty sure/hopeful that I will get a response soon enough . . .
>Could someone 'cut and paste' and send me the SCA 'twisted ring' discussion
>as well it would be great . . .

12:09:41 AM
Hey Niel
Have you gotten any of my emails or PMs about SCA access?
I have not got any replies yet??
10:02:10 AM
Yeah, well I'm going to make my own informal body to promote and coordinate replacement of unsafe fixed climbing hardware, with blackjack and hookers.

10:23:54 AM
So hotgemini
Just wondering if you are involved with SCA in Qld or not?

10:37:05 AM
Macciza, I sent you screenshots of the twisted ring discussion but they bounced back... is your address in your profile correct?
10:45:54 AM
Define involved? I mean, we spent a few dirty weekends together, but I'm in a serious relationship now.

4:29:22 PM
Well, strictly speaking 'involved' as an adjective meaning 'difficult to understand, or complicated'. For example 'Was that question too long and involved for you?'

But 'involve' as a verb means 'have or include (something) as a necessary or integral part or result'. Involved can also mean ' associated with, connected with, participating in or taking part in'.

But don't worry about it, I think it's obvious . . .

2:38:25 PM
So anyone know who runs the safer website?
Their mailbox is not accepting messages due to size limits . . .

Also, was wondering who the Senior Admin/Mods of this forum are?
Would like to get in contact with the 'head-honcho' if possible . . .

4:37:10 PM
Is your access still playing up Macca? Have you tried turning your computer off? That often helps.

Hope this helps.


4:42:01 PM
It would help more if some people turned their brains on . . .
It is not an issue with my computer, it's a Mac . . .

And I am still awaiting a reply from the admin from the SCA regarding it all . . .

4:42:55 PM is the site owner

He may or may not be interested

Spamming every thread on Chocky is probably counterproductive

4:54:42 PM
I do not consider it 'spam' in any way shape or form . . .
It is only in relevant threads and in response to post by the SCA admin
I believe Niel should respond - the fact that he has not is counter-productive
But thanks anyway, I will send Michael an email about it all . . .

5:05:51 PM
Hello Macca,

I'm disappointed to see that you're still trying to resolve your access issues.

Would you be able to elaborate as to why you believe that you're owed a response?

I'm truly, genuinely, legitimately interested your response.

Hope that this can be resolved soon, best of luck.

Kindest regards,

5:37:14 PM
On 8/03/2013 hotgemini wrote:
>Would you be able to elaborate as to why you believe that you're owed
>a response?

If the admins of this Forum publicly attacked you in discussions and then suddenly decided to ban you from accessing Chockstone without notification and refused to respond to your enquiries, would you be 'ok' with that?

I believe an admin to any public Forum has an obligation to perform their duties properly and with due regard to all persons involved. To not do so is to detriment of, and an insult to, all other members of that Forum and demonstrates a lack of respect by the admin for all people involved. It means that it could happen to them too . . .

I also believe it reflects badly upon the Forum that hosts the subforum, and the organisation that the admin is supposed to represent. As such it also raises the very pertinent question of whether the admin should be allowed to continue such behaviour or whether the admin themselves should be removed from their position and denied any further forum access.

Also it is really just common decency - the 'adult' thing to do . . .
7:06:48 PM
Hello Macca,

Thank you for your detailed reply. You'll have to excuse me here but I'm not very bright and sometimes struggle to grasp what are reasonably basic concepts unless they're explained to me several times.

So you're saying that because someone volunteers his time to oversee the management of a privately-owned resource, that they then owe a duty to the non-paying users of that forum... Why is this exactly? I mean, I could understand that the user of the free resource could perhaps accrue responsibility, but I can't seem to find any reason why someone volunteering their time to organise the provision of it should. Perhaps if you explained it to me in simpler terms?

Your suggestion that other users should be concerned about it happening to them reminds me of an old saying
"First they took away the arseholes, but I didn't complain because I'm not an arsehole.
Then they took away the liars, but I didn't complain because I'm not a liar.
Then they took away the ingrates, but I didn't complain because I'm not an ingrate.
Then things were very peaceful and everyone commented on how much nicer it was"

At least I think that is how it goes, as I said, I'm not real bright and struggle with abstract concepts.


8:20:33 PM
Hi Adum,
No worries, you are excused . . .

You'll have to forgive me but I always thought the SaferCliffs subforum was served from the domain (I don/t have the access to confirm this, and unfortunately some of ASICs services are down so I can't even confirm if SaferCliffs even exists) . . .
Anyway if it is the case that Niel owns the site that the forum is served from, and no organisation actually exists then sure I guess he can do what he wants, but perhaps it should be renamed to Niels Australian Cliffs instead . . .

But if that is not the case, as I thought it wasn't then all my comments still stand. Anyway I am awaiting a response from other people within Chockstone which should actually provide me with an answer to some of these questions . . .

Interesting that you should mention that quote (though its not as old as you may think) because that is exactly what I an trying to achieve through all this and once we get rid of those unnecessary groups I am sure I and other 'stoners will be a lot happier . . .

And don't worry - brightness and the ability to deal with abstract concepts are not really needed when it comes to sport climbing, so you'll be right there . . .


8:37:16 PM
Well, whilst not really wanting to get into the politics of it all, I do think macca has a point. Certain friends of mine have been naughty boys on this forum from time to time, but I'm told they were shown the courtesy of either a PM or it was posted on the forum the reason why they were being "naughty" and being banned/time outed. They may have disagreed but at least it was out there and in general they seem to respect the moderators for doing a difficult job in an open fashion.

It seems as if the same courtesy isn't being applied to Macca, and the longer it goes on it increasingly appears that "moderator privileges" are being used for a personal agenda which is a great shame.

9:35:44 PM
I hear the DCA provides membership upon proof of (or just a story about, or maybe just thinking about?) chopping bolts.

Ok, so I've pretty much had my fun for the evening. Less tongue-in-cheek - I see where you're coming from Eduardo, though I think 'moderator' and 'SCA owner/operator' are two different roles, though both involving a degree of altruistic work on behalf of others.

I suspect it's one of two things - either Macciza 'bringing the name of the SCA into disrepute' or a personal clash. As Neil is clearly unwilling to respond directly on what's occurring, there's not much point in continued guessing...

10:20:01 PM
On 8/03/2013 ratherbeclimbinV9 wrote:

Less tongue-in-cheek
>- I see where you're coming from Eduardo, though I think 'moderator' and
>'SCA owner/operator' are two different roles, though both involving a degree
>of altruistic work on behalf of others.
>I suspect it's one of two things - either Macciza 'bringing the name of
>the SCA into disrepute' or a personal clash. As Neil is clearly unwilling
>to respond directly on what's occurring, there's not much point in continued

Or #3 that possibly Neil is enjoying a juvenile power trip. Which it is increasingly becoming to look like.

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