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OT: Do you donate blood, platelets or plasma?

12:16:15 PM
While I was swapping 815g of plasma for 500ml of saline, an OJ, some sausage rolls and a iced coffee milkshake, I was wondering whether climbers donate blood products and if not, why they don't.

If you're wondering if you might be eligible to donate, you can take the quiz here.
Winston Smith
12:20:50 PM
Every time I climb I donate blood and skin and sweat and lots and lots of bad language.
12:42:18 PM
Whole blood only. 55+ donations over many years, and have been running alone within 3hrs of donating. Have also commenced a 17 day bushwalk within 36hrs of donating. They don't condone this stuff.

Recall the fruit juice beforehand and exotic frankfurts afterwards. Now just water followed by milk-shakes. Sorta concerned at this commercialisation of the ARCBS, evidenced by moving to an industrial area of Penrith, well away from Nepean Hospital where it appeared an apt place to be. They claim donations are up noticeably where they are now.
ARCBS also reduced the number of trained nurses working there, for financial reasons.

2:22:01 PM
All the above.

2:43:02 PM
Would like to donate, but am totally needle phobic. What is the actual process like and is there much discomfort - pain?

Big G
3:14:36 PM
i'm a pom and lived in the uk during the mad cow years (no, i didn't mean when maggie thatcher was in charge - although i did have that unpleasant experience)

did it in thuk though and it was fine but made for a cheap date that night!

3:17:23 PM
On 6/06/2011 Pat wrote:
>Would like to donate, but am totally needle phobic. What is the actual
>process like and is there much discomfort - pain?

Ditto. Just reading the title of this thread makes me feel ill.

3:38:13 PM
Where is the "sperm" option?

[edit] And "eggs" too, so as not to exclude the fairer members of the Chocky family!

3:44:22 PM
And to answer Pat & Neil's question - yes there is a needle involved (or was last time I donated - it's been a while), but minimal discomfort etc. At no time did the pain approach that of getting a shot / local anaesthetic or having blood drawn, but the overall process is a lot more protracted. For me the first 300ml come out in a hurry, but the last 200ml or so takes forever - from memory the whole process was about 30 minutes.

4:02:03 PM
Poor form dudes!! Pretty dissapointing to see such low numbers.

Suck it up and get in there. Pisses me off that you would probably get a needle to immunise against disease for a climbing trip, but a needle for donating blood is a different story.

Takes about 45mins including the interview and donation and you get a cuppa and some crackers after. I'm about 20 donations in (First at 16).
4:24:04 PM
I've been donating for years now too (blood) and have an aversion to needles. My blood pressure is always high prior to donating, though these days it isn't as bad as I can book a time so there is less time waiting and thinking about the needle...

Usually commuting on the bike a few hours later and back to more solid training the next day

4:32:37 PM
I've gotta confess that I've never donated. I have no problems with needles but the out flowing of blood screws with me. I get a blood test every now and then with work and even a few viles is not cool - and I'm not allowed to work for a day after giving. Weak as, I know... I've been meaning to psyche myself up for it for ages now...

4:42:46 PM
Whole blood every 12 weeks.

4:58:09 PM
Used to regularly in the UK (can't remember how many, but I did get given a little encouragement badge at one point so it was a few :).

Not eligible in Oz :-(
5:04:25 PM
I've donated blood - but purely from a "performance enhancing" standpoint.

It's not so much a question of - How can I work with modern medicine to help others in need?

But more - What can modern medicine do for me?

I figured it would be 1L out, isolate red blood cells, re infuse RBC's into my blood, kind of deal. Turns out they can't do that. I asked for my blood back, they asked me to leave...Joke's on them though, I have bird flu.

5:04:26 PM
C'mon guys/gals, psyche yourselves up and donate for a good cause. I absolutely hate needles and watching the nurse pull out the garden hose sized needle always kills me. In saying that, I'm up to 20 donations now... 5 more and I get a free sticker;)
5:43:18 PM
perhaps some exercise physiology person can tell us if there is any benefit to training post donation (i guess your VO2 max is reduced)?

just got in the door from donating - its not that bad, i reckon the finger prick bit is worse than the needle

yeah, to the rest of you non-donors, harden up... i'm sure you wouldn't say no to a blood transfusion if, for whatever reason, you needed it.
6:07:06 PM
On 6/06/2011 hairy1 wrote:
>perhaps some exercise physiology person can tell us if there is any benefit
>to training post donation (i guess your VO2 max is reduced)?

There have been a few studies to test this - reduction of VO2max after blood donation.

Mostly, they found slight reductions in VO2 max ( Reductions of about 9% ). This was a result of decreased Cardiac output ( the amount of blood pumped out to the body each minute). Since max HR was seen not to change, the decreased cardiac output can be attributed to decreased Stroke Volume (the volume of blood pumped each beat) since Cardiac output = Stroke volume * HR.

The decreased Haemoglobin (the protein upon which oxygen is carried ) as a result of having had blood taken out, was suggested not to have significantly decreased oxygen uptake in the muscles as the availability of oxygen per 100ml of blood getting to the muscles was adequate for what they needed.

So, VO2max seems to slightly decrease, but submaximal VO2 appears to be unaltered. Since you don't typically train at VO2max, the ability to sustain submaximal VO2 throughout a typical climbing training session shouldn't really be affected.

7:44:12 PM
+1 for needle phobic ;-(

Its not so much the pain, and I can handle tetanus & immunisation shots ok(well just a little sqeemish!). I can even give injections(cared for a diabetic dog).

But drips or drawing blood and I'm on the floor, last time I had a blood test I had to sit with my head between my legs for a few minutes to stop myself passing out.

8:14:38 PM
I have to be restrained when anyone comes near me with a needle. I can count the amount of injections ive had in my life on one hand. Utter utter terror for me. Totally irrational I know but there is no way i could do it! I have passed out on almost every occasion.

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